Monday, July 06, 2009

Kissinger Question

A Question for Dr. Henry Kissinger
By Ed Komarek
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There have been indications from many sources over the years that Dr. Henry Kissinger is or was near the very top of the autocratic power structure that is responsible for the UFO/ET cover-up. It has been rumored that Henry is or was the most politically powerful person on the MJ 12 committee most likely beginning his tenure in the 1960s. His name would not be in the leaked MJ 12 documents because the documents released are dated prior to his tenure. 2383-Honolulu-Exopolitics- Examiner~y2009m3d23-Kissinger- influence-on-Obama- administration--UFO-policy

As far as I know there have been no leaked MJ 12 documents that include living individuals. For the reasons listed above Henry would be the one person I would like to have an open, honest and truthful discussion with regarding extraterrestrial reality so as to understand how best we can get human evolution on earth back on track. Of course mistakes have been made in the past by autocratic global leaders beginning with fear of the unknown and a lack of vision, and later by self serving entrenched special interest.

There are sure to be some that would ask why I should be reaching out to those who may have intentionally or unintentionally supported what Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers would have called a tyranny over the mind of man. The reason I am reaching out is that we need to collectively realize that the UFO/ET cover-up has had severe unintended consequences that have retarded earth human evolution and we need to come together to end the cover-up once and for all.

Statements made by Ben Rich and Bill Uhouse indicate that MJ 12 influence over all UFO/ET affairs has diminished considerably after the Nixon purge, internationalization and privatization of extraterrestrial related information and technology. It would still seem that nationally MJ 12, while no longer and in overall control over collections and analysis of all related extraterrestrial knowledge globally still retains considerable influence in the United States and elsewhere.

It has been my supposition that human evolution was derailed beginning in the 1940s and early 1950s and the leaked MJ 12 historical documents seem to bear this out as counter-intelligence operations were ordered and authorized against not just the American public but around the world. I believe that the effect of this over time has been the empowerment of global autocratic leadership, disempowerment of the people and democratic and republican institutions, and a general suppression of global human evolution.

In order to bring human evolution back on track its going to be necessary for those in government that now have inherited this mess to come to a consensus to stop the lying, deceptions, propaganda, acclimation-propaganda programs and just start being straight up and honest with the national and global public. There seems to still be a lack of political courage amongst national and international leaders for radical honest change so we continue to muddle along continuing the current evolutionary disastrous middle road between non-disclosure and disclosure that includes a so called “public acclamation-propaganda program” that never ends.

I think part of the solution toward getting back on a positive evolutionary track is to understand just what has happened to get us into this mess so as to make a radical course correction and get ourselves back on track. In order to do this we must gain some perspective as to just what is the overall lay of the land, so to speak. Over many years I have tried to construct a model that I hope is at least close to the truth. This model involves a critical scenario that if true and understood could provide guidance toward getting back on track.

The scenario is this: Our rapid technological advancement in World War II combined with the first atomic explosions caught the rest of the cosmic neighborhood by surprise. This resulted in a hasty and rapid increase of surveillance especially in technologically sensitive areas that resulted in crashes of extraterrestrial craft with occupants. By at least 1952 or 1953 several very different extraterrestrial races began to contact the recognized leadership in the U.S. and perhaps other countries as well. These races had a variety of agendas, motivations and ethics.

What is not exactly clear is if it was it the ethical extraterrestrial humans, called Etherians at the time, who first contacted leaders like Eisenhower, or was it the less ethical races called EBEs or Ebans, now called Zetas or Reticulians. The contact between these two races seems to have been within a year or two of each other with the Etherians warning the Americans about involvement with the EBEs. It would seem by the end of the 1960s several different types of extraterrestrials had introduced themselves to American leaders in utmost secrecy.

From the scarce information at my disposal it appears as if the American government and MJ 12 felt they could not meet the conditions of contact offered by the ethical Etherians. These conditions of contact included an end to atomic testing and a serious attempt at global arms reduction and ending war as a means of settling international disputes. These conditions would of course force a radical change in earth human society to meet these challenges.

It is unclear to me that if these were the only conditions expressed by the Etherians at the time or if other conditions were expressed later including a serious effort toward population control, dealing with environmental problems, equitable distribution of resources, and an end to the UFO/ET cover-up. Clearly the Etherians were concerned about the evolutionary direction humanity was taking and that this track would lead to social and environmental catastrophe if not arrested. It would appear they were willing to help us solve these problems if their conditions were met.

Unfortunately the American leadership could not accept these conditions and felt that the people were not yet ready for full and open disclosure. Apparently the less ethical races including the Ebans or EBEs were not so hard to please and did not demand radical changes in earth human society. The politicians and generals also could see the likelihood of tangible technological assistance being offered by the less ethical races through contact even if there was a unsavory flavor to the contact. I think technology was something the Etherians were holding back on presumably because they felt our technological advancement was dangerously exceeding our ethical and moral advancement.

In my estimation this scenario set in motion a sequence of events that bedevils us to this day. Now with the environmental and social catastrophes envisioned by the Etherians right around the corner, radical disclosure and social change is necessary if we are to avert a simultaneous environmental and social collapse of the human population perhaps as much as 80%. So the question is will the autocrats finally relent in their disempowerment of humanity through UFO/ET non-disclosure for their own benefit as well as the people as a whole.

The question I would like to ask Henry Kissinger requires a simple yes or no answer. The question is, are my deductions essentially correct? Through my contacts with a source I have the email address of Ramsey Clark who I have heard knows Henry Kissinger. I intend to pass this on to Clark hoping he will pass it on to Henry for his consideration. Perhaps Clark himself may wish to make a comment or two. :-)

There are as always going to be those who would say that I am just wasting my time. I would point out that in the past I have communicated with some pretty high level people because I made the effort to reach out. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I do not. I think others in the public domain should be doing the same in order to build the networks needed for a consensus to develop and end the UFO/ET cover-up rapidly.

If I am essentially correct in this assessment, then the only way out is to rapidly build a consensus in the intelligence community and with the military to take the radical step toward ending the cover-up once and for all. I suggested this in a previous article called Suggested Disclosure Speech for Obama. Of course Obama would not be doing this on his own but flanked by those representing different aspects of the intelligence community, military and congress.

My friends we can do this, our very survival as a species is at stake. At this late date I suggest a straightforward truthful radical disclosure policy of Shock and Awe that favors interaction with ethical extraterrestrial races and disfavors interactions with less ethical races and civilizations.

I don’t believe world populations will ever make the radical social-genetic engineering sacrifices needed to solve our extreme social, overpopulation and environmental problems unless there is outside assistance of an ethical extraterrestrial role model where the benefits of radical change become clearly evident. People have to see the benefits of radical change for themselves before they are willing to make the very rapid difficult social-genetic engineering sacrifices needed to bring about a better world and avoid social-environmental collapse of our present civilization. We can do this!