Friday, June 12, 2009

MJ 12 and Celestial Humans

More Documentation Supporting Extraterrestrial Human Evolution
By Ed Komarek
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It has been acknowledged in classified circles that the gap between publicly known technology and classified technology is about 30-50 years. This gap is not just in technological knowledge but extends well into other disciplines as well. This knowledge gap could even be growing wider over time especially in areas involving extraterrestrial knowledge as applied to other scientific disciplines and religious disciplines.

I have a background in the natural sciences especially in ecology having been raised in a well known and respected family of ecologists. I can see from my studies in exopolitics that the evolution of thought in the natural and human sciences is far behind current classified knowledge. I just ran across a good example in a once highly classified MJ 12 document from 1947 soon after the Roswell crash.

I have written a number of articles on celestial ecology and evolution pointing out that while we are not yet able to travel to other worlds or at least are doing so in a very limited basis in the classified arena, we still can study ecology and evolution elsewhere. This is because we can study and learn from UFO/ET witness reports and leaked and declassified documents discussing extraterrestrial races that do have stellar travel and have visited earth.

Many otherwise literate scientists, academics and philosophers tend to arrogantly and foolishly believe that all this UFO stuff is nonsense without even seriously studying the evidence. They fail to even consider the possibility that they are in deep denial as to extraterrestrial realities and that they are the unknowing victims of a 60 year UFO/ET cover-up, deception and propaganda campaign orchestrated at the highest levels of government. Even those that are willing to acknowledge the possibility of extraterrestrial visitations are not even able to grasp the significance of extraterrestrial knowledge as far as humanity is concerned.

This very early MJ 12 document clearly shows this knowledge gap because in it are discussions involving extraterrestrial technology and the extraterrestrial occupants of craft that took place in classified circles over sixty years ago. Having a background in the natural sciences I not as interested in the technology as I am in the extraterrestrial occupants especially human occupants.

In this document are the following significant statements:

5. Human origins may not be constrained to one planet. Our genus may be found among solar systems similar to our own.

6. The laws of physics and genetics may have a genesis in a higher, structured order than one previously thought.

These statements are just one more piece of evidence that supports the idea that a celestial humanity exists to which we are somehow genetically related. Evidence such as this also shows that over 60 years ago the authorities were beginning to understand that the human genus is widespread across the cosmos. This is also further evidence that just as the laws of physics apply not just to earth the same is true for evolutionary laws and nature’s evolutionary strategies. In order for there to be technologically developed off world humans presupposes the fact that mammalian evolution and even primate evolution must exist elsewhere in the cosmos. In fact I was very pleased to see my thinking confirmed by this early MJ 12 document.

I have speculated and provided evidence in other articles that it appears that evolution proceeds on worlds similar to our own in similar ways resulting in extraterrestrials with insect, amphibian, reptile and mammal ancestries. I find it fascinating that even smaller branches off of these basic ancestral trees like that of primates in the mammal category is possibly being duplicated elsewhere.

Of course many establishment scientists rather than admit that they are foolish enough to be brainwashed by a 60+ year old UFO/ET cover-up and by their peers, would rather sweep all this evidence under the rug by questioning the validity of the evidence without any serious study. Scientists just like most other people would rather indulge in elaborate schemes of self deception than admit their own foolishness or faults. Even worse some find that they must debunk, discourage and degrade others of there peers who do take a serious look at the extraterrestrial evidence. How unscientific can you get!

For those that wish to study more documentation of this nature and the tenuous process of verification go here.