Saturday, June 27, 2009

Disclosure Speech

Suggested Obama Disclosure Speech
By Ed Komarek
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Today I will make a short statement of great importance to all of humanity.

It was agreed by the nations of the world that an American president should make this statement. It was the American leadership over sixty years ago, that with the best of intentions, secretly and covertly made a grave error in judgment that set in motion a destructive process that seriously retarded human evolution on earth.

At that time the American leadership acting in the public trust took it upon themselves to become public masters rather than public servants and unknowingly did a great injustice to us all.

In the 1940's extraterrestrial spaceships with occupants crashed and were recovered in great secrecy. Thus began a new era for humanity that unfortunately began badly when decisions at the highest level were made to cover-up the truth by running counterintelligence operations against the public that continue to this day.

I would like to take a moment to express gratitude for the sacrifices so many both inside and outside of government have made over the years to tell the truth even when it sometimes meant the sacrifice of life and or livelihood. Because these brave men and women I can now stand before you today and also tell the truth.

Today begins a process of accelerated disclosure of extraterrestrial reality and marks a period of confession and atonement for world governments.toward their respective populations. This must needs be a orderly and peaceful process of revelation, confession and atonement and I ask all citizens of the world to act with restraint and compassion toward those who have erred against them.

It is true that a few people in powerful positions operating in what they thought was the public interest over sixty years ago mistakenly closed the door that had just been opened on a new era for humanity. This destructive process ultimately resulted in the stifling of human evolution on this planet and resulted in helping to create many of the global challenges and problems that now threaten our very existence.

Let me be clear and direct, we are now faced with four main challenges that we must immediately address. These root challenges or factors are: 1. Full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality. 2. Address probable imminent overpopulation and environmental catastrophe. 3. End Inter-species warfare. The last two challenges could result in a population collapse of 80% or more, a unmitigated catastrophe for the human race and society as we know it.

Humanity is still part of nature and subject to nature's laws and if man cannot face and deal with these problems quickly and effectively then nature will restore the balance in a catastrophic manner. If we are to save ourselves and face these challenges head on serious individual and collective sacrifices will have to be made so that we may maintain a optimal quality of life and population size for all of humanity.

Humanity has proven over and over again throughout history that we are often at our best when our backs are against the wall. That time is again now. We have learned that there are many different extraterrestrial races and civilizations with which we co-exist and just as wide a variety of agendas, motivations and ethics amongst these races. We believe that the more ethical races will assist us in our transition to a class 2 civilization only if we are willing to go the extra mile to assist ourselves.

These ethical races some of them of the human genus have consistently presented the conditions for sustained and significant contact since the early 1950's when representatives first contacted the Eisenhower administration. At the time their overtures were rejected and secret relationships and treaties with less ethical races were covertly implemented that helped our technological development but in turn violated the human rights of many.

All secret treaties and relationships with extraterrestrial races are now under review. We are implementing with the advent of full disclosure a civilized enlightened extraterrestrial policy that favors interactions with more ethical extraterrestrial races and disfavors relations with less ethical races. Such an enlightened holistic policy is only possible under conditions of full disclosure for which this speech is only a beginning.

I now stand ready to answer any and all questions to the best of my ability with exceptions that relate to issues of national security and an orderly flow of extraterrestrial related information and evidence into the public domain.