Monday, May 18, 2009

Why Exopolitics?

Why Exopolitics?
By Ed Komarek
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In the 1980s it began to dawn on me that earth was being visited or occupied by many very different technologically superior races of beings. As a child I had an opportunity to experience the then emerging field of ecology coming from a family of well know early ecologists. Since ecology is all about understanding the complex relationships between living things it was natural for me to start to think about how all these various extraterrestrial races and civilizations interacted both with themselves and with earth humanity.

Many people in the UFO/ET field seem to be having trouble distinguishing between some of the personalities that have latched onto exopolitics and the field itself. These uninformed people seem to equate certain personalities with exopolitics itself and so denigrate this very important emerging field because of perceived shortcomings of some of the better know exopolitics advocates. This is unfortunate because exopolitics despite the shortcomings of some of its present early advocates will become the prevailing field of study of extraterrestrial realities along with astro-biology and astro-ecology in the future.

Terrestrial international, national and local politics encompasses a very wide range of earth human activity so it should come as no surprise that the emerging field of exopolitics will come to encompass a hugely larger expanse of knowledge and understanding than terrestrial politics alone. I believe terrestrial politics will become one very small part of the greater exopolitical field that will include not just one planetary civilization but a vast number of civilizations spanning the universe and beyond.

In the 1980’s I also began to realize that it was extremely important for humanity to understand not just extraterrestrial technology. I felt that extraterrestrial ethics was even more important to understand. I believe our brightest possible future depends on our ability as individuals and as a civilization to align ourselves with the most ethical extraterrestrial races and avoid the most unethical races. Unfortunately due to the current climate of extreme government secrecy and lies and an almost complete focus on gaining technology for power and profit, the exact opposite of what should be happening is and has happened.

Our very survival as a free and independent species is coming into question because we the people are supporting a national and global leadership that values power, profit and technology over moral and ethical considerations. I think in a few years if we cannot change course our present window of opportunity for a better world will close and we will be propelled into a dark future of our present leader’s worst nightmares from which it will be very difficult to extricate ourselves. By the time the general public becomes well informed it may be too late to change course.

I do believe the current global leaders now realize the dangers that they themselves have helped create for our civilization but out of arrogance and fear they consciously and unconsciously continue to compound and build on the their errors of the past. It’s very hard for a tiger to change its stripes so the best bet is for the old guard to humbly admit their errors and stand aside to allow a new leadership to emerge that values ethics more highly than power, profit and technology. It will be these new leaders that can best interface with the more ethical extraterrestrial races so as to create the best possible world for earth humanity.

I believe that some of the old global leadership is now beginning to stand aside but they must do more if catastrophe is to be avoided. They must actively support and finance a new ethical global leadership in the whole of society and in the UFO/ET field. The old must make way for the new! The old leadership must realize its shortcomings and errors and develop at least a little humility and the vision to perceive and assist those who can steer a better course for humanity than they have.

The new emerging leadership and the old guard must work together to create an atmosphere not of secrecy and lies but an atmosphere of love, trust, truth and understanding. The old guard must stop building on the culture of suppression and lies and the new guard should be a bit more understanding of the old guard and their shortcomings. We must together create an environment conducive to enlightened extraterrestrial interactions with enlightened extraterrestrial races.

Due to the current destructive environment of secrecy and lies the more ethical and less predatory extraterrestrial races are reluctant to become deeply immersed and involved with earth human society. They have very good reasons for doing so just as do good people avoid unsavory relationships with unsavory people on earth.

I have and continue to suggest to the global leadership that all extraterrestrial craft and their occupants should be able to move freely about their business on and about earth without fear of attack by earth forces. Earth forces should only be allowed to attack when fired upon or when a known hostile craft intending to do harm is identified.

All other extraterrestrial craft even if they invade restricted airspace should not be attacked but attempts should be made to institute friendly contact. An intrusion into restricted airspace should not in itself be construed a hostile act and even an intrusion may not be an intrusion at all and the intruder not an intruder in a larger context of shared space than perceived by the current provincial earth human leadership.

I submit that the present unenlightened fragmented hostile extraterrestrial polity favors unethical interactions with unethical races and obstructs and disfavors ethical interactions with ethical extraterrestrial races. I submit that under the current circumstances of secrecy, deception and lies only the less ethical races will involve themselves in unsavory secret treaties to share technology, airspace and immoral access to humans for experimentation.

The old guard UFO/ET leadership has been unknowingly drawing potential enemies close and pushing potential friends away with the current unenlightened, fragmented, barbaric UFO/ET policies in place. One thing that should be high on the global leadership agenda along with full and open UFO/ET disclosure should be a holistic enlightened international extraterrestrial policy that favors ethical extraterrestrial contact and disfavors unethical extraterrestrial contact.

This is why a good understanding of exopolitics matters and why exopolitics should be promoted widely around the globe regardless of the shortcomings of any current practitioners. Humanity needs a good general understanding of exopolitics so that we can individually and collectively make the best decisions possible to create the best possible future for ourselves and our children.