Friday, May 29, 2009

Respect and MJ 12

Equality, Respect and MJ 12
By Ed Komarek
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As UFO/ET disclosure accelerates more and more civilian UFO/ET investigators including myself are identifying and becoming involved with exopolitical insiders. Some of these insiders are pro-disclosure and some are not, but many have been responsible for the infiltration, disruption, management, harassment, murder and other violations of the public’s civil rights and liberties the past 60 years. It would appear that a much weakened MJ 12, the CIA and perhaps even Army Intelligence are being set up to take the fall for the misdeeds of the secret policymaking autocratic global elite once full disclosure becomes a reality.

I say a weakened MJ 12 because in the 1960s as suggested by Ben Rich and Bill Uhouse there seems to have been a purge and spin off of what I call the Alien Resource Cartel as an international private corporate consortium in the Nixon administration. I believe it is this very powerful and wealthy Alien Resource Corporate Cartel holding a monopoly on all alien resources run by an elite international board of directors that now holds real broad financial and political power. MJ 12 in its diminished capacity seems to have been relegated to a rather limited intelligence and scientific mission primarily within the United States and is still run by United States nationals while real power has been transferred internationally.

I think these older American UFO/ET organizations carry a lot of repressive baggage that will one day be exposed so as to provide convenient scapegoats to appease and misdirect an angry public and press from the real culprits, the global elite. I believe it is these international global elite who are primarily responsible for the repressive 60 year old UFO cover-up as well as the widespread destruction of global society and our global environment.

It would appear that new fresh organizations without repressive baggage like the Military UFO Working Group may be the best organizations to carry disclosure forward and will gain the public’s respect by dealing with the public in a straight up and honest manner This is something that these older repressive organizations seem to have trouble doing.

This transition could well have the support of the global elite as a public management strategy as protection from negative public reaction after the cover-up ends. It really does seem that the end game is in play with a lot of jockeying around by secret organizations and individual insiders so as profit from disclosure and to protect themselves from the negative consequences of past misguided tyrannical actions.

Tucked away on page 75 of the book UFO Crash at Aztec is a old MJ 12 organizational chart. I find this chart very interesting as I become more and more involved with intelligence professionals infiltrated into the civilian UFO community. In this chart MJ 12 control divides into three compartments. The Research and Development Board, Civilian Intelligence and Military Intelligence: Civilian Intelligence breaks down into NSA, CIA and FBI. The CIA compartment descends to the CIA’s Psychological Strategy Board.

What is really interesting is that a dotted line with arrows indicating up and down movement descends from the PSB; first splitting off to UFO Study Group Infiltration then continues to immediately tie into Army Counterintelligence. It’s really interesting how another line that comes down from the Military Intelligence compartment to Army Counterintelligence, AOSI and ONI and then ties through Army Counterintelligence to UFO Study Group infiltration along with the CIA line.

The chart then has lines descending from both Army Counterintelligence and AFOSI to Dis-Information then to Sigh, Grudge, and Bluebook. Also of interest is that ONI has Military Surveillance right under it but does not descend further and does not connect with civilian infiltration. It may be that the ONI may not have repressive baggage connected to civilian infiltrations like the CIA, Army Counterintelligence and AFOSI.

This chart begins to explain and clarify the relationship of RP and JA to the public and UFO community in particular. RP is know to be high level CIA while JA is know to be closely associated with Army Intelligence and special operations. One insider I know who seems to be familiar with MJ 12 and the personalities involved called JA Mr. MJ 12 for his close association with the super secret MJ 12 group. It would appear that RP also has association through the CIA to the MJ 12 control group but perhaps not as directly as is indicated by this organizational chart. I could be wrong on this and RP could be just as involved.

From all appearances and facts that have come to light over the years it seems that JA is much more anti-disclosure than RP and that RP, if his friends are correct, is actively pro-disclosure. In spite of the differing perspectives both men seem to get along and communicate on issues of importance to both. If I understood some comments Dan made on the OM forum correctly Dan received a phone call from JA and since then Dan seems to have been remarkably quiet about divulging more information to me or anybody else involving RP or JA. (See the furor Dan and I stirred up in my past articles.) Another outside civilian party with intelligence connections made a comment that they had heard that Dan had thrown Ron under the bus and which I commented that I was part of that.

With the above said, the issue I am really trying to get to is that for 60 years the UFO/ET community and the general public has been infiltrated, terrorized, abused, propagandized and generally mistreated under the guise of National Security and by people paid at taxpayer expense. We civilians in turn must exhaust our own personal finances and time to struggle against the tyranny imposed against us and making matters worse we are often unappreciated and disrespected. Still there are those civilians in the UFO community who would continue to denigrate and debase themselves in a subservient role to political and intelligence autocrats for monetary gain, access to information and to promote disclosure involving extraterrestrial realities.

Civilian UFO/ET investigators and exopoliticians should think through their developing relationships with insiders very clearly because for 60 years we have been living under a secret occupation of sorts. We must not think of ourselves as servants but as free men and equals in our developing relationships with high level insiders and political leaders. Power is being transferred over to the civilian sector and we civilians must guard against becoming sympathizers to this infernal occupation and tyranny over the mind of man that the UFO/ET cover-up represents.

We civilians must ask for and demand respect of all intelligence professionals and expect to be treated as equals by the bureaucrats, politicians and secret organizations like MJ 12, The Alien Resource Corporate Cartel, CIA and Army Counterintelligence that have lorded over us for in UFO/ET matters for the past 60 years. Its time for the public to regain control and dictate the rules and not the let our public servants turned public masters control our individual and collective destinies.

I am beginning to believe that RP is a decent person but is an ingrained bureaucrat used to giving orders and having things his own way. Still he seems to be trying to do the right thing. I can’t say the same for JA, but who knows there is always hope and the end game does seem to be in play. This tussle I have been having with RP directly and with JA indirectly with Dan’s often unconscious help is all about who creates policy and who sets the agenda as far as us civilians are concerned. Dan Smith might have autocratic tendencies on the outside but deep inside he is a populist like myself and that is why he has been so helpful and we have worked together so well in getting to the bottom of these matters.

Dan might be a weak link in an MJ 12 – CIA autocratic spy ring operating in the civilian community but he is a strong link in the struggle against a tyranny of the mind that the UFO cover-up represents. Hat’s off to you Dan! Dan you may unconsciously confuse the facts sometimes just as we all do, but you do believe and fight for truth and liberty even under extreme pressure from some of your autocratic intelligence friends and associates. I hope you continue to stand your ground and do please keep talking. :-)

Insiders that have trouble telling the truth and being upfront and honest, they need people like us to continue telling the truth for them until they can speak it for themselves. No matter who we are, or where we come from, the real enemy is not the person but the lie, fear, deception and tyranny in all its many forms. People can atone and redeem themselves from error or sin, but fear and tyranny remain the same, they never change and haunt the lives of us all.