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Presidential Briefing

Learning to Feel Again,
A Play in Cosmic Consciousness,
The Briefing of the President
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

I have been conducting what might be called a mad max investigation of a high level insider whose name is Ron Pandolfi. In retrospect the purpose of the investigation would seem to have been to focus attention on Ron’s very substantial activities in the UFO/ET field and to elicit fragments of information that more conventional investigators can use in their more conventional investigations.

My mad max investigation involved antics that included explorations into my subconscious mind and mankind’s destructive nature. This unconventional investigation has elicited interesting responses from OM members and Dan Smith lately such as: Does Ron have an exit strategy and is this Ron’s swan song and did I, Dan, pour too much Tabasco sauce on Ed? :-)

Down south where I live snakes eat a lot of birds. A snake lies silently and quietly on a branch waiting for a bird to alight and then catch them. Some times the birds turn the tables on the snake when a bird happens to notice a snake on a branch or on the ground. A bird often a Blue Jay will begin to fuss and soon be joined by woodpeckers, Chickadees, Nuthatches, and Cardinals etc. Eventually as many as twenty or thirty birds will be fussing and diving on the snake and the snake finally gives up and slithers off for better hunting elsewhere.

Ron has asked me at this late date to remove his name from these mad investigatory posts and that would be difficult to do. I will simply delete them from by blog leaving only this post. I don’t want to clutter up my blog and confuse new arrivals as anyway. The articles proceeding this one have circulated widely about the Internet so it should not be difficult to find them for anybody interested in the history of this mad escapade. This original article has been modified in order to leave a trace of this mad max investigation on my blog not unlike the smile on Alice ’s Cheshire cat.

I realize more that a few of you think I have lost it and have gone off the deep end with these articles, but Ed knows when to come back and pay his taxes. But I am beginning to loose people and my friends are getting worried, so I need to spell out what I am trying to accomplish in both a conscious and unconscious manner with this fool’s journey through wonderland that’s turning into the reality play, King of Fools. It’s the eternal struggle between the clever trickster with a closed heart and open mind and the madman or women with a heart too open and a mind too closed. (A hint to Sharon .)

I began this play in higher consciousness in the pursuit of Ron Pandolfi and what is he doing in all these networks we are involved in? He’s playing extensively through all these forums on the Internet, Reality Uncovered, Open Minds, The Sarfatti Group, Steven Greer’s Group, Above Top Secret and who knows how many more networks within the UFO/ET community. Maybe I am being too hard on Ron, maybe there are other tricksters at play that are surround him and trying to trip him up or maybe it’s I that has become confused running the maze. Maybe Dan did really screw things up after all. All I know it will all come out in the wash in due time.

Has Ron Pandolfi been unfairly cast and this run through wonderland more to do with Dan that it does with Ron? Dan says Ron may be in the process of briefing the President of the United States and possibly Congress on UFO/ET reality with the help of Steven Greer? On the other hand I recieved a email from Ron that states: Here is a cut and past of the email.

"Here you again strayed from reality by concluding from my presence at Gordon’s dinner that I have some role in Gordon ‘s plan. Note that I sat at the end of the table with Dan and discussed renewable biofuels. A few times during dinner I was asked to chime in whether the administration was interested in energy, antigravity, or time travel. Each time I responded that the administration was more interested in energy, then continued my discussion with Dan on renewable biofuel. Ryan gave you a good suggestion of trying to focus on the action. There was no action at my end of the table other than Dan trying to snuggle up against Greer’s female assistant."

Ron priviously has given me permission to release emails I was holding in confidence.
The email that follows from Gorden Novel to Steven Greer sent to Ron would tend to confirm part of Dan’s story about the President of the United States (POTUS) briefing. I have no idea if Ron is just a observer to the creation and distribution of Steven’s POTUS briefings or intends as Dan suggests to present the briefings to the President. I doubt that Steven is just going to mail these briefings to the White House to end up in the circular file.

If Dan is correct about Ron being a Congressional and Presidential briefer, which Ron seems to dispute, then Ron’s game might be to begin briefing the President with an unclassified civilian UFO/ET briefing and then over time as the briefings proceed, brief with more and more classified material so as not to freak out the President too badly. I figure over the years the briefing process has been refined down to an art so as not to blow the mind of the person being briefed.

I have no idea what Ron’s real intentions are in this real life drama and I don’t think we may know until the fat lady sings. The one thing I do know is that Ron is and has been very involved in the UFO/ET field over many years and has expended a significant amount of his time and taxpayer money in these activities. For Ron to claim that he just has a cursory interest in us is for me very hard to believe.

Now Steve and you other folks at Reality Uncovered, has it ever occurred to you that to uncover reality you may have to use your feelings as well as your mind to uncover truth? I have had to proceed to more exotic enhanced interrogation techniques to see if I can flush more of rabbit out of his rabbit hole with these powerful primordial emotions and images. There is more than one way to skin a rabbit! It’s the same with those administrators at OM as well. J Or perhaps it was I the Cheshire cat who was flushed out by the gentle hand of lovely Sophia and after I tell you my story I may slowly fade away leaving only a smile for awhile. :-)

Underlying this more superficial pursuit into the upside down Alice in Wonderland world of lies, trickery and deception is the pursuit of truth and feeling. The point I am trying to make is that there is method in this madness of allowing my subconscious some more room to express itself and to ferret out both truth and feeling. I am living this search and you can see and feel it in my writings.

I am trying to communicate feelings as well as thoughts to our leaders and to ourselves. It’s important to go down deep into ourselves and into our subconscious and just let it all hang out sometimes Allow ourselves a little foolishness in our lives that are becoming so hardened, fossilized and unloving. Of course we don’t want to overdo it either and drive ourselves mad by swamping the conscious mind with a flood of too much subconscious material all at once. There is a real balancing act involved.

For those that have been following my blog articles for awhile they may realize that I over and over again discuss how suppression creates monsters that then grow in strength from the suppression until they overwhelm the suppressor. By family fought against the suppression of the truth that fire was good for the environment and that cool natural periodic fires removed the fuel accumulations from the forest in a regular and cyclical manner preventing catastrophic fires. My father spent most of his life struggling to take the lid off the fire suppression beast being created by man’s foolish fire suppression activities. Doesn’t it not make sense that his son might be trying to do the same thing in his own small way for humanity?

The final straw was when Yellowstone National Park blew up in catastrophic fire. This was the truth, but underlying the truth was the feeling fear. The people that were behind this fire suppression that was destroying natural ecosystems around the world were afraid of fire. They lived in cities that were destroyed by fire in the early part of the last century. It was their fear, their feelings that suppressed the truth and created an unnatural monster, a super cycle of catastrophe and destruction. Now there is renewal and Yellowstone has come back to life, but it did not have to be so catastrophic a process.

I have pointed out in my many articles how man is part of nature and that human society has its natural rhythms and cycles. The economic cycle of boom and bust is a good example of natural processes at work where nature removes man’s societal excess on a limited regular basis. I have talked about how by suppressing these natural cycles we are creating super-cycles that lead to over heated long term expansion to be followed by a great depression.

Underlying all this are our personal and collective inner cycles of destruction, renewal and rebirth. These also revolve about not just the suppression of truth in society but the suppression of feelings especially fear and love. There is a very good movie called, Snow Walker for those who want to get into better touch with their feelings. The movie is on DVD and is about how a sick Eskimo young woman, teaches a brash young aviator with a closed mind and heart after a crash in Canada to feel and think again.

The movie is a true story of survival and of salvation. It made me cry because like the young man in the movie, Into the Wild, I was also this brash young man once. In my early twenties on Thetas Island , off the Colville River mouth in the artic ocean, an Eskimo also taught me artic survival skills. We lived while two of my Fish and Game supervisors died in the artic ocean. We flew search for two weeks and did not find a trace of them or their boat.

There is a very important physical principle at work. It’s a physical as well as spiritual law. When you put water in a pot, turn up the heat, and hold down the lid the pressure in the pot will rise and you will have to compensate by putting more and more pressure on the lid. Unless you begin to release the pressure the pot will explode in your face because the pressure will eventually exceed your ability to suppress.

The underlying message being conveyed both consciously and unconsciously by King of Fools is not only the mad search for truth in an equally mad Alice in Wonderland world caused by truth suppression in the UFO/ET field, but elsewhere as well. It’s also the search for feeling in our lives. We have created these monsters not just with truth suppression but by suppressing our feelings. I am trying to uncork not only my own inner feelings but yours in the audience as well.

I am playing the cosmic madman, the fool, running through this real life play, a work in progress, busting up hornets nests, throwing matches onto power kegs, blowing up little and larger conspiracies. These are the suppression structures in the mind and hearts of man. I want to get the fire of truth and feeling flowing in our veins again and information flowing through closed minds and closed networks of our relationships. I may or may not finally figure out Ron Pandolfi but I hope you better understand the need for truth and feeling in your lives and the destructive dangerous effects of suppression in all facets of human endeavor and in nature as well.

Consider the problem of illegal drugs. It’s the same thing, the more you suppress the trade, the more powerful, corrupt and violent the traffickers become. What happens here is that over time through processes of natural selection the gentle traffickers are forced out of the trade while more violent ones taking over until they become as strong as in Mexico that they take on governments. Suppression of truth and feeling of any kind always creates monsters wither it be in our outer or inner worlds.

Isn’t it interesting comment on American society that most people become much more concerned about the mental health of those that feel too much than for those that feel too little? Why is that? I think maybe it is because so many of us feel too little and a person that feels too much scares them. I believe this is because when these hardened people were young and innocent they did show their true feelings and were hurt badly and created defenses against feeling, throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Over many years those that feel too little have built fortresses around their aching hearts to never truly feel and love again. It’s so sad. Carol, your friend Ed has been carefully chiseling away at that fortress around your heart for years can you feel him? Sharon maybe some times you feel too much and your heart and mind turns into mush and you find yourself mired in depression. Is your mind too closed? We each have to find a balance that best suits us. Yes, Jack this is madness, it’s a mad world and we can’t fight our way out either. We have to love, think and feel our way out of the madness and the environmental destruction.

But most of us feel threatened by the cosmic madman, that by knowing him we fear that he will blow up the inner fortresses and he will. This is the message inside the message. Some people are getting it; some people are not, so I will try to spell it out in words. Have you ever known cosmic consciousness, do you know what its like to live the life of the mystic. To know cosmic consciousness you have to feel deeply and profoundly. You have to learn how to live in it because it can overwhelm you sometimes. You learn how over the years, if you are fortunate, how to manage it without going mad, die or go back down in the lower states of consciousness. A good start in understanding this is the movie, Into the Wild. This young man died near Fairbanks Alaska and lived and died near where I had lived 20 years earlier.

Painters and poets understand feelings, they learn how explore their inner depths of their soul. Have you read Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, and his poems on the battlefield of the Civil War? He feels. He is in a state of cosmic consciousness. Yes sometimes people do go too far into their feelings and their subconscious mind and go mad and die like Van Goth. A person has to learn the boundaries in the exploration into their deepest feelings and emotions. They must learn when to pull back from the brink of madness when the cup becomes too full or may shatter from the load. I for one think it is better to risk madness and an overflowing cup than to risk filling the cup too little.

This is what I am trying to convey in the Ron, Dan and Ed show right now with all the “cutting the fool” as my Dad used to say and taught me. People loved him for this, because he not only engaged their minds with a few little props and interesting programs, he also engaged their emotions and their better angels. People on the street would come up to him and confine in him as their best friend because he cared and freed up their feelings a little and made life a little brighter for that.

We have got to feel for the other guy that we kill on the mean streets. Whither it be on our own streets or on the streets of Iraq or Afghanistan . We have to feel the tears of the wife, mother and children that die with a punch of a key on the other side of the world. We have got to feel for those starving in Africa ruled by clever but unfeeling tyrannical rulers. We have to feel the children’s hunger, the diseases that eat away their bodies.

The problem with America is that people are forgetting how to feel. Life is not just an intellectual pursuit; you have to feel to make it real. The terrorists call us a soulless people, the Great Satan, and there is truth in that because it’s all a game to us, the killing and the maiming and all the loss of life, until or unless one of our children dies in a terrorist explosion. They are reaching out to us to hurt us to make us feel again, feel their pain, for us to get again in touch with our feelings, but are we listening? They are telling us to quit messing up their lives with our unfeeling natures.

Do our leaders weep and cry for the dying in Iraq and Afghanistan or it just all about playing deceptive games and making money. Do people like Ron Pandolfi really feel when they punch that keyboard and missiles fly out of drones and into school houses full of little children when they make a mistake? How can they feel if they are far above the mean streets and it’s not their children and their warriors that are being killed? How can you feel your enemy’s breath and his anger and his hatred when you bring him down with your little keyboard? The terrorists are right; we are way to far from where the action is, we have separated ourselves from ourselves with our sophisticated technology.

What I like about exopolitical poet Vince White is that he feels. I can see it; I can feel it in his exopolitical poems. He understands what I am saying but do you? I feel for InfoTech even if I have never met him in person because his feelings come to be through his emails to me. It’s the same way with so many of my other Internet friends. I don’t have to meet you in person to feel you, to laugh with you, to cry with you.

That’s the thing I really like about AJ is that she feels. She feels for our friend InfoTech. The thing I like about my friend Linda is that she feels. But how about some others at OM , do you feel for you brother your comrade in arms helping to create the best possible world for ourselves and our children. Is your mind open but your heart closed?

Does Ron or people like Ron feel for InfoTech? When you make somebody else the butt of a joke or put into electronic confinement do you really feel for them? When the tables are turned how do you feel? It’s not quite so funny is it! I am the madman in cosmic consciousness, running naked across life’s stage, through the pathways of electronic fire, turning the tables on the deceitful and the unfeeling. I am the elephant in the china shop, breaking down the structures of suppression. I am the fool lifting the lid on Pandora ’s Box!

Poets and mystics are explorers into their feelings. They learn how to dive deep to the verge of madness and return bearing gifts of feelings, of deep and buried spiritual treasure not only for themselves but the human race as well. They reach down into the well springs of their soul and find the substance that fills their lives with happiness and satisfaction. Robert, the dream you told me about, was it that you retrieved the dead body from the deep waters of your subconscious. Was that body a part of you that died or was murdered long ago and you submerged that part of you deep into your subconscious. Are you regaining your feelings?

So my friends don’t be afraid to feel a little foolish, to make a fool of yourselves, to tempt madness a little, to let your hair down and dance a little jig. Don’t be afraid to feel the sufferings of others and cry for their afflictions. Don’t be afraid to feel for the little children starving to death all over the world because their leaders no longer feel or care.

Don’t be afraid to feel joy in the wild spaces of this nation. In its rivers, lakes, forests, fields and streams. Don’t be afraid to climb mountains, deep valleys and snow covered hilltops. In these wild lands away from all the foolishness of humanity most of all, don’t be afraid to know yourself, to plumb the depths of your life, your deepest feelings and what it really means to be human.

Another thing I do in my writings is that I remote view when I am immersed in these sometimes overwhelming feelings. I feel the ripples in the force, the psychic fields of humanity and the planet that might point me to real factual information. I do try to remote view from factual data points most of the time and try not to stray to far from the facts, but sometimes I do go a little to farther out and risk madness to try to grasp a greater larger perspective.

But as I said before, I have learned over the years how to come back and pay my taxes. I can come back and pay my bills, work on my cabin, in my yard, and drive my car without crashing it into some imaginary beast. I have learned how to ground myself, keep my car on the road with a close eye on the ditch while at the same time when conditions permit I can reach for the stars.

So from time to time in the articles on my blog you will see me indulge feelings a little so don’t be alarmed. In the play, King of Fools, I may stray wildly here and there from the impacts of the personalities involved, it does not matter as much to me if I am being told the truth for that will come out in the wash over time. I gather up the information to sort through later and don’t want to loose the capacity to feel in my relationships with others.

I travel into the deepest depths of my feelings to try to glimpse the ever expanding boundaries of the universe. When I encounter people who may need to learn to feel again, it’s possible that I may dive into my deepest feelings even more to compensate and establish a balance of communication and an exchange of not just information, but love and compassion. I no longer travel the mean streets, for I have had enough of that, it’s just too painful in this consciousness state I live in.

So I am thinking that the beginning of the final act of the show should be total chaos of mad fools cart wheeling across the stage, circles of terrorists spinning on the stage with AK 47 pointed outward, lighted pinwheels spinning. Amongst all this we have Ed, Ron and Dan and the other actors chasing each other in circles as well. Spheres, circles, closed circuits, Jack are you listening?

It’s a presentation of what our world is like right now. But out across this stage comes the great wheel of life, death and rebirth. Slowly the chaos moves aside and we see each other tapping madly onto our keyboards in front of our little electronic campfires telling mad foolish stories and then acting them out on life’s stage. Then I return to the stage to tell my story. But now with the deletion of the previous posts from my blog I may have to wait awhile for that.

I had begun working on the final act but it will change as developments change in the reality I am attempting to portray if I continue working on it. We live in a mad world of suppression and denial both collectively and individually. The last act should be how we find our way out of this self created chaos brought about by both the suppression of truth but by the suppression of our feelings. So my friends who are the real madmen of this world they are you, I and our leaders. This is how this play is developing. This is what I want to point out, to demonstrate. I am pointing the way for us to stop lying and start telling the truth, stop playing mind games, to start feeling again. I am trying to point out a way out of the madness into the best possible world for yourself, your children and for mankind.


From: Gorden NovelDate: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 19:04:27 +0000To: Steven GreerSubject: Re: Fwd: [Fwd: Ron Pandolfi Enters Navy and Source A’s Arena]

Dan is a friend of Ron's who is having mental problems after a recent nearly terminal brain stroke. We all thought he had recovered BUT he obviously hasn't. No one expected him to go into a blabbermouth mode and lack of normal and rational cognition.

I was hoping to help his recovery by having him associate with old friends. Alas it was not yet meant to be. Nice guy when he is not mentally out of the loop. Forgive me but I was misadvised by him about his recovery from a stroke that reportedly nearly terminated him.
Rest assured that it won't happen again as it caused me to also go apoplectic to over his public breach of security. I will send you my prior emails to Ron and Dan to confirm my position about him flapping his mouth on the web should you want to see how pissed I was at him for doing this gross stupidity.

RP was also very embarrassed as it clearly wasn't anticipated by myself or the others who use to trust Dan to keep his business involving RP confidential. I completely share and understand your feelings as I'm sure RP also regrets it happening.

Potus Briefing #1 script is in draft. Will forward it to you as soon as my and Gazecki's critiques are incorporated and it is sent to you, Danny Sarnoff, Alison Savitch and Kevin Ryan. I think you will be pleased with Jim's efforts. He used most of your wise on point Potus Briefing's recommendations.

Again my apology for Mr. Smith who has invested $5K to date in RAM at RP's behest. I was medically blindsided by my telephone conversations with Dan prior to the meeting. Ron is in no way to blame for this unfortunate incident happening. He didn't invite him - I dumbly did.

My discussions prior to the meeting with Dan were not in person and he didn't give me a clue he was not recovered from the personality abberations and disorders caused by his stroke. Its was strictly my very inadvertent and damn unpleasant mistake.
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