Thursday, April 16, 2009


By Ed Komarek
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I believe anybody has the capability to be a genius by unlocking their subconscious or super conscious mind. We all exist in a cosmic consciousness sea and by taping into that field we develop extraordinary abilities. One of the means we tap into cosmic consciousness is with a powerful consistent desire to understand or know. Unfortunately there is a downside to developing this ability and that is a person risks madness or insanity. The movies, A Beautiful Mind and Aviator both illustrate the potential and the risks involved in using the subconscious or super conscious mind to solve problems.

Dr. Nash who won the Nobel Prize for an idea he developed as a young man using his subconscious mind, spent the rest of his life learning how to control the hallucinations unleashed in the process and regain his sanity. Howard Hughes used the power of the unconscious mind to build an aviation empire only to succumb to a cleanliness phobia.
To use the super conscious mind to solve problems is very risky because in the process we may open a Pandora’s Box of hallucinations, complexes, phobias etc. unique to each individual.

I have been slowly developing the ability to access the super conscious state for much of my life. I have been doing it gradually trying to understand the process step by step to perceive and remove my personal imperfections as they crop up. By using my subconscious mind to expose the Aviary I propelled myself even farther along into tapping into and understanding creativity and genus and the inherent risks involved.

It’s interesting to note that many brilliant people often do their best work early in life and that should tell us something. Another item is that these brilliant people often develop serous psychological problems as their lives progress. It is my contention that most people can’t handle cosmic consciousness very long and those that get into it early in life don’t have the understanding and life skills to regulate the process so the process turns destructive.

One thing I have been learning is that tapping into the super consciousness or cosmic consciousness roils the individual subconscious and turns the normal internal dialogue into a powerful investigative force. In this process the downside is that it’s very difficult to get enough sleep among other things and this causes sleep deprivation disorders that can even develop into insanity if a person is not able to sleep for extended periods of time.

So we can see that sleep plays a very important role in our lives. One of the keys to understand super consciousness states is to understand sleep. What is sleep? Why do we need sleep to stay sane? Why is sleep deprivation used to torture people by driving them insane?

Another key to maintaining the ability to stay tapped into cosmic consciousness is to be able to control and discipline the internal dialogue. This is something the Yogis have learned how to do over thousands of years and have developed techniques to discipline and calm the mind and emotions when in the cosmic consciousness state.

If a person wants to stay in cosmic consciousness for any length of time with developing severe psychological problems they must have a discipline to control both the inner dialogue and the ability to sleep under the conditions of the cosmic consciousness state. Also included in this discipline are physical exercise, good food, a simple quiet lifestyle, good friends, closeness to nature etc. If we don’t have all his we will either go mad or fall out of cosmic consciousness and back into normal consciousness.

I am discovering that the normal internal dialogue process changes from just a mental churning that keeps people as they get older from sleeping at night and disassociates people from the world around them to a penetrating mental process that solves problems, looks deeply into the nature of things and brings these things to surface consciousness to help themselves and others.

Dan Smith and I are both a lot alike but he difference is I think is that Dan earlier in life used his subconscious mind to solve problems but in the process the Messiah Complex surfaced from his subconscious mind as well as other things. This complex and other things have destabilized his consciousness to some degree distorting his perceptions of reality. The Messiah complex could have been a compensatory mechanism he created early in life to deal with an over bearing father, I don’t know yet. Anyhow Dan seems to be learning to identify and isolate this complex in a way similar to Nash by giving it less and less attention.

Many of these mental disorders can be cured not with drugs that only dull and destroy the mind but by careful psychological counseling to walk the individual back into a normal state of consciousness or help them to maintain the super conscious state by helping them remove these psychological and emotional disorders from their minds and bodies.

So far I am like the sailboat with a locked down keel that can get flipped a couple of times and then continue on its way no worse for wear. Dan however when he gets flipped takes on water, flounders around and then finally manages to right himself and continue on his way a little worse for wear. J Dan and I are both playing off each other and learning from each other or at least I am. :-) As folks are finding out like Ron it’s not Ed + Dan but Ed x Dan =. :-)

The thing Dan and I have the most in common is a strong desire and determination to understand the most fundamental of all problems or answer the most fundamental of all questions. The questions are: Who are we, where did we come from and where are we going? What is life? What is necessary to live a truly happy successful life?

When we do this our subconscious or the super conscious mind takes over and guides us. I like the word super conscious and cosmic conscious much better than subconscious because when we really get into this our environment, our friends and associates contribute to solving this problem for us. Quite often the contribution by others is not fully consciously realized.

My neighbor Walter decided that I should see some DVDs that he offered to me and I accepted. He just thought I would like to see them. Out of the ten DVDs that Walter had me watch, nine of them related directly to these latest investigations into the Aviary, I, cosmic consciousness and Dan Smith. This is just one of many examples I could name that shows we are all connected and all contribute to each other for better or worse.

It’s not just people that contribute to each other consciously and subconsciously, but nature and our total environment contributes as well. Everything is interconnected. That is why understanding the golden rule is so important. Every time we think a thought, feel an emotion or take an action we close a circuit creating a feedback loop in time and space. If the thought, emotion or action is creative we evolve. If the thought, emotion or action is destructive we devolve.

This is why we should always tell the truth and be honest with each other and why we should not lie too, deceive or suppress one another. This also explains why we should be very careful of the expectations we hold in regards to others with whom we interact even while observing what that person is in present time. For better or for worse people play into each others future expectations but mostly on a unconscious level. I think all life interacting and interconnected creates the virtual reality field in which we exist, the material universe and our collective future.