Monday, April 13, 2009

Aviary Investigation

Is the Aviary a CIA UFO/ET Security and Suppression Network?
By Ed Komarek
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“I know of no better repository of the truth than with the people.” Thomas Jefferson

I have conducted a kind of mad max investigation into who is RP Presidential Briefing and why is such a high level insider with a CIA background spending so much time interacting in the UFO/ET community. I believe I have figured that out and in the process what the Aviary is really about. Perhaps many of you in the UFO community have wondered just what kind of government control mechanism has been used to silence UFO/ET whistleblowers and break up, manage or manipulate organizations that may be trying to bring classified UFO/ET technology and information into the public domain.

I began this play in higher consciousness or madness if you prefer, in the pursuit of RP and what is he doing in all these networks we are involved in? RP and other Aviary members are playing extensively through all these UFO/ET forums on the Internet, Reality Uncovered, Open Minds, The Sarfatti Group, Steven Greer’s Group, Above Top Secret and who knows how many more networks within the UFO/ET community

I believe that RP is CIA chief of security in the UFO/ET community and has been running a CIA counterintelligence network against us for decades. I believe the loosely knit network called the Aviary is a counterintelligence network responsible for detecting, tracking and suppressing unauthorized classified security leaks in the UFO community that may or may not be related to UFOs. At least some of the individuals in this network have been past employees of RP. RP told me himself that Dan was a past employee.

The Aviary consists of just a few individuals well know in the UFO community but these individuals are linked into networks that span the UFO community like a spider’s web. I believe RP is the spider in the center of the web and through this network he is able to detect, monitor and suppress security leaks and to even run disinformation operations as part of the suppression of leaks. I think most of the members in the Aviary today are used mostly for intelligence gathering purposes and only RP and John Alexander are still involved in infiltrating, manipulating and suppressing whistleblowers and organizations that are trying to get truth and technology out into the public domain.

The aviary has been in existence since the 1980s. There is no doubt that it has had a substantial influence on the UFO/ET field over the years beginning with Bill Moore’s involvement with an AFOSI disinformation operation against Paul Bennewitz in the 1980s. I think those facts have been pretty well established. Bill Moore confessed to his involvement as an observer and that he reported back to AFOSI on Paul’s deteriorating mental condition from the disinformation operation. I think both Rick Doty and Bob Collins have confessed to running AFOSI counterintelligence and disinformation operations in the past when employed by the government but are not doing so today.

In this article I have presented a solution to an equation as to what the aviary possibly could be. It will be up to others to dig up more facts to substantiate or refute this claim in whole or in part. In creating this solution I have had to use my imagination and subconscious mind to fill in the spaces between the facts. The question now that we all have to figure out is to what degree is this solution real and to what degree is this solution an illusionary solution? (See the movie, A Beautiful Mind)

Dan Smith is the weakest link in what I believe to be an extensive counterintelligence network and because of conscience and maybe mental problems and has helped me expose this network. RP has done everything he can to shut Dan up but Dan keeps talking. The question is Dan simply delusional as RP claims and has led me to an illusionary solution? This is going to take some time to work out. It’s obvious that Dan does suffer illusions or delusions as to being the Messiah but do these delusions go beyond that to RP and the rest of the Aviary as RP suggests?

It’s my considered opinion that Dan is not that delusional and that RP is not telling us the whole truth and what I am presenting could be very real and if it is true every whistle blower and UFO/ET investigator in our community should take note. I could very well be wrong. I apologize in advance to RP and any others if I am wrong in these speculations.. I only want to know the truth, I am not out to destroy anybodies reputation. The truth is that there is much evidence outside of Dan’s somewhat distorted testimony that suggests the Aviary is a longstanding CIA counterintelligence operation.

I have no idea for sure what RP’s real intentions are in this real life drama and I don’t think we may know until the fat lady sings. The one thing I do know is that RP is and has been very involved in the UFO/ET field over many years and has expended a significant amount of his time and taxpayer money in these activities. For RP to claim that he just has a cursory interest in us is for me very hard to believe.

There was one small item that if true, one little comment in all this mad max investigation, that if correct, would mean that RP is Plumber in Chief, the man who fixes information and technology security leaks in the civilian UFO/ET community. Remember where Dan Smith said that RP owns everybody’s security clearances and that RP told Dan to tell Kit Green that he was telling too much to Gary Beckum.

This creates a whole new set of questions. Is John Alexander, an Aviary member, also part of RP’s network, or is he running his own counterintelligence network? Does RP own John’s security clearance at least technically? Does RP’s influence extend into CIA counterintelligence and propaganda networks that control the mainstream press on issues of National Security including UFO/ET related matters? Ever wonder why America ’s enemies don’t get any good press in the corporate mainstream press and broadcast media? The CIA has publicly said it has agents in every newswire and major newspapers of the country. Every wonder what they are there?

The truth is that there must be some kind of operation to plug UFOET whistleblower leaks in the UFO community and the Aviary I think is at least part of that operation. It appears to me that there are more bird dropping yet to fall on the bird oncologists at Reality Uncovered and elsewhere. Maybe we are just investigating different ends of the same bird.

Steven Greer just recently publicly reported that he and Orion have come under attack by the cabal. Is Steven accurately reporting or is he paranoid? The last time I recall that an organization tried to develop exotic energy technologies in the public domain it was infiltrated by John Alexander and its head inventor James Black ended up in his hotel room dead and that is a fact.

I think Steven ought to watch his step and consider the possibility that he and Orion are being infiltrated and set up in a good cop-bad cop scenario. If true, what does this say for other civilian RAM-ORION operations that may involve RP or John or both? Is the PONTUS briefing for real or just a ruse in this convoluted tale to trip up Steven Greer? On the other hand it could be true that RP is just managing this civilian operation, lifting the pressure cooker lid a little to let off a little steam into the public domain, but then why is Steven apparently coming under attack. Does John Alexander have a hand in this but in a less obvious role than with James Black? Is John playing bad cop and RP infiltrating as good cop? and

I am beginning to wonder if ORION and RAM civilian operations are just authorized CIA managed covert mechanisms to release information and technology into the public domain. If Operation Solar Warden is real then this is just more evidence pointing to the fact that these civilian operations are just cover programs, authorized releases of UFO/ET information and technology in an ongoing acclimation program.

I remember that Dan told me that neither RP nor Gordon like the FBI. If CIA counterintelligence operations are ongoing in the United States , then there could well be jurisdictional disputes involved, especially when it relates to operations involving civilians without security clearances. I also think that there are also important constitutional and legal issues and if the mainstream press and Congress were doing their job as public watchdogs there would be public hearings on these CIA operations. As Alice said, “things are getting curiouser and curiouser”.

I don’t know where GN stands but Dan told me that John had used Gordon to intimidate people in the past. Could this be true? No wonder my subconscious has been giving me fits lately. :-) I think its time for me to move on and end this mad investigation. I am not interested in being a martyr like James Black. I am already receiving threatening emails from Gordon.

I suspect that Gordon is just joking with me but who knows considering the circumstances in this Alice in Wonderland world of spies and espionage. I think concluding this investigation might be the healthy thing to do. After all didn’t Dan Smith tell me that it was rumored that Gordon was the Umbrella man in the JFK assassination. Could that be true as well?

Gordon, I also have my own little JFK story to tell. Right after the assassination, Jackie was brought to Greenwood Plantation owned by John Hay Whitney who was once the ambassador to England . My Dad ran Greenwood and helped protect Jackie from the press and to comfort her. The first time I met her was then, when she came to our house to watch birds at my mother’s famous bird window as a Whitney guest. The second time I met her she was years later when she returned to watch birds a second time.

Dan and I had another phone conversation the other day when Dan called me up in the middle of the night from Greece where his is vacationing. Dan says I have been demonizing RP and that RP is just doing his job. I took issue with him and told him, if what he is saying is the truth, then all these people are not just doing their job suppressing the truth. They have been suppressing and crushing those who would tell the truth by releasing UFO/ET classified information. These people just doing their job are bringing human society to the brink of destruction. These little beasts feed even larger more oppressive beasts.

I told Dan that I thought that all these little suppressors and oppressors were the ones that were really mentally ill and rightly should be called little beasts or little monsters for the harm they do to the truth and the truthful over the past 60 years. There have been repeated attempts to shut Dan up even sending him so fittingly across the sea to Greece . Even here Sophia’s lovely little aviary canary still sings to us from the cradle of European civilization, the home of liberty and the Greek Tragedies. One Greek play tells of a great king named Creon, who murdered his own family for the state, to find out as an old man too late that his family was the state.

Dan tells me that RP nor the CIA do not have to answer to the people only to the President. I tell Dan that this goes against the grain of everything the American Republic stands for. In this republic, of, by and for the people, everybody that draws a taxpayer paycheck including the President is a public servant and answerable to the people. Now Dan if some of what you have been saying is true then maybe it might be a good idea to extend your vacation overseas for a while longer. :-)