Monday, March 23, 2009

Virtually Proficient

Becoming Virtually Proficient
By Ed Komarek
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I had a long phone conversation with Dan Smith known for his long time association and friendship with Ron Pandolfi a high ranking Washington insider with an interest in UFOs, Remote Viewing and other phenomena. Dan and I both seem to agree that we may exist in some kind of virtual reality universe into which we cycle on periodic basis from an even larger immaterial mega-universe.

In an interesting tidbit of synchronicity Uri Geller checked in with me via email yesterday and suggested I check out his new website. Uri over the years has demonstrated over and over again just how malleable our so called “nuts and bolts” reality really is. I have not heard from Uri for years even though he is on one of my mailing lists.

My old skeptical friend Jim Moseley even watched Uri bend a spoon once and then continued to watch as the spoon continued to bend as it was passed around to others and to him. Eventually the spoon completely separated from the handle while it was being passed around. Uri told me by phone years ago of a contact experience he had when he walked into an extraterrestrial craft while his girlfriend watched from some distance away.

The immaterial mega-universe seems to be saturated with virtual reality universes that come and go, expand and contract, over billions of years and are themselves composed of nested 4D space-time parallel virtual worlds around both stars and planets in each universe. These universes seem to be created to support and further the evolution of untold numbers of individual and collective intelligences some of which have evolved to the point where they have become virtually proficient.

I think networks of intelligent beings create and maintain these virtual realities not an omnipotent autocratic God figure as Dan seems to believe. This perspective seems to be validated by NDE and OBE experiences and life regressions to the period between lifetimes. I think in the future we will look back and think of today’s western religions as an antiquated and quaint way of thinking about life, living and the universe.

By virtually proficient I mean these beings have developed the capacity to travel not only the distances between the stars and galaxies but between material universes and the immaterial mega-universe. What could only be previously be done by mega-universe travel to a virtual world and then incarnating into that world, can now be done by creation of virtual reality craft that ferry both the individual and the virtual body from one virtual world or universe to another.

Where Dan and I seem to differ is that Dan thinks that humanity is about to transition into a post virtual existence in mass on this planet within a period of decades. I very much disagree because I don’t think we can even begin to transition into a post virtual existence until we fully face and deal with the virtual challenges we have yet to deal with in this virtual universe. I think the transition is going to take place through an evolutionary process of many little steps. The first being the recognition of our virtual reality neighborhood and the challenges we are going to have to face with the other extraterrestrial races much like ourselves.

Then once we get to know and work with the neighbors we together will develop together capabilities of virtual proficiency. I think this will be a gradual evolutionary process that could accelerate once we can collectively reengineer out our imperfections in our virtual bodies rather that having to do it on a long term individual evolutionary basis.

I think that it’s important to realize that we are dealing with races of beings that have a wide range of evolutionary development and virtual reality proficiency. We are on the bottom rung of that range along with other races that like us are evolving beyond their home planets. The range seems to go all the way to races of beings that are so virtually proficient that they can move at will and on the spur of the moment between the mega-universe and various virtual universes without virtual craft to transport a body. They can simply travel at will to any virtual world and create any virtual body they desire to fit the immediate need to communicate with the natives of that world.

I think Dan is confusing the imminent demise of his virtual body and reemergence into the mega-universe with overall humanities continuing evolution within the virtual universe and eventual virtual proficiency. My guess is that it will take more than decades for mankind to develop the capability be able to instantly move freely and at will between the mega-universe and the virtual universes and the nested parallel 4D space-times even with virtual spaceship protection let alone capabilities beyond that.

I tell Dan let’s not put the cart before the horse. Let’s take things one step at a time. Perhaps we are here to assist in the transition in the first step toward virtual proficiency, the awareness that we have many virtual neighbors and karmic relationships to work out. We have collective virtual challenges to face like overpopulation, environmental degradation, and intra-species and extra-species wars and conflicts before we and the neighbors can take the next step to a post virtual existence.