Monday, March 23, 2009

Tell the Truth

Just Tell Us the Truth Dammit!
By Ed Komarek
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I believe the financial and economic meltdown is a part of a cyclical process in which the tide is now turning away from rampant, unbridled materialism as a model for personal and collective well being. Materialism has its value for personal and collective survival but it has its place in the scheme of things. It is part of a much broader immaterial or spiritual context that is just as important.

Fundamental to this greater context is a personal and collective willingness of the people to tell the truth and love one another. Truth and love exist but they are immaterial qualities that exist outside of what we consider our physical reality. Some of us believe that our physical universe and our bodies are really not as physical and solid as they appear but in fact represent a virtual reality.

Some of us believe we exist in a virtual body in a virtual environment and that this is a cosmic teaching tool or mechanism, nothing more nothing less. We don’t go to school or a classroom as an end in itself. We go there to prepare ourselves for life outside of the classroom. We can say that the classroom is virtual in relationship to the greater reality of the outside world.

We can debate if reality is composed of an infinite number of nested virtual realities like the identical wooden Russian dolls one inside the other, or if there is a larger immaterial universe that is not virtual in nature. In fact the truth may be a combination of these two perspectives.

Dan Smith and I are in virtual agreement J with these concepts and recognize the importance of these concepts to humanities evolutionary development. Dan and I have agreed to work together in an attempt to facilitate the distribution of these vital concepts to humanity in general and to high policy makers in particular. If there is going to be confidence and support of government and our leaders, they must TELL THE TRUTH! If our leaders are incapable of telling the truth then by golly lets get policy makers that can tell the truth in high positions of government!

No society can sustain itself on a steady diet of secrecy, lies, deceptions and fraud and neither can the individual or the government. There is nothing more destructive to the individual, society, and governance than secrecy, lies, deceit, hate, arrogance and fear. Government and policy maker lying is nothing new but it would seem that beginning in World War Two the global military, government and civilian authorities have developed a love affair with secrecy and deception the dark side of the force.

The cumulative destructive consequences of this love affair with secrecy, deceit and lies now threaten our very existence on this planet through overpopulation, war and environmental degradation. According to both terrestrial and extraterrestrial sources we only have a short window left to change our destructive ways or billions of people will die in this century.

We have created a situation in which our backs are against the wall. Yet humanity has shown time and time again that it can adapt and change when the situation is dire. Other times in history when humanity has not changed civilizations have collapsed and out of the rubble new fresh civilizations have arose. Only now our civilizations are so linked together that our whole global civilization is in danger of catastrophic collapse and renewal. This is because we have managed to suppress short term cycles of collapse and renewal over the years and now we have created the conditions for a super-cycle collapse of society and the environment.

What I am trying to point out is that lies, deceit, secrecy and hate are excesses that build up in society that obscure truth and love and unless they are removed from time to time the result is catastrophic collapse of human society. The people from the grass roots all the way up to the leaders and policy makers have to learn to tell the truth and accept the immediate undesirable consequences in order to reap the long term benefits. Only in this way may we regain our personal and collective sanity and build a bright future for ourselves. We have to reestablish our connectedness to the immaterial world of ethics values and spirituality.