Saturday, March 07, 2009

Obama Not Briefed

Obama Not Yet Briefed On UFOs
By Ed Komarek
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According to UFO/ET investigators Clay and Shawn Pickering their active duty naval officer source says that Obama has not yet been briefed on UFOs, disclosure and other related matters. Further information on this case involving an insider known to the UFO community as Source A can found in my previous articles on my blog and elsewhere.

The Pickering brothers and Source A use the Open Minds Forum (OMF) as a medium to communicate information to and from the public. I check up on this case regularly for new information at the OMF website. I noticed the following discussion yesterday when I checked in at OMF. It appears to me that Obama will be briefed but the issue is at a very sensitive point with much jockeying going on relative government positions on how and by whom Obama is to be briefed.

I include below a statement from which I have gleaned this information and a discussion between the Pickering brothers and their source as to which American presidents have been briefed on UFOs follows.

"Nothing I can share at this point. And, our source has been incredibly tight lipped. He cannot even respond via email with us. Everything is done face to face when we can get together. One point though, Obama has not been briefed on UFOs, disclosure and other related matters. This is according to our source. Like I said OMF, there is still a lot of jockeying going on relative to government positions. Sigh…. "

"We had this doggone discussion with our source last night. (This refers to which presidents have been briefed on UFOs) Roosevelt : Quite possibly. Truman: No doubt briefed. Eisenhower: No doubt briefed. Kennedy: No doubt yes. Johnson: Highly doubtful. Nixon: Yes, through connection with Eisenhower. Ford: No Carter: According our source, yes! Reagan: No! Bush Sr.: Yes! Clinton : No! Bush Jr.: Absolutely not! Obama: NOT YET!!!!!!!!!!"

Addendum: Clay Pickering wrote to clarify the situation regarding if Reagan had been briefed. If anybody is interested this Internet address links to a very exhaustive and detailed article as to what Reagan knew about UFO/ET.

"Shawn and I talked with our guy tonight to clarify, again, the specifics on whether Reagan knew or was briefed on the UFO/ET equation. Our source believes that Reagan may have been allowed in to some degree, but not the total picture. Why? According to our guy Reagan started repositioning the ICBMs at the Soviet Union. This made the pro-disclosure and the anti-disclosure people quite nervous. It appears according to our source that Reagan was then held at arms length with any forthcoming information. Quote: "Reagan was considered bit of a loose cannon." Mind you, we have heard this from our source many times with respect to the nuclear equation. "