Friday, March 13, 2009

Meltdown-Existential Crisis

From Financial Meltdown to Existential Crisis
By Ed Komarek
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Mankind needs to better understand cycles of creation-destruction-renewal not only in nature but also in human society as well, because we are part of nature. Individuals and groups often attempt to suppress naturally occurring frequent regenerative processes and cycles, only to find that by this interference they have unknowingly contributed to the creation of unnatural large super-cycles of creation and destruction in both nature and human society.

It has been my contention that in human society regular periodic cycles of economic expansion and contraction should not be suppressed. These cycles remove excesses from the system on a regular basis just as do fire cycles in nature’s ecosystems. I further have speculated that great depressions are a modern phenomena unknowingly brought about by human interference and suppression of the normal regular periodic cycles of economic expansion and contraction.

It should come as no surprise that normal periodic economic cycles of expansion and contraction are connected to and arise from individual and collective human nature. Ultimately economic cycles rise and fall on human expectation and belief. So it would seem there is this more fundamental underlying cycle of belief creation-destruction-renewal from which economic cycles emerge.

Over time beliefs build up and become entrenched in society and are supported by the special interests that profit from these beliefs. New beliefs are resisted and suppressed by the authorities in power out of self interest. Eventually however excesses build up to a point where the old beliefs and the authorities that benefit from these beliefs crash. The old authorities and existential belief structure is supplanted by new beliefs and new authorities in a natural process of societal renewal.

Modern day society in a large part is based on the scientific revolution and its belief structure. This revolution in human beliefs and thought was brutally suppressed by the prior religious belief establishment for hundreds of years. Only when the excesses and corruption in the old religious perspective became so great and crumbled away was the scientific revolution allowed to come into its own. This created in a large part the modern world. The foundation of our modern world is this scientific-materialistic existential perspective just as the religious-spiritual existential perspective was the basis of medieval society.

Today the scientific existential structure seems to have reached its zenith and now is beginning to crumble partly because it failed to incorporate spiritual moral and ethical values from the prior religious existential structure into its existential structure. This has resulting in rampant materialism. Just as with the religious establishment before it the scientific-materialistic establishment now has been suppressing extraterrestrial truths for at least sixty years that threaten the existing status quo of today’s entrenched interests.

Corruption and excess have been building for the past seventy years not just in our economic systems but in our system of existential beliefs because of this suppression of the new by the old. Those of us that have been following the UFO/ET disclosure process are beginning to wonder if the now ongoing economic collapse will degrade into an existential collapse. Hopefully the collapse of the old existential perspective will allow room for a new grander extraterrestrial perspective to eventually emerge.

Processes of destruction and renewal are often very painful processes because those that cling to the old ways are reluctant to let go of the old even when the old existential perspective no longer works. This disconnect between outmoded beliefs and the newly emerging realities they model gives arise to much suffering as people try to still use old solutions that no longer work to deal with new challenges. This only maintains and aggravates the suffering.

What this writer expects could be happening is that the financial-economic meltdown is just the beginning of a process of a natural process of destruction and renewal. This process will take over a decade and will incorporate not just a renewal of economic and political systems but also existential renewal. It will shake many people right down to their existential cores from which they will have to rebuild new belief systems to match modern unbelievable realities. I feel that a decade from now we will look back and marvel at our present ignorance of who we are and our relationship with the rest of the intelligent life in the universe.