Tuesday, March 24, 2009


What Happened To InfoTech?
A Stephenville Source A Connection?
By Ed Komarek
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InfoTech is the screen name of a friend and fellow UFO/ET investigator who posted frequently on the Open Minds Forum and got interested in the Stephenville case. He got into trouble with the PTB awhile back and ended up in electronic containment and limbo. All his electronic communications both computer and phone were monitored and censored.

InfoTech is a bit of a data management information technological wizard, hence his screen name, and managed to break out with an email to me telling me that he had been threatened, his family and AJ (our Stephenville reporter) was threatened as well when he got into a heated argument with his handlers. They told him he was not allowed to continue to communicate with AJ and the UFO community especially OM.

InfoTech said there was something very big being covered up in the Stephenville case. I got very concerned and posted this email at OM and made a big public fuss about what was happening to InfoTech. I now believe the threats were in the heat of the moment and do not feel that his or AJ’s life is in any real danger. I think this was just an attempt to intimate InfoTech into submission with decidedly mixed results.

This public action on my part seems to have resulted in InfoTech being able to communicate with me for awhile but nobody else in the UFO community, not even AJ with whom he had begun to help build a website. He was even beginning to get suspicious of me because of this. I was blocked from communicating once again when I asked about details of this heated argument.

In these email conversations InfoTech told me he held a Top Secret clearance relating to his data management work. He even told me that one time he got freaked out when he was taken to an undisclosed location to do some data management work where the people did not look quite human. He got scared and did the work from his hotel room.

InfoTech got very interested in the Stephenville case and this seems to have been what triggered his troubles. He wrote to me that he thought that perhaps what was being covered up was an Air Force attempt to force down an alien craft by boxing it in with fighter jets and forcing it to the ground. The craft evaded this Air Force maneuver by flying over the restricted airspace of the Bush ranch. This he believed was an attempt to capture the occupants alive to be forced to give up their technological secrets.

Now I have just been told that this Stephenville event triggered a Navy reaction. As we have been learning the Navy now seems to be responsible for at least some diplomatic extraterrestrial policy. I am beginning to wonder if there was a clash between an unenlightened Air Force extraterrestrial policy and a more enlightened Navy diplomatic policy. Could this be one of the reasons Source A went public with the big stick of public exposure to get folks together on the same page and make sure everybody knew who was boss.

This got me to thinking that AFOSI may be behind InfoTech’s electronic containment. They don’t seem to have had a problem shutting down UFO investigators in the past when they have got too close to the truth as most of us know. My interest is to free InfoTech from this harassment and containment and make sure his Top Secret clearance is not lost. Apparently his handlers feel they have a legal and legitimate right to do this because InfoTech holds a Top Secret clearance. I think other folks in other branches of the military and intelligence community might find this case interesting. J

I realize that InfoTech’s handlers feel that they are just doing their job and I don’t want to cause them unnecessary problems by asking my contacts to pull rank on this. J They need to realize that it is no longer business as usual and that they are interfering with a very important civilian UFO/ET investigation and its primary investigator. Its past time to end this kind of long standing civilian harassment as long as InfoTech did not divulge any classified information. He says he did not.