Tuesday, February 03, 2009

UFO/ET Institute

Institute for UFO/ET Government-Civilian Cooperation
By Ed Komarek
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The purpose of this institute or working group would be to work toward facilitating cooperation between pro-disclosure UFO/ET civilian, military, intelligence, government and political groups. The idea is to work toward a future united front to properly deal with the many extraterrestrial races visiting or co-existing with humanity.

We are all well aware there are two very serious impediments to disclosure. One is the extreme compartmentalization within the armed forces, intelligence community and governments in general. The other is the lack of detailed highly accurate information available to the civilian community. I think as disclosure moves forward networking between the military-intelligence community and civilians will need to increase rapidly in order to best deal with both extraterrestrial threats and opportunities.

I thought it might be a good idea to see if a network or working group could be created over the Internet. I have taken the liberty to put together a small mailing list to some of my exopolitical contacts that might be interested in becoming involved in such an organization. I thought I would mail to a list of undisclosed recipients to begin with but anyone on the undisclosed list could move to the disclosed list if they so desired to share ideas directly with each other. To keep the email down to the undisclosed recipients I could compile the emails and ideas every week or two and send them out on an infrequent basis.

This action is just a fishing expedition on my part to see if there is enough interest in the UFO/ET community to put something like his together. Once a core group of several interested individuals is created we can organize together and build first an informal organization and perhaps later a more formal one. I would hope we could get active and retired military into this group that then could network this idea through their contacts.

One idea I had would be to try to facilitate informal or formal exopolitics groups on or near military bases. We could perhaps start at the grass roots with lower ranking military and as trust develops maybe higher ranking individuals would become involved. I would think that lower ranking military people would be just as interested in the subject as the public in general and this could begin a process of integrating civilian and military groups together.

Another idea would be to approach and work with civilian investigators like Clay and Shawn Pickering who have been developing a working relationship with a active duty Naval officer deeply involved in extraterrestrial affairs employed by a military UFO Working Group of high ranking officers. This would be a top down approach.

Some areas of action that the Group might become involved in: 1. Publicity in regards to the Military Working Group’s activity and information distributed through Source A. 2. General sharing of information relating to extraterrestrial reality. 3. Promoting security for sources of information through strength in numbers. 4. Integrating military and civilian efforts toward UFO/ET disclosure. 5. Encourage more military sources like Source A to come forward.

So in a sense our Civilian UFO/ET Working Group could simultaneously network with military and government from the top down and from the grass roots. This would allow us to integrate along as broad a front as possible in providing a unified front toward dealing with extraterrestrial realities.