Tuesday, February 17, 2009

UFO/ET Briefings

Civilian UFO/ET Briefings for Policy Makers
By Ed Komarek
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It’s becoming obvious to some of us in the UFO/ET community that disclosure is accelerating. One of the beneficial effects of this accelerated disclosure is that policy makers that still believe in democratic and republican principles are becoming more knowledgeable about extraterrestrial reality. This increase in knowledge in turn has stimulated a global movement to reinstitute legitimate democratic control over extraterrestrial policy that was lost in the 1950s and 1960s. Even the United Nations is seriously engaged, as evidenced by the secret meetings now coming to light in the public domain. See Dr. Michael Salla's article. http://exopolitics.org/Exo-Comment-80.htm

The task of regaining legitimate constitutional control over extraterrestrial policy is not an easy process because extraterrestrial policy has been privatized and the exploitation of extraterrestrial resources by the private sector is a tremendously profitable enterprise. There are very many powerful entrenched special interests involved in subverting disclosure and the implementation of legitimate government control over extraterrestrial policy. http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/2008/10/targeting-corporation-x.html

A further obstacle to regaining legitimate government and UN control over extraterrestrial policy is that policy makers are presiding over an extremely fragmented global society in which extraterrestrial knowledge and wisdom is extremely compartmentalized. This compartmentalization of information and control makes it very difficult for legitimate policy makers to make good policy decisions.

A policy maker in order to make the best appropriate decisions must be adequately briefed. It is my concern that policy makers because of the extreme societal governmental fragmentation of the response to extraterrestrial reality are getting only incomplete partial briefings. The briefings are influenced by many competing agendas by those giving the briefings. I believe the situation is so bad that most policy makers like the public as a whole don’t even know enough to even ask the right questions.

Enlightened policy decisions can only be made if policy makers are well informed enough to ask the right questions in order to be adequately and completely briefed. I believe that increasingly the policy makers will look to the public sector for guidance and a general understanding of the extraterrestrial environment.

Once policy makers gain a general understanding of the overall extraterrestrial context they will then be able to ask the proper specific questions of the intelligence community, military and the private sector involved and controlling illegitimate extraterrestrial policy. Then will it be possible to wrest control of extraterrestrial policy back into the hands of legitimate policymakers who are constitutionally responsible to the peoples of the world.

For the reasons stated above I believe it is imperative that well informed civilian UFO/ET investigators and activists be brought into national government and UN policy discussions now! This will ensure that policy makers will not be misled and deceived by partial and misleading briefings given by various competing factions now responsible for the current fragmented unenlightened global extraterrestrial policy.

Generally informed civilians can help policy makers to ask the right specific questions that then will lead to enlightened specific answers. This mutual increase in knowledge and wisdom will in turn lead to an enlightened extraterrestrial policy response to both the public and the extraterrestrial neighborhood.