Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nixon's UFO/ET Legacy

Reversing Nixon’s Dark UFO/ET Legacy
By Ed Komarek
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Everyone is familiar with the damage Nixon’s Watergate scandal did to the United States but there is an even darker legacy yet to surface into the public domain. This darker legacy revolves around Nixon’s secret extraterrestrial policies. These secret policies are turning out to be catastrophic for both global society and the global environment.

I believe that the UFO/ET community has been slow to grasp the significance of statements made by the late Ben Rich, former head of Lockheed’s Skunkworks, and aviation engineer Bill Uhouse. They both have stated that there had been a Nixon purge and privatization of extraterrestrial policy and exploitation of extraterrestrial resources in the 1960s. This took extraterrestrial policy out of the hands of both government and the military and put in the hands of industry and its CIA allies. (See previous articles http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/2008/10/targeting-corporation-x.html )

In my opinion the Nixon purge and privatization of United States extraterrestrial policy in the 1960s set back the UFO/ET disclosure process at least thirty years and suppressed beneficial extraterrestrial diplomatic initiatives by the State Department, military and other actors. The positive benefit of privatization was the secret efficient exploitation of extraterrestrial resources for both military and public use. The downside was that this positive benefit has been far outweighed by a continuation of the UFO cover-up and an extremely damaging industry-CIA profit based extraterrestrial policy.

In discussions involving an active duty naval officer by Shawn and Clay Pickering over the past year on the Open Minds Forum it appears that both the military and the State Department are reasserting control over extraterrestrial policy from private industry and the CIA. The military UFO Working Group and the State Department seem to have taken the lead in attempting to regain control over extraterrestrial diplomatic initiatives.

The overall situation seems to be continuing to improve with the incoming Obama administration where the Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is well represented. It is also well know that the Clintons had apparently been shut out of briefings involving extraterrestrial reality when Bill Clinton was in Office and so may not be complicit in the UFO cover-up. A further positive sign is that Hillary Clinton is now head of the State Department and a pro-disclosure John Podesta is closely allied with Bill and Hillary. http://www.presidentialufo.com/john_podesta.htm

According to the active duty naval officer know as Source A, several extraterrestrial races unified by a race that he calls the conformers are intent on making themselves known to world populations by 2017. All these developments seem to be creating a perfect storm that may push disclosure forward rapidly in the next several years. (See previous article http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/2009/01/naval-officers-contact.html )

Is it possible that we pro-disclosure advocates and activists inside and outside of government many no longer find ourselves fighting an anti-disclosure tide? Is it possible that the tide is about to change to support our efforts rather than hinder us? Perhaps Nixon’s dark extraterrestrial legacy may finally be coming to an end.