Monday, August 11, 2008

Alien Perspective (Part 1)

An Alien’s Perspective (Part 1)
By Ed Komarek
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There is such a large amount of witness and whistle-blower testimony supporting extraterrestrial reality accumulating on a daily basis that often old cases that are relevant to today’s issues get lost and need to be resurrected. Dr. Leo Sprinkle discovered some very good contactee and abductee cases in the 1970’s one which involved an elderly lady named Ida Kannenberg. This lady seems to have been extensively and with great detail monitored for many years by an extraterrestrial civilization in preparation for much more extensive contact to come. The monitoring was so extensive that an entity that Ida called Hweig became a constant companion in her mind. Ida’s first physical encounter came in 1940 and the mental telepathic contact began in 1968 at first causing so much confusion that she contacted Dr. Leo Sprinkle for regressions.

The reason I think this 40 year old case is important is with the perspective of hindsight it is just or more relevant today as it was 40 years ago. This contact happened long before the advent of the Internet when computers were not part of most people’s everyday life. It did anticipate the Internet and our era of mass global communication and its role in bringing society together including our divisions and conflicts. It also anticipated the emergence and misuse of powerful mind control technologies in the hands of governments and other organizations.

The portions of this account are quoted from the book, Extraterrestrials Among Us by George Andrews. I think this Hweig account really does a very good job of answering the question: Why has extraterrestrial activity and interest been so extensive over the past sixty years? Quotes from the Ida Kannenberg case follow below.

“There is the problem that everything I can see, he can also. Not only Hweig, but his immediate crew. Since their observation is through technological implants, the whole scene can be played upon a screen, like our television.”

“Hweig is an enormous tease. I suppose it does get boring listening in to me 24 hours a day, though sometimes he takes a vacation for a week or more and someone else monitors.” “There are several things I can do to drive Hweig up the wall. If I sneeze or whistle, he will say, “Please warn me when you are going to do that. A sneeze sounds like thunder, and a whistle pierces my eardrums like a dagger.””

“In the beginning of our association Hweig terrified me with his explanations of who and what he was, and what he intended to do. I was afraid that my mind was going to be taken over by an alien personality. However, after more than four years of this constant telepathic contact, I feel very much myself. Even more so, for I know myself so much better. I have had to face up to myself.”

“With mechanical devices that permit mind invasion and control, an alien civilization could conduct any kind of surveillance, and there would be no defense against it. The aliens can do this now. How long before Earth science can do the same? Or can they do it now? Can the aliens be Earthians?

I am not trying to “scare talk”. I am trying to relate what has been done to me by persons who seem compassionate and responsible. Can this be done in the near future by others who may be neither compassionate nor responsible, who would be utterly reprehensible? It is time to study what this type of mind control is all about, beginning with those contactees who have experienced it.

Hweig told me that he and his colleagues are trying to prevent mind control from becoming established here on Earth. It is because this type of invasion is fast becoming possible from other sources, perhaps right here on Earth? Would mind invasion by terrestrial governments or organizations be carried out with the same ethical and moral responsibility and codes of dignity that the UFO mind invasion has demonstrated in my case?”

“I ask Hweig, “Why is there this influx of extraordinary help at this particular time? Why now? Hweig’s answer: “At this time mankind stands in dead center of the crossroads of human endeavor. I do not mean anything so simplistic as a single crossroads, but a convergence of many roads, each seductive in itself. A compromise must be made and maintained if the current world civilizations are to endure. The compromise must react onto many levels of human activity. World government leaders are struggling to find compromises on a political level, but the everyday people of the world must find their own ways of compromise on an individual level, such as levels of personal beliefs, as well as many other kinds. The metaphysical cores, not the histories, of all religions should be studied, and the psychological needs that shaped these beliefs. Only on that level can compromise be found, and until then the fires of war will continue to brutalize the human race.”

“I ask Hweig, “Why has all this come into focus right at this time?” Hweig reply’s, “For the first time in the course of this round of civilization, world-wide communication has brought all the differences of belief and activities into a coherent area of observation. Patiently many individual researchers in many lines have been digging into their respective studies. With the advent of computer technology, all of those separate researchers now can be brought under one roof, so to speak. They can be analyzed and studied on a comparative basis. Religion, for example, must be compared to mathematics. Does that sound silly? It is salvation! Archaeology must be studied in relation to electro-magnetic waves. Only with computers can such comparative studies be adequately carried out. And they will be. This is the direction in which you and all contactees are being guided: toward the sharing and comparing of information, which can then become a common basis for understanding.”

There is some other very good material in this account like, “About 80% of all UFO abductions and personal contacts are the result of hypnotically induced illusion and hallucination.” Hweig gets into a lot of detail on this as to how this is accomplished but this is better left to part 2 of this article. I don’t think one can get a clearer forthright representation of an alien’s perspective and motives than this and this case has withstood the test of time. This account makes even more sense today than it did at the time when the abductions were just beginning to be publicly acknowledged.

Ida says prophetically, “While we older folks have been the experimental trial-and-error stage of the Ufolk mind invasion, our young people will be next. With their thinking powers numbed by constant frenetic entertainments, aided and abetted for some by alcohol or drugs, their minds could become so benumbed and bewildered that any type of mind invasion, alien or Earthian, would be a cinch.”