Friday, June 27, 2008

UFO/ET Activist Groups

Local UFO/ET Activist Groups
By Ed Komarek
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We now have three major national-international exopolitics networks. The Exopolitics Institutes's Network ,The Steve Basset's Exopolitics Network and the Open Minds Forum which I consider everything exopolitics without the name. Additionally we have other networks, , etc. that together build a powerful international exopolitical infrastructure.

What we now need in the United States, Canada and elsewhere are state and providential local groups to fill out the larger exopolitical infrastructure. We now have many chiefs and too few Indians. In the United States and Canada I would like to see a UFO/ET activist group in every state in the US and providence in Canada. Jeff Peckman recently showed the power that only one dedicated citizen activist can have on national politics and exopolitics.

I believe that these local groups should be independent so they can affiliate and support whatever national-international group activist initiatives they should choose. These groups may or may not have a investigative arm. I propose that a international working group be organized with a coordinator that has the time and energy to concentrate on the formation these local activist groups.

I believe that we should coordinate our activities in a open and transparent manner on the Open Minds forum. This way the public can by following a thread become informed and participate in the formation of these local groups. Until we come up with something better I propose that we use this thread at OM. I recommend that a lady going by the name Cyrellys be Internet project coordinator for this initiative and who can monitor and strictly police the above thread so it does not get clogged with unrelated posts.

If we are going to take back control over extraterrestrial policy from the shadow government we have to become activists. Every person that comes on board counts and I would hope that everybody interested in this initiative will come together on this OM thread and monitor it for developments. When you enter the OM forum just click register at the top of the page and come up with a screen name and a password. From then on you can login with the screen name and the password. There is no charge to become a member of OM.