Monday, June 02, 2008

ET Crash Retrival

One More Crash UFO/ET Crash Retrieval Case
By Ed Komarek
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It seems every time I go to my barn and dig through my UFO files for something I run across something else that I have forgotten. I am beginning to think that I am forgetting more than most people will ever know about extraterrestrial reality. I found this letter along side the material I had on the CIA’s Robert Cotner. It really makes me wonder about how much evidence gets lost every time a long time UFO investigator passes on. I am trying to be sure to get what I have up on the Internet and into the public domain before it too gets lost.

This article in the January issue of OMNI magazine about Operation Right To Know, a UFO activist organization that I co-founded with Mike Jamieson, brought me considerable feedback. My address at the time which has since been changed must have been on the article as this letter is addressed to Mike and I at this old address. Again I guess its better late than never that this letter gets typed into the public domain.

Another interesting aspect about this old case is that it presents further evidence as to the amount of control the United States has over the extraterrestrial policy of other nations. I just read a recent article from India Daily suggesting that America is using access to extraterrestrial technology to bribe India not to disclose. One wonders to what degree the United States superpower status is based on the secret exploitation of ET technology?

No wonder that the American shadow government so vigorously suppresses public and global knowledge of extraterrestrial reality and may be the last country do disclose. The recent article from UFO Digest gives some insight in how this coverup works.

To: Jamieson and Komarek
FR: Anonymous

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you in response to your article concerning UFO involvement in the January issue of ONNI magazine of 1993. What I am about to disclose is restricted information by oath and will be jeopardizing to my health.

As a graduate from the Canadian Forces School of Intelligence and Security, I formerly worked two years as a Military Police Officer. In my tour of duty, I was subjected to a disclosure of internal security from the American Bureau of Investigations which had given myself a status of second class priority clearance. Even though I had taken an oath never to disclose any and all internal actions and reports for “the good of the people of the United States of America ”, I feel it is in the people’s best interests that I bring myself to nullify this oath.

This citizen is formally disgusted at the growing corruption of the American government and raises question about what sort of future they are leading to the people of the free world. You may recall a touch-down incident awhile back in one of the lower states (I cannot give the indicated location and specific details at his time). An unidentified object with flashing strobe lights crashed into a farmer’s brush. Immediately the local police were notified who then contacted the federal and military authorities. A surveillance team inspected the object and its contents, threw a tarp over it, and hauled it away on a military transport vehicle. It was later released to the press as a burned out meteorite and of little importance. Many questions were raised with very few answers available.

I am writing this statement in the hopes of your understanding in this “hard to believe” tale, but I feel that the people of the world have every damn right to know! That was no airplane, no weather balloon, and definitely no meteorite. I should know. I was the flanking guard in that surveillance team. It is sad to come to the realization that the last team member who tried going publicly with this information was never heard from again. Naturally, they will suspect me as well. However, I did not want to leave this Earth without saying these words to the public; If our so open-minded government sanctions and institutionalizes all contacts with outer life, and all future hope of a prosperous alliance will be destroyed.

If you wish any further contacts with myself for whatever reason, I will be more than happy to cooperate, to a certain extent of personal security. You may contact my alias of (blank), residing at a forwarding address of (blank) Victoria , BC , Canada , V8x 3V3. You may publicize my statement, but please not my alias. (Note to investigators, if somebody wants to follow up on this old address in confidence let me know.)

Thank you four your time and the efforts of your organization. Perhaps one day the citizens can reach the crash sites before the scientists of the planet.