Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UFO/ET Blame Game

UFO/ET Post Disclosure Blame Game
By Ed Komarek
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In the previous article on CIA/NSA extraterrestrial operations I began to present some of the evidence scratching the surface of a massive covert clandestine extraterrestrial operation in which the CIA and NSA are and have been heavily involved. This operation has involved a huge amount of widespread criminal and unlawful activity over the past sixty or more years of the UFO/ET cover up. These and other clandestine agencies have been the instrument used by global elite special interests to exploit extraterrestrial technology while simultaneously suppressing public, general military and mass media knowledge of extraterrestrial reality.

The way this UFO/ET cover up is unraveling is very interesting. Information coming in to me from several personal sources seems to back up the conclusions of contactee-abductee Jim Sparks author of the book, The Keepers. It would seem even the fascist Grays now desire disclosure and are complaining that the entrenched interests that have been collaborating with them have not kept their side of the bargain to disclose. This suggests that they as well as other extraterrestrial races are now in agreement to force compliance of the secret treaties to bring a rapid end to the extraterrestrial cover-up.

On page 201 Jim speculates, “They explained that environmental disaster was imminent and that we had to do something about it. Our leaders, however, guessed that Earth populations were not ready for knowledge of aliens just yet. So a deal was struck: The aliens would supply certain technologies to us to help us clean up our environment, which would help ensure human survival and protect their investment in us as an inventory of biological spare parts.”

“In return, certain time guidelines were agreed to, during which our leaders were to carefully spoon-feed all Earth populations with information about the existence and role of non-human intelligent life on Earth. The technology duly arrived, but the appropriate time to disclose never did, leading to a long period of secrecy, disinformation, and incarceration and missing people, most of which was done for the sake of national security.”

“We took the technology and made money and weapons with it, and we let the disclosure timetables lapse.” Also “It’s also possible that the aliens may have delivered even more technology in return for Earth governments destroying all nuclear weapons. They clearly detest nuclear weapons.” Wow I could not have explained this better myself!

So what I am getting at here is if the ETs are enforcing the agreement to disclose is a very short time, who is going to get blamed for all the wrongdoing and criminal activity involved in the UFO/ET cover-up? My best guess is that the elite entrenched economic and political interests responsible are going to try to pin this on the clandestine services who have worked as their instrument of repression for so many years. The media and the politicians will most likely fall in line even though they have been complicit in the whole nefarious affair.

I expect the clandestine services will be crucified both in the media and in Congress as they have in the past with the real culprits the entrenched global economic interests carefully manipulating the blame game so as to escape the fallout of disclosure as best they can. Wither they can get away with it remains to be seen but they have been pretty clever in manipulating all parties for sixty years and they own the media, the military and the politicians. This is really going to be something to watch in the next several years if catastrophic disclosure occurs driven by the ETs themselves enforcing the extraterrestrial agreements.

A considerable amount of evidence for these conclusions and for extraterrestrial reality can be found in a compilation of my blog articles as a free draft e-book manuscript available to print out at my blog site. The book is being edited and I hope to have a final edited version available soon. Articles such as this one will hopefully be the last to be put into this first volume with others perhaps put into another second volume.

I am also working to have this free book translated into as many languages as possible. This is a humanitarian enterprise designed to effect mass consciousness and because I want maximum distribution worldwide I hope to get nothing out of this except maybe expenses. This is an enterprise that others are volunteering to help with and I would not feel right about any personal gain. Right now I could really use translator volunteers.