Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shadow Government

Shadow Government, Precursor to Global Holocaust?
By Ed Komarek
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In a recent conversation with a contactee friend of mine the subject was brought up that the military should not be trusted and that all they were interested in was ET technology. My friend was upset and vocal saying that the contactees were being used as bait by the military. I had to remind my friend that just because some people in a crowd throw stones does not mean one should hold the whole crowd responsible for the attack.

Clearly the shadow government fascists at the top of the military and civilian chain of command responsible for extraterrestrial policy are only interested in technology because ET technology is their bread and butter along with finance, oil, drugs and arms. Global entrenched special interests have been covertly building a huge powerful shadow government the past 60 years based in a large part upon the exploitation of extraterrestrial technology. (See: The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip Corso)

This shadow government has its own financing, its own private corporate armies like Wackenhut and Blackwater, CIA and other service commando death squads, propaganda operations in the media to mold public perceptions, and corrupt government and military officials that are interchangeable between government and industry.

This secret covert society has a global reach and is a developing cancer upon democratic society not only in America , but around the world as well. Of course these covert forces can be very effective in the short term but are the long term consequences of shadow government acceptable? Without extensive public and legitimate government oversight, shadow government can and is becoming a huge national security threat to national and global society in its own right.

I believe we have a global holocaust in making that is in a large part based in extraterrestrial reality but instead of destroying millions of unsuspecting people could potentially destroy billions once it becomes strong enough to become overt. Just as in prior holocausts a combination of excessive secrecy and deception combined with the unbelievable factor creates an environment favorable to the creation of shadow government. Over time this shadow government infiltrates and gains control over legitimate constitutional open government until finally it is strong enough to gain overt status. Then all hell literally breaks loose.

We only have to look to Germany prior to and during World War Two. The German Nazis covertly plotted and schemed for decades before they became strong enough to take over the weak German government. They were financed by wealthy global industrialists from America and elsewhere. The Ford and Bush families were actively involved in supporting this Fascist rise to power.

The Gestapo and the SS rose into being through a covert reign of terror against the German population and its legitimate leaders to later overtly attack populations around the world. Once the super-secret SS gained control over the German military a low level officer in the SS could easily order a military general in the regular army around bypassing the normal chain of command.

The SS were a parallel superior elite force that had priority status over regular military and so could provision and supply their activities like the covert Jewish extermination campaign through the regular military. Today in America and around the world history is repeating itself were shadowy constitutionally unaccountable commando and intelligence units have priority status and provision themselves from regular military supply depots. It’s pretty obvious that America ’s shadow government modeled itself after the German shadow government with the assistance of the Nazis it imported into America through Operation Paperclip.

Many of the same wealthy powerful entrenched interests and families that have supported prior holocausts are once again on the move setting the stage for the next holocaust. The game is the same but with each turn becomes more sophisticated and Orwellian. One would think that world populations would learn from the past but that does not seem to be the case. I guess it’s our own dark collective nature in combination with a greater unknown reality that rises time and time again to subvert our better selves.

The question becomes how do we reverse this dark tide? I believe the answer in exposure. The shadow government is not yet strong enough to become overt so any light we can shine on it will diminish it. Covert terror tactics against honest citizens should be followed back to the source of the attack. An attack on one, is an attack on all, and all should become involved in this process of exposure and open disclosure. We in the UFO/ET field are doing our part in spite of the denial and ridicule heaped upon us.