Saturday, May 03, 2008

Return of the Fascist SS

Return of the Fascist SS, and the Unbelievable Factor
By Ed Komarek
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For sixty years UFO/ET whistle blowers, investigators and contactees have been covertly harassed, intimidated, even murdered by a slowly emerging global shadow government. Of course those of us involved in extraterrestrial reality are not the only ones to be targeted. Our whole global society is engaged in a kind of civil war both overt and covert between the reactionary forces of autocracy and the progressive forces of democracy. Many religious people frame this in religious terms as a struggle between good and evil.

There is confusion within society and the media because many individuals have become paranoid while superficially and indiscriminately investigating conspiracies real and imagined. These people are no threat to shadow government and are even being manipulated by shadow government to serve its nefarious ends. Fearful paranoid individuals play into the hands of the dark Orwellian puppet masters, just as do those who think its all just silly conspiracy theory.

The other night I watched a PBS show on two individuals who managed to escape the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp to warn the world as to what was happening there. This was before the Jews of Hungary were rounded up and gassed in 1944. The murder of millions of Jews just did not just happen; it was a carefully planned secret operation that was carried out with ruthless efficiency under the guise of national security. Why was this horrible operation not exposed till just before the end of the war?

I believe there were two very basic reasons for the holocaust social catastrophe. First the whole operation was highly classified and protected by a body of lies, ruses, deceptions and false flag operations. For instance some Chek Jews were held and treated fairly well so that they could write postcards back to their homeland telling their kinfolks that they were being well treated. This was called the postcard deception. It worked and after it was no longer needed the Chek Jews were gassed.

The second reason that the holocaust happened was that it was just too unbelievable to be believed by the general population. When people like the two that escaped Auschwitz told their story it was first though to be just too unbelievable to be true. Even once the Auschwitz story was confirmed the Jewish political leadership in Hungary suppressed the report because the leadership was collaborating with the Nazi SS leadership trying to buy the freedom of a few Jews. This allowed the Germans time to round up and murder hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews. It was not until the Auschwitz story found its way to British Intelligence and was broadcast on the BBC along with a chance bombing of Budapest that the roundup stopped and over a hundred thousand Jews were saved.

The reader might ask what does this have to do with UFO/ET reality? Well, it has to do with the two reasons cited above. Extreme secrecy in combination with the unbelievable factor allowed the holocaust to be planned and executed right under the noses of the general population. Millions of people were rounded up all across Europe and herded into gas chambers to only then find out too late that the rumors of mass extermination had been true.

I have to ask, is history repeating itself today in regards to extraterrestrial reality where this potent combination of excessive secrecy and unbelievablity is once again prevalent. I mean just look at other historical holocausts like the starvation of millions in the Ukraine by Stalin that was carried out under various super-secret ruses and guises. I believe we have another holocaust developing right under the noses of a complacent media and the general public.

Right after the Second World War many high level Nazis were shipped to the United States under Operation Paperclip. These Nazis helped create not only our space program but more importantly our intelligence agencies as well. The evil without was transferred to the heart of America and became the evil within. American leaders after the war planted the cancerous seeds of excessive secrecy, deception and shadow government right into he heart of the Republic!

Slowly over time these seeds have grown and now the shadow government can harass, intimidate and even murder at will anybody who stands in their way no matter how powerful. Real whistle blowers inside of government be they UFO/ET related or not are being targeted by an autocratic shadow government intent on destroying democracy in America and around the world.

Will the slumbering complacent masses of humanity wake up in time? I hope so, for those of us inside and outside of government are trying to turn the tide. We need to understand who are the leaders of this secret government in the shadows and how are they organized? Patriotic citizens that have unknowingly been inducted into this shadow government must also act and resist the shadow leadership despite the risks involved.

We need to know where are today’s SS and Gestapo leadership in today’s black world of private mercenary armies, CIA, and elite military service commando units? Where may we find tomorrow’s Himmler and Eichmann?
Can the unbelievable extraterrestrial reality become believable in time to advert another social catastrophe?