Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Perception Management

UFOs and Perception Management, You Are the Target
By Ed Komarek
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A UFO/ET skeptical lawyer friend of mine the other day did a cursory search on the Arizona UFOs she had been hearing about. Just as she suspected she came across an article high on the search engines list that discussed how an individual had admitted that he was the culprit for these lights. He had sent up lights on lanterns into the sky and that was all the UFO ruckus was about. My friend like so many others felt vindicated that she was right after all and moved on to other interests being none the wiser.

What my friend did not realize was that she had just been sucker punched, just one more unrecognized public causality of what has become known by the military as perception management. Perception management is just a modern day sophisticated Orwellian term whose true meaning is just plain old mind control. The idea of perception management is to create a faulty perspective or perception of reality in mind of the individual or group being targeted so as to manipulate that individual or group in a way beneficial to those involved in the mental attack.

Another friend of mine who has been interested in UFOs for a couple of years is better informed and talked to me by phone last night. He had been tracking patterns of balloon and lantern releases across the Internet after major UFO events around the country. For me a UFO/ET veteran all this is old hat. Anybody who takes the time to study extraterrestrial reality and the government cover-up of the truth knows that such deceptive activity is frequent and common place after UFO events. To those of us in the know this is what is called Cointellpro. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO

Another favorite technique of perception management by the Air Force is to drop flares after UFO/ET events and then claim that the UFOs were simply misperceptions of their training activity. Years ago in Gulf Breeze Florida we all became familiar with this sort of activity as well as debunker dirty tricks where a fake model was even planted in a house and as usual the unquestioning gullible mainstream press fell for the ruse to discredit abductee Ed Walters. http://www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc370.htm

I have talked about perception management in other of my articles on information warfare and have quoted from Col John Alexander’s book, Future War, extensively. John is an expert in the area of so called “non lethal weapons”. The term is a deception in its own right because many of these weapons are very lethal. On the battlefield even information warfare can be lethal when the target is deceived.

The public has become the target of an insidious shadow government, a cancer on our society. We are being targeted by a super-secret elite government in the shadows that uses our own misdirected military to attack us with battlefield “non lethal weapons”. This attack includes the use of information warfare and perception management techniques on a regular and ongoing basis in the mainstream media.

For anyone who wants to study information warfare and perception management the UFO/ET field is a perfect place because the public has been under attack here by shadow government for 60 years, we have seen it all. The UFO/ET cover-up could not be maintained without IWAR being used against the public in a continuous and massive way.

The use of IWAR against the public through the media is no secret. Just recently the Pentagon was caught red handed coaching retired generals working as paid media consultants. Other than an embarrassment to a few media executives noting much was made of the matter when people should have been outraged that they were being targeted by the military in an information warfare campaign.

The problem is that business, political groups and government continuously target the public using perception management causing the public over time to become so disassociated from reality that they consider their induced faulty view of the world as normal. With such distorted perceptions of reality the public becomes as putty in the hands of expert manipulators in business, politics and government.

Steve Basset and the Exopolitics Network just became aware of a perception management attack on them when Google pulled their recent stories about UFO/ET reality and Hilary Clinton off their top search results and became so angry that they want to sue Google. Yahoo to its credit did not engage in this deceptive practice. Google is developing a reputation of collaboration with repressive regimes so it should be no surprise that it may be engaged in cooperating with this repressive shadow government that is destroying democracy in America from within.

The public must become aware of the huge national security threat shadow government represents and be vigilant because covert shadow government often leads to overt holocaust. Shadow government must be understood and stealthy attacks upon the public and democracy such as perception management exposed, not only in the field of extraterrestrial reality but terrestrial reality as well.

Col. John Alexander in the last two lines of his information warfare chapter aptly states, “We must learn to protect our information systems (ourselves) just as we protect our personal valuables. Vigilance and common sense will accomplish most of the task.” People must not be complacent and just assume their most valuable possession, their mind, is under their personal control because often that is not the case.