Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind
By Ed Komarek
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Over past few days I have found myself haunted by the memory of one of the most powerful and moving American novels of all time titled, Gone With The Wind. The novel describes the almost complete destruction of the American southern way of life during the American civil war. The book dramatically ends with Scarlett the lead character vowing to survive and build anew.

This book resonates with readers from all around the planet because it is a story about them and their history as well. This is a story about innocence lost and illusions shattered due to an almost complete lack of foresight and insight as to unfolding catastrophic future events. One character Rhett Butler did see the catastrophe unfolding and when attempts to warn his foolish friends failed, he set out to cynically profit from the war.

This novel haunts me because I can not help but think that rapid and catastrophic extraterrestrial disclosure could be right around the corner and world populations are no better prepared today for extraterrestrial reality than they were 500 years ago for the European migrations. After sixty years of UFO/ET cover-up and suppression of the truth the sad fact is that most people worldwide are still ill prepared having been betrayed, propagandized and deceived by their leaders.

I have to ask. Is our current understanding and way of life about to be blown away by the gathering storm of extraterrestrial disclosure? Will rapid extraterrestrial disclosure first trigger an economic depression to be soon followed by cultural shock, collapse and finally societal renewal?

The propagandizing of the public by the media today is pathetic even criminal in light of the evidence now accumulating on extraterrestrial reality. It is appalling when I hear people still asking; So what if aliens exist, I don’t see how its going to effect me? It’s not hard to imagine a comparable attitude held by indigenous world populations when reports of white explorers and settlers began to circulate within native communities.

The evidence suggests that secret agreements seem to have been made between extraterrestrial races and shadow governments worldwide and now the extraterrestrials are enforcing those agreements and will let the chips fall where they may. For those who desire to know the evidence upon which I base my concepts then read my book and let your fingers do the walking over the Internet for verification. Of course we can’t believe everything on the Internet and neither should we believe without verification what the corporate owned mass media is propagandizing day in and day out regarding extraterrestrial reality.

On the bright side I also believe we as a species will survive this process of rapid destruction of our present way of life and slow renewal and should look to Scarlett as an example. We will persevere and adapt to our loss of innocence and the shattering of our illusions as to the true nature of extraterrestrial reality. Some of us will do better than others. Those of us who heard the abductees, contactees and whistle blowers in the coal mine stop singing are preparing ourselves and others as best we can with the few resources we have at our disposal.

Over the past several years I have written articles build upon almost 40 years of experience in the UFO/ET field. These are now compiled into a free e-book for the people of the world who will listen and be helped as unforeseen and impossible events unfold all around them over the next few years. This book is meant to be a kind of safety net containing exopolitical concepts that will help people worldwide gain a better perspective on unfolding events and so make better decisions in their lives.

I was born and raised in the American south and even after all these years since the civil war I still feel like so many other southerners that loss of innocence and the shattering of illusions and a whole way of life truly gone with the wind. It’s all happening all over again and this time it will happen all over the planet as more and more people are abruptly awakened to extraterrestrial reality. I believe in a few years time we will look back on the 20th century and morn our loss of innocence, our shattered illusions and dreams, but like Scarlet we will survive.

The economic, political and exopolitical challenges ahead are daunting and extremely complex. After all is said and done I believe we will, with our backs against the wall, rise up and build a better and a more enlightened world. This time we will find that we are not nor have we ever been alone and we will have help if we but allow it. As the sun sets on the old world order it will as well rise on a new day and a truly new world order, if as a alien told Col. Corso, we choose to take it.