Friday, May 23, 2008

Exopolitics Safety Net

Building An Global Exopolitics Safety Net
By Ed Komarek
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I have struggled as have many others to tell the truth about extraterrestrial reality to the general public. This has been a difficult process because those that suppress the truth throughout the world have tremendous resources at their disposal and have been able to contain UFO/ET related information to the UFO/ET community. We need to break out of this confinement.

A world wide propaganda policy of denial and ridicule has been very effective the past sixty years and none have been more blinded and manipulated than the mainstream media. I think I have finally been able to figure out a way to reach people directly all over the world through the back door using the Internet to bypass the propagandizing mainstream media.

This way relies on maximum flow of information with few restrictions on that flow. I started by creating a blog at no cost and then began to write exopolitical articles and publish them on my blog without copyright. I just ask that others please put my name and blog address on the articles if possible. In this way I create a positive feedback loop. I either publish articles directly by posting them to mainstream Internet newspapers like American Chronicle and OpEd News or email the articles to the editors of UFO/ET media and Internet newspapers like The Canadian where I can’t post directly.

Other people with websites, blogs, Internet newspapers etc. then pick up the articles and move the information to even more people. I was just contacted by an Internet newspaper in Sri Lanka that is publishing my material. Because my name and blog address is on the article or at the site people can come back and read more blog articles and now the articles are in a free e-book format available to print out.

The next step I am being helped on by a individual is to publish a well edited copy with a good cover and make it available cheaper than the book can be printed out free from the Internet. This can be done in other countries and languages as well. As more information gets read and distributed those that read the articles and the book find value in them and want to assist as they have been assisted. We all benefit, as a rising tide lifts all boats. We become the new leadership acting by example helping each other.

In this way we all raise our consciousness. Additionally I have my email address on the blog so others can contact me to help me with this humanitarian effort as well as put me on to important new information that I then feed back into the blog distribution network. So the blog and book also serve not only as a distribution network for ideas and evidence but also for the collection of new ideas and evidence. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they get information and then sit on it and do not share it and so their consciousness is diminished.

Some folks think I am out of my mind for not copyrighting my material as others can and will profit from and maybe even distort the work. Because people are volunteering to help me in this work I don’t feel right about making a profit on this but that should not restrict others from doing as they see fit. I am willing to take the risk and expect some distortion but in general I hope peoples better side will prevail.

What is important to me is that the ideas get distributed in as many languages as possible all around the world and if I can get back some expenses that would be nice but not that important. What is important is raising the consciousness of the people of the world as to the nature of extraterrestrial reality so that they can make positive decisions and not be manipulated by cover up or deceptive misleading partial disclosures of information.

I really appreciate folks beginning to come on board and help get these exopolitical articles of mine translated and distributed around the world. Folks should understand that they are not doing this for me but for humanity. This is a very large undertaking as it my intent to make a substantial impact on mass consciousness and no way can I do this on my own. The idea is to provide a conceptual safety net of sorts to help people adjust in a positive way to rapid disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.

For those of you in various countries that are translating this work into different languages for Internet as well as published distribution I think you can replicate what I have learned. Translate the first few articles of the book and put them up on a blog or website available for anybody to print out or use in various kinds of Internet distribution.

On the blog site or website ask for help in translating and distribution. Send the articles to UFO/ET websites around your country and in the language you speak. Locate mainstream broad Internet newspapers to either publish directly or to the editors of the newspapers if that is not possible. Don’t be discouraged as even if the editors are resistant you may catch him or her in a weak moment with one of the articles and they may publish starting the ball rolling at that site. J

After awhile editors and publishers can see that they do not loose credibility for publishing UFO related information but gain credibility because that is what the public wants. There will always be a few who will complain and try to shut down public discourse on the subject but hopefully they will be overwhelmed by the majority interest.

Another good thing that happens when an article gets published in an internet newspaper is that it gets picked up by Internet search engines that may not pick up an article published on a blog. This feeds even more people into your network. Be patient and consistent with the translation and distribution of articles over time and the flow will gradually build and you will reach more and more people.

Each person’s intent and needs may vary in each country. In one country the idea might be to build up an interest in exopolitics in general and maybe to eventually pull an exopolitics group together. This might work for a person that just contacted me to help in getting articles and the book translated into Dutch. Once you have a group you have help and you can hold conferences and the like. Where those that already have a country wide or regional exopolitics group like the folks that are helping me get translated into Chinese from Hong Kong , the translated articles can be used to build up interest in an upcoming exopolitics conference. Information is the lifeblood of society and any increase in flow helps everybody.

The better we get at increasing flow the faster we evolve individually and collectively. We can make a better world for ourselves and for our children by the effective creation and use of networks. Again I appreciate any help I can get. Come on board if you can find the time or the resources to help out. You can make a difference and help us make a better world no matter where you live on this planet or which language you speak.

Building An Global Exopolitics Safety Net (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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This article follows on the heels of a previous article. Now that my first exopolitics free e-book is nearing completion I find myself concentrating on how to get it translated and distributed into as many languages as possible worldwide. My initial goal is to reach hundreds of thousands of people and at some later date maybe millions. I realize this is a very ambitious goal. I think this goal is achievable through the use of the Internet to promote not only this book but global exopolitical discourse, exopolitical networks and conferences. In this way we collectively create a worldwide exopolitical safety net in preparation for possible rapid catastrophic UFO/ET disclosure.

I am now in contact with two individuals one in Turkey and one in Sri Lanka who need money to help getting started on translating. I have come up with this idea of a small sum of seed money to get things started in the less prosperous countries. This idea will get more bang for the buck than in the more prosperous countries. I believe I can get this book translated and up on the Internet between fifty cents and a dollar a page in some of these less prosperous countries.

I think it is important for translators to understand that if they get volunteer help and funds that the translation should be publicly available for all to use on the Internet. I am not against for profit translations and publication but there is a restriction of flow involved and if there is too much restriction another non profit translation can get around this.

I have noticed on many occasions that there are always going to be those that are happy to have help and funds but when the product gets valuable they want to own and restrict the product for personal benefit. This is lower consciousness activity and we need to do what we can to be aware of and minimize this problem.

The best idea I can come up with is to have blogs in each language with initial translated copy of at least 30 pages. This might cost me or other donors twenty dollars for each language a rather small sum of money for those of us in the more developed countries. Because the sum is so low the risk of losing the money is not great. If the translator does a good job of translating and distribution of articles they may even be able to obtain the rest of the funds for the job in their own country.

In special cases more money could be allocated but the idea is to initiate self sustaining operations that will pull together networks of people that will see that the book is completely translated and up on the Internet for free. If the networks are strong enough they might be able to take the next step and self publish the book in paperback with a good cover and distribute it about their country to facilitate the growth of their exopolitics group.

In the developed world where the cost of translation is much higher the idea would be to have a volunteer do the first 30 pages at least and then they can ask for either more help translating or for funds to complete the project at the blog or web site. It might even be possible that people interested and seeing the need for wide distribution of this book could make additional donations to help those translators in the less developed countries.

Once there is a good translated copy of the exopolitics book up on a blog or website then the next step is possible where a group can self publish and distribute the book at a cost cheaper than it takes to print out the book from the Internet. This could be an additional way for a group or network to raise funds and public consciousness. Many people are not going to want to read or print the whole thing out from the computer if they can get a paperback copy at a reasonable cost. This might be something exopolitical networks around the globe could cooperate on so as to get books cheaply published in many languages where costs are cheap in places like India or China .

Because I am not interested in money or copyright I think this model is doable and that this exopolitics book or at least some articles can reach hundreds of thousands of people or more worldwide. I have noticed that when I publish my articles in the Internet newspapers I may get as many as 500 hits in just a couple of days on an article. I guess I have maybe a hundred articles circulating all feeding back to by blog.

So I estimate just in America I am reaching tens of thousands of people and who knows for the rest of the English speaking world, it may be tens of thousands more already at the very least. Over time the articles continue to circulate as people pass on the articles to their websites, blogs and Internet newspapers for even further distribution. The Internet newspaper in Sri Lanka publishing my articles for publication is such a case in point. Because these articles are not time sensitive they keep flowing. It is true there is no stopping a powerful idea whose time has come.

So I guess its time to try to put together a team of volunteers to oversee and help fund these operations. I intend to contact friends that I have and am working with on the Internet and any other contacts that might be interested and believe in this enterprise as I do. So if this reaches you through one network or another and you want to help out there is a place for you.

I have done most of the work on this so far and now its time for others to come on board and work together for a better future. Additionally this book can be a wonderful intelligence gathering tool for all concerned. If I can get enough support then I can go back to concentrating on my writing and investigations for a second book, if not I intend to concentrate on this till the job gets done.