Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Alien's Patty Hearst?

Is Jim Sparks, An Alien’s Patty Hearst?
By Ed Komarek
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A friend and colleague passed on to me the book, The Keepers, by Jim Sparks. It’s a book on alien abduction and secret military cooperation that I should have heard and read about soon after it was published. However what used to be a trickle of evidence supporting extraterrestrial reality has now become a torrent and no one person can keep up with the accelerating pace towards disclosure. This book presents real insights and evidence as to the nature of the fascist mind of one extraterrestrial race as well as the military-civilian fascists that are collaborating with this predatory type of alien species.

After reading this book I can see that Jim an abductee-contactee is an exceptional person, someone that leaders in abduction research admire and respect. Jim has earned this respect because in spite of extreme abuse and violation by both aliens and a collaborating secret shadow government, he has refused to be crushed.

Jim Sparks has through sheer strength of character and will transcended and enlightened not only himself but others as well. When so many people have been devastated by fear and terror in abduction experiences Jim stands out. He, while temporarily weakened by the experiences, has over the longer term become stronger and more enlightened, offering a beacon of hope and promise to the human race and perhaps even the aliens themselves.

Jim’s abduction experiences are the usual variety, but what is unusual about Jim is that he was able to experience the lighter side of an alien species even while he was subjected to the darker side of this species. This reminds me of a very few survivors of the Nazi holocaust who were able to transcend the horrible conditions of the death camps and see goodness in those that were doing them evil. For this they earned the grudging love and respect of their tormentors.

I am reminded of a story I heard somewhere where a young man was being tortured and looked up at his tormentor and said, I love you. The tormentor had to stop and gently placed a blanket over the body of his victim. The victim by transcending the experience had lifted not only himself out of the darkness of the immediate horrible experience but his tormentor as well.

The young man had seen the humanity, the goodness in the predator to which he was prey. I think Jim Sparks has done the same with a longstanding alien predator on the human race. As Jim clearly points out this group of aliens are farming and protecting us just like we do cattle and sheep. They are here to protect their investment. They are exploiting our biological resources while trying to keep us from destroying ourselves. Complicating matters even more they have been creating an insurance policy against our pending self-destruction through a process of hybridization.

Jim life and book encompasses a process from predatory victim to willing spokesman for a confederation of extraterrestrial beings. He indicates that they are not all that different from us and that while autocratic and fascist, they also have an inherent human-alien goodness and are evolving just as we are evolving.

This unethical or predatory alien society has no problem with secretly interfacing and cooperating with the autocratic fascist elements of our own society to achieve its predatory goals. Through the use of terror, fear and intimidation it can control autocratic elements of our society. Critical to this control is to keep elite autocrats in government and in the military in a state of helplessness and isolated from other more ethical extraterrestrial races and ethical humans that can offer hope and a way out of the predatory entrapment.

I found the following quotes as important continued confirmation of alien human cooperation and the fascist mentality involved. “Two men in lab coats appeared, waling with an alien. Humans fraternizing with aliens on an equal basis was pretty upsetting to me, of course, but I had to remind myself that I’d seen humans before who had been the result of screen imaging- aliens messing with my brain. Nonetheless, the longer I watched, the more I had the sense that these really were humans.” “The man with the rod motioned to the guards and they stopped in their tracks. “I’ll handle this!” He said right out loud, without telepathy – in good old brusk, American English. He touched my hand with he rod, and Ouch! Did that sting!”

I don’t think one can find a better more articulate account of alien abduction and forced and willing collaboration. Toward the end of the book Jim has become a willing spokesman for this race of fascist beings and a general amnesty for his human fascist tormentors. Does this make him an alien’s Patty Hearst or is there something more than this going on here? Patty Hearst came to love and willingly support her captors after being tormented into submission by them. It would seem that her captors also came to love and appreciate her as well.

Jim says, “In order to protect secrecy and national security, information was suppressed using criminal acts, which is why individuals in the secret government sector do not come forward. The criminal justice system would simply crucify them unless they were granted complete amnesty in exchange for the complete truth. That way – and only that way – can the truth be told.”

Can we attribute to simple brainwashing this particular condition or does love, appreciation, compassion somehow transcend the horrible conditions we find ourselves in? Could it be that these beneficial qualities in spite of the circumstances lead us to evolve into better more mutually satisfying relationships and societies. Can we evolve from an autocratic society organized by rank into masters and slaves to a cooperative democratic society founded on a win-win set of relationships?

I think we and these less ethical aliens that are much like us are in the same boat sharing the same planet. I think we are learning together how to forge a better set of circumstances, or reality for ourselves based less on competition and scarcity and more on cooperation and abundance. When we feed at the expense of others we deplete our environment that in turn ultimately depletes us as well. The remedy is to assist others as we assist ourselves and so as our environment becomes more abundant so do we.

I believe we and this particular confederation of aliens are learning the same lessons and may even have the same ethical enlightened extraterrestrial teachers. The more we learn about extraterrestrial realities the more we can see how complex is the diversity of extraterrestrial life and the dynamic relationships between these many very different races and species.