Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ahead of the Times

A Contactee Far Ahead of the Times
By Ed Komarek
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As an OM technical team devoted to UFO/ET investigation, analysis and open public distribution of a finished product comes into existence I am reminded of contactee Ray Stanford. This man was both a contactee and a technical expert that believed that extraterrestrial reality needed to be defined within the standards of physical science with the use of reliably recorded, instrumented data.

I have before me the 1980 MUFON Symposium Proceedings called, UFO Technology a Detailed Examination. On page 150 there is a paper by Ray Stanford titled, Instrumented Sensing, Recording, and Documentation of Transient Phenomena in UFO Events. At this time Ray resided in Austin Texas. Everybody interested in this type of approach to extraterrestrial reality should read this paper especially those at the Open Minds Forum who are now essentially following in Ray Stanford’s footsteps. This paper was published in 1980.

The first paragraph of the paper outlines in one sentence the crux of the mission. “Events over the past thirty months have reinforced the idea that a solution to the UFO enigma might be facilitated by analysis of data from instrumented records made during events wherein experienced human observers witness aerial or ground objects or phenomena which, according to their judgment, cannot be explained as having a prosaic nature.”

Other contactees of the 1950s like George Adamski and Howard Menger provided evidence of their contact with photographic evidence and collateral witness testimony but noting to the degree that Ray Stanford did in the 1970s. Talk about somebody pushing the envelope. This was a very courageous move toward disclosure by Ray Stanford and the Project Starlight Team.

Ray and his team were not just taking pictures they were using all kinds of instruments including a magnetometer, gravimeter, microdensitometer, spectrometer etc. This is a very technical paper best suited for technocrats but Ray in the 1970s has obviously set a high bar for today’s technocrats at the Open Minds Forum and elsewhere to jump. I find that many high caliber people are deciding to not just wait for the government to disclose but are willing to openly participate and drive the disclosure process. This is very encouraging development.

I have always proposed that ETV/ET investigative focus should be on contactees that can provide evidence of contact. We have to separate the wheat from the chaff. These contactees like Ray Stanford are not just contactees that talk the talk but they walk the walk as well. I see real contactees, field investigators and technocrats working together as a powerful positive force toward open public disclosure of extraterrestrial reality and I a very happy to be part of this process.