Thursday, April 17, 2008

White House Contactee

A White House Contactee-abductee
By Ed Komarek
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I first heard about this case from an article I read in Nexus Magazine’s November-December 2005 edition, which was a reprint of an article that was from Unicus Magazine. The author of the article is Robert Stanley and what I read was part 2 of 2 that is excerpted from a book the author was writing called, Capitol Offense: Alien Incursions of Restricted Airspace. My attention was brought back to this case when the White House and Air Force One photographer being written about in this article contacted me over the internet and put me on to his web site. He has done extensive analysis of his UFO/ETV pictures taken of alien activity on and around the White House.

This individual wishes to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of his job and the high level contacts he has. I was very impressed by the analysis of his pictures that he has done and has available on the Internet. Some of his extraterrestrial contact does seem to be with the so called Greys that I and many others don’t hold in very high esteem to say the least. This contactee might dispute this issue as he has stated that these ETs are peaceful.

It is generally accepted in the UFO/ET community that this type of ET is unethical and deceptive and bent on exploiting, infiltrating and possibly colonizing humanity from within. This is being achieved through genetic manipulation, fear and infiltration into the super-secret, highly classified national security system and autocratic power structure this race favors.

It is this secret system that secretly acknowledges and deals with extraterrestrial reality while suppressing that truth to the public. In my estimation such a secret control system operating under the guise of national security is a perfect environment and cover for stealthy infiltration and colonization of our society from within.

That said, because this individual has such high level credentials and pictures to back up his testimony that I believe more people need to know about this case. He and I had a very considerable email exchange over the period of a couple of days and I may send some of our local contactee video to him for analysis and distribution to his contacts.

It’s important that high level policy makers realize that ET activity is not all negative and that they must be careful not to be fearfully manipulated by the unethical races into taking a indiscriminate hostile approach to extraterrestrial reality. The more ethical races are averse to interacting with the secret government and prefer instead to operate and create alliances as openly and transparently as possible through the whole of society.

Generally the more ethical races favor full open disclosure and maximum transparency before becoming more intimately involved with our society including any longstanding formal alliances or treaties. I think any short term formal contact is predicated on and dependent on full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial realities.

In this second Nexus article of a two part series there is further discussion of this individuals credentials. The contactee-abductee says he worked for ABC news for over 18 years as a senior engineer. More specifically he was an ABC senior network engineer, TOC ( Tactical Operations Center ) which is master control for ABC news. He says he worked extensively at the White House and on Air Force One. He worked under Reagan, Bush, and Clinton and I think he is still working under the current administration.

His father was a high level scientist at PMEL (Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory) and his fathers work was very classified and covert. Partly because of his father’s work this contactee-abductee earned a masters degree in image technology and engineering.

He grew up on military bases around the world. In Sculthorpe, a base in England , he had a group of ETs enter his room when he was five years old in 1962. I suspect that this one of those cases where ET contact runs in the family and I would not be surprised that this person’s father or mother were not abductees themselves.

This individual’s second encounter was at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey . The craft landed in a farm pasture across the street from base housing and he awoke at night with a single entity in his bedroom. This abductee while consciously forgiving seems from this account to suggest the usual unconscious, traumatic, fearful and invasive encounters that are so common amongst abductees. He still has sleep disorders to this day often sleeping in the daytime rather than at night.

His third encounter was when he took the White House pictures and there is a detailed discussion of the analysis of the pictures in the Nexus article. I think this case is important because it is another example as to the degree of the Grey’s covert infiltration into the secret aspects of our society posing a very real threat. A case such as this needs to be put into perspective however.

People should not become trapped in their thinking and fearful emotions that these less ethical ETs predominate overall just because they do predominate in certain parts of our society where an environment of autocratic power, secrecy, and deception favor their infiltration and manipulation of humanity. High level autocrats both civilian and military seem to be primary targets for infiltration and control, but autocrats throughout society are vulnerable as well. The one thing that these ETs can’t handle is exposure, openness and democracy and so long as secrecy prevails in these matters we are all in danger of exploitation and possible colonization by the less ethical ET races.