Thursday, April 17, 2008

Contactee ETV Video

Contactee Video From Moultrie Georgia
By Ed Komarek
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Here is some of our UFO/ETV video and analysis. Steve is still having some problems with tranfering all the information on to Utube but hopes to correct that soon. The headers are still fuzzy and I noticed a problem with the sound.

I have written previously of three different contactees that I have been working with for many years. Contactee M and I have been friends for over twenty years. I have been friends with contactee K for maybe 15 years and contactee L about a couple of years. I have had sightings of ETVs (extraterrestrial vehicles) with contactee M and K which I have discussed in other articles on my blog. Contactee K and L claim to have worked extensively with several ET groups on a conscious level while contactee M has had some conscious contact but mostly seems to have had unconscious contact or memories screened.

All three contactees deal with the same ethical ET networks. Contactee M is the only contactee that takes pictures. The reason these ETs are deemed ethical is because all three of these people have spent time with these ETs getting to know them over many years. These extraterrestrial are mostly human and humanoid and the contactee’s rights as individuals have not been violated as is the case with abductees.

Just because some ETs are unfriendly does not mean that all ETs should be considered unfriendly. Contactee M was once an abductee many years ago with the usual abductee symptoms. This person went through a personal transformation brought about in part it seems by the intervention of more friendly ET races.

I believe video such as this being offered to the public at this time provides credentials by the extraterrestrials involved as to the citizen diplomatic status of our network. The evidence is sure to be contested but will be difficult to disprove by any who view the many hours of raw contactee video or run the video through sophisticated image analysis computer software as investigator Steve Moreno has done. Over the years we have developed a certain amount of trust with these friendly extraterrestrials that hopefully will continue and our efforts should be supported by both the public and the military rather than hindered.

Contactee M has been video taping for many years and took a good video of a ship many years ago with contactee K for me to see but the ETs specified that the tape be erased after I saw it which we did. Until recently the ships have kept their distance and what contactee M was taking was like much video now available on the Internet with the ships jumping around at a distance distorted by the camera automatic lens shifting back and forth. We have included some lesser quality video just to provide more of a factual basis for the better quality footage.

When contactee M shot the video of the relatively close up undercarriage of a spacecraft I and my friends felt that it was okay with the ETs that we start making some of this video available to the public. The video is added confirmation that contact is really happening at various locations around South Georgia over the years and even South Alabama where K now lives. There will always be those uninformed self important critics who will cry hoax excluding evidence such as this from their UFO reporting databases and discussion boards just because of the word contactee or exopolitics is associated with the evidence.

Contactee M told me to please communicate to these critics that, “I am just an ordinary person having extraordinary experiences that are increasingly become just a normal part of my life. I would hope that those critical of contactees would simply take the tapes on their own merit until such time that they can know and appreciate the whole story.”

I would like to remind those arm chair investigators that see this tape on Utube that contactee M has hours and hours of raw videotape footage that pretty much rules out hoaxing. Contactee M does not even own a computer let along knows how to use image software to fake UFOs. Contactee M does not even have a high school education and I don’t think the other contactees do either. The video camera that M uses does have some special effects features like reverse black and white and split screen. I have discouraged M from experimenting with these features on craft as this could mess up some good footage as well as confuse the situation as far as later analysis.

There will be those that will say these are just military aircraft of some type. First they are not ordinary aircraft because the make no or little sound. Second if they were highly classified exotic aircraft why fly them where they could crash into populated areas and be exposed. Third why is the Air Force going to so much trouble scrambling jets on a regular basis or keeping jets in the area so much of the time? Why is the Air Force chasing and dog fighting with these craft? Why all the other low slow flying surveillance aircraft going around as if they are looking for something? Even AWAC’s have been videotaped flying around the area.

What M does is when extraterrestrials are in the area is turn on the camera and just let it run until something shows up. For instance with the chicken house video, M began taping the craft beyond the chicken house, then because the street lights were causing so much trouble gets into the car with the camera running and goes a few miles to a open area where the ship showed up and continued taping. Then M got back in the car and came back to her home and the chicken house across the road before finally turning off the camera. This is also added evidence that there is mental contact between M and the occupants of the craft.

There are hours and hours of this raw footage. In fact because the tapes are not cheap M often plays over tapes and some UFO footage has been erased accidentally. What I decided to do was have M put some choice segments of craft onto a regular video tape that I could send to my friend and longtime UFO/ET investigator Steve Moreno. Steve has worked with contactees in the past most notably James Gilliland. Steve is a rigorous but open minded investigator that I trust and he always stresses the importance of having documenting evidence of contactee claims.

Steve has not always been easy on contactees, James for instance, and calls them as he sees them. J I feel very much the same way because there are many people purporting to be contactees and citizen ambassadors based solely on channeled information and telepathy. Some of these people could be legit but I feel many are not and with no way to validate the claims I prefer to work with those who can provide evidence of contact.

The only reason I really stick my neck out with these three contactees is because I have known two of them for a long time and have had lots of interactions and experiences with them that lead me to believe they are legit. This is something that no armchair, couch potato UFO investigator in front of a computer can or is willing to do, get out with boots on the ground and spend years investigating a case.

I really don’t have time for critics that feel they can make snap judgments about people that they never have had contact with or other evidence that a field investigator in intimate with. I am really saddened that many big name establishment UFOlogists routinely censor cases as not being credible without any type of investigation whatsoever. The same can be said for establishment UFO forums that exclude points of view that the moderator disagrees with. This kind of manipulation of the pubic is no better than what we are fighting against.

It seems that anybody that really tries hard and gets out and does something, be it investigation or activism is constantly under attack and undermined by reactionary UFOlogists. I would remind the UFO community that Steve Moreno has spent weeks studying and analyzing this video with sophisticated image analysis software and has seen no evidence of fraud. So anybody on the Internet who makes a snap judgment of fraud from a few minutes study of these images is just being foolish.

The video was shot from the yard of M’s home and in the nearby vicinity of the home, just east of Moultrie Georgia within the last couple of years. These contactees are not particularly interested in going public because they are Christians and do not want to be ostracized by many in the narrow minded local Christian community who think UFOs are the work of the devil.

By not going public with names some armchair critics will cry foul and if they did go public other critics would turn around and say the contactees were just after publicity. Narrow and close minded people are just going to believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts being presented.

The UFOET segments have been taken out of the context of the original tapes. Steve Moreno has put these up on Utube for us along with some preliminary analysis and hopefully more will be forth coming. I hope to bring in other investigators that I deem trustworthy to do more analysis as Steve, I and the contactees see fit.

This is a longstanding and important case and deserves much open minded and fair investigation. Those who might be seriously interested in forming a investigative image analysis group to work together using and sharing the most up to date computer software should get in touch with me and I will give them Steve Moreno’s phone number.