Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Iraq War

Why The Puppet Government In Iraq Is Designed To Fail?
By Ed Komarek
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Americans have learned absolutely nothing from Vietnam so history repeats itself over and over again. The same axis of evil, oil, arms, and finance, through clever manipulation of the mass media have been able to repeat the same scams they perpetrated in Vietnam. These industries and the powerful political and economic families that control these industries not only profit from conflict but have learned how to manufacture conflict for profit. They have done this at great loss to society. Everybody should be aware of the testimony of whistle blowers like Carol Rosin. http://www.mayanmajix.com/art742.html

In Iraq just like in Vietnam all we have to do is just look to see who the winners and losers are to figure out who created and promoted these wars. There is an old saying, fooled once shame on you, fooled twice shame on me. Americans and the rest of the world just don’t seem to get it.

Recent developments on the ground in Iraq have shown that even with the surge the American Iraq Puppet government and military is as weak and fragmented as ever. The various factions have used the surge to rearm themselves with our help in preparation to finish the civil war once the Americans are forced to leave. Just as in Vietnam, we are locked into a conflict that involves a civil war that can only be settled by the people of the country and once again the American people are losing while the elite autocrats win.

Americans needlessly dying on the ground now feel the brunt of the pain, but all Americans will one day wake up just as after Vietnam to deal with the aftermath. War stimulates the economy creating a manic economic high even while people are dying, but it is after the war ends then the economic hangover, a recession sets in and all feel the pain after the fact.

Inflation built up during the Vietnam War only to be followed by severe recession after the war wound down. It’s going to happen again for all the same reasons as before. The American people have been fleeced again as money flows out of the hands of the taxpayers, right into the hands of the oil, arms and finance industries who are profiting handsomely. We don’t feel the pickpocket picking our pocket. It’s only afterward that we feel the loss when the pickpocket is long gone.

It’s very possible that those that instigated both of these wars consciously know what they are doing and are getting better every day at managing conflict for profit. It’s the same old scam over and over again. Instigate a war on false pretenses, play it up, keep it contained, keep it going as long as possible until the scam falls apart. Then rearm and promote the military for the next war, all at great public sacrifice in lives and money.

The only way to stop these trillion dollar scams is to understand them and the established interests that instigate and promote these evil schemes. Once the trillion dollar scam artists are identified they must be vigorously prosecuted and punished severely. Our society just can’t take any more of this.