Thursday, April 24, 2008

ET Terror Tactics

Extraterrestrial Terror Tactics
By Ed Komarek
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Last night I happened to wake up in the middle of the night and turned on Coast to Coast with Art Bell and listened to Art interviewing Whitley Strieber about his new book. The discussion I listened to revolved around human and cattle mutilations and other horrible acts attributed to extraterrestrials. Art and Whitley kept pondering amongst themselves as to why this was happening. I thought to myself, they still don’t get it.

Many years ago I wrote some material that still can be found on the Internet. In it I pondered why would these ET’s be so obvious and blatant in these actions. Why were people and animals being taken up in ships, mutilated and then dropped back where they easily could be found? Last night Whitley was talking about cases where human mutilated bodies were even found on top of houses.

It became obvious to me years ago that mutilations were simply a form of communication no different than that of crop circles. The only difference was that human and animal mutilations were meant to communicate and instill fear and helplessness in the intended target and crop circles were meant to instill a sense of hope, beauty, clarity and love.

These very different communication strategies are strong evidence of great ethical diversity in the universe. It is very important that we have an enlightened extraterrestrial policy that favors ethical ET interactions rather than unethical interactions as is presently the case.

What has surprises me is that UFO/ET researchers like Whitley Strieber, David Jacobs, Linda Howe and Budd Hopkins don’t seem to be able to grasp this simple concept. It’s as if they are being brainwashed to ignore this concept so vital to their work. These folks will surely argue vehemently that they are not the ones being brainwashed at all and it is those like me that are. J

People are propagandized and brainwashed through repetition of lies and partial truths and so it stands to reason that the repetition of truth over and over again will have the desired opposite positive effect. With this in mind I am going to repeat myself on this again and again until the idea gains some traction amongst these researchers. Of course it is just not these researchers in the civilian domain who fail to make this simple connection but autocrats in government as well. The truth will set you free but your fear will just as surely bind you.

Fear is a fundamental factor in the creation and maintenance of autocracy. Autocracy is a system based on reward and punishment. Subjects obey their masters because they fear punishment and desire rewards. Why should predatory extraterrestrials act any differently toward us than we act amongst ourselves?

In ET cases regarding fearsome and horrible acts it is clear to me that such acts are meant to instill fear and terror amongst both civilians and military causing them to think and act is ways that are not in the best interest to them or to humanity as a whole. When people are fearful not only are they easy to manipulate or herd, but they also do not see and act with clarity. Fear, anger and despair obstruct the situational awareness necessary to avoid predation. We can see this not only in human society but all around us in nature as well.

What these colonizing predatory unethical extraterrestrials are doing to us is no different than how whales herd fish through fear and intimidation. The message behind these mutilations and other horrible acts target autocratic leadership. The message to these leaders is, get defensive, don’t think, follow your basic survival instincts, form a herd, cover up the truth, destroy democracy and head right down that road to colonization. It’s a predatory strategy that is working very well.

A bright future belongs to the fearless not the fearful. The way to our personal and collective salvation is to openly face and overcome our fear. Full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality is the only way out of this mess. But disclosure will only be the beginning because those that would hold dominion over humanity and the earth both terrestrial and extraterrestrial will not give up their hold on humanity easily. The game will move from cover up to fearful spin.

Maybe if I keep repeating myself on this over and over maybe these ideas that the road to colonization is fundamentally based on fear will gain some traction amongst those fearful of extraterrestrial reality. President Roosevelt was right in stating, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

We can’t have an enlightened extraterrestrial policy or a bright future unless we become fearless and take clear positive actions on our own behalf. We need national and global democratic leadership that is truthful, open and fearless not secret, deceptive and fearful. Nothing good can come from an environment that fosters secrecy, fear and lies.

We have to change the nature of the game not try to play the predatory deception game better than the adversary. We have to be appreciating, loving, and honest with each other and turn the climate of fear into one of love and understanding. It’s the only way and the more ethical extraterrestrials will help us do that if we would only face and surmount our fear. In his own roundabout way I believe this is what Whitley Strieber is trying to communicate through his books.