Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why Shoot At ETs

Why Shoot At ETs That Don’t Shoot Back?
By Ed Komarek
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The debate rages between both civilians and military about wither ETs are friendly or unfriendly. Many abductees, abductee researchers and military consider the abducting ETs unfriendly and deceptive and I have no argument with that. However from all the evidence that I have been able to see the unfriendly types such as the Grays and dangerous Reptilians are in the minority of extraterrestrial races frequenting this planet.

The problem I have is that because of the unethical and hostile actions of a minority of extraterrestrial races many civilians and military consider all ETs hostile and act accordingly attacking all ETs for the sins of the few. In this manner we separate ourselves from potential allies in our struggle against both unethical humans and extraterrestrials. This is a very dangerous and destructive mode of action on our part and I have given some thought as just why this should be the case.

Part of the problem is that those being abducted and the researchers that study them tend to congregate together and reinforce each others belief that the part of the forest they are experiencing and studying is in fact the whole forest. They tend to exclude evidence to the contrary as not believable or fraudulent. This leads in my estimation to an incorrect perception that all ETs are hostile and unethical interacting with mankind. Even more interesting to me is that these unethical and deceptive ETs seem to encourage this type of thinking amongst civilians and the military and use it to their advantage in turning people against the friendly ethical ETs.

Another factor I believe is that the global elite that own the entrenched special interests that are benefiting from the cover up of extraterrestrial reality fear the more friendly ETs more than the unfriendly ones. The unfriendly ET types think and act in a similar manner to the sophisticated gangsters that have a large degree of control over this planet, its people and its resources. The unethical ETs like the global elite themselves find they can work together to achieve common goals and together try to hold the friendly ETs at bay.

The global elite by using national security as a cover are able to manipulate the military into attacking friendly ETs. This is done through the very strict security classification system based on clearance, special access and need to know. The elite have assisted in creating this bodyguard of lies, secrecy and deception with themselves at the top of the chain of command determining the need to know.

So even another factor contributing to the attacking of friendly ETs by the military is the global elite because they ultimately determine the need to know only allowing information down the chain of command on unfriendly ET interactions. By this way the military is being manipulated through partial disclosure of extraterrestrial reality to do what is in the best interest of the global entrenched interests and not what is in the publics own interest.

I think that some of us both military and civilian are coming to the realization that the real axis of evil in the world today is the oil industry, arms industry and the banking industry. These three industries and the elite families that own them have the motive, intent and means to create and maintain a 60 year suppression of public knowledge of extraterrestrial knowledge and technology. These three industries control governments, the military and the press at the highest levels and determine the need to know and the resources of society. It is they that are our greatest national security threat.

Those civilians and military that are inexperienced, fearful and uninformed of the whole scope of extraterrestrial reality are vulnerable to manipulation by both manipulative ETs and the manipulative global elite and the entrenched interests they control. I believe both civilians and military are being manipulated to attack friendly ET races against their own interest and the only remedy for this is full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.
The better people understand the big picture the better they will be able to defend themselves against manipulation by both the global elite and the unethical predatory extraterrestrials.

I am very much in agreement that we do need to rid this planet of both predatory ETs and predatory humans. You will get no argument from me on that. The question really is what is the best way to do this? Attacking friendly potential ET allies just because we consider them intruding on “our” airspace and in the military mindset considered “a hostile act” certainly does not help things at all. We need an enlightened unified global policy involving extraterrestrial reality that promotes friendly ET contact rather than just the opposite.

I have speculated in other articles maybe most intrusions are not hostile acts but political acts of non-violence. Not only do we hinder ourselves by such unenlightened hostile actions from removing predatory humans and ETs from our society, but we also suppress our bright future and evolutionary development that will be vastly accelerated by friendly relations with advanced ethical extraterrestrial races. It’s time for civilians and military to start thinking outside of the box.