Monday, March 31, 2008

What Does ET Want

What Do the Extraterrestrials Really Want?
By Ed Komarek
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In order to ask this question as to what ETs want from us we need to have an idea of what the overall big picture is. I have written extensively that there are two basic forces in nature, cooperation and competition. Creatures have evolved various combinations of these two evolutionary forces. Some creatures tend toward competitive strategies other toward cooperative strategies. Not only do we see this in nature but because mankind is also part of nature we can see both these evolutionary forces at work in our society. Why should we think things would be any different in universal society?

Autocratic social organizations are and have been dominate throughout mankind’s history but in primitive societies and beginning also with Greeks, democratic ideals have evolved but still remain illusive and fragile in today’s society. Nevertheless because of the flourishing of democratic and republican ideals overt autocrats in order to maintain their power over society have had to go underground. Today these sophisticated autocrats exercise power through secrecy and stealth creating secret autocratic societies with a thin veneer overlay of democracy as in America.

Again why should we think that this struggle between autocratic societies and democratic societies should not continue in ever more sophistication and complexity throughout the rest of the universe? I believe that some sort of protective quarantine involving extraterrestrial reality has now been lifted bringing this universal struggle to our shores. We as a civilization seem to have matured and have been put into play. We will now collectively decide our future by the extraterrestrial alliances we choose.

I think we can divide the extraterrestrial races interacting with humanity as autocratic colonizers, democratic liberators and those races that are indifferent, exhibiting more of a scientific curiosity or observer status. So the two we really have to be concerned with are the colonizers and the liberators. It would seem that in general terms the liberators have the upper hand because if they did not we would already be colonized.

Being that the colonizers are in a weaker position they cannot easily use overt power to achieve their goals and so must act secretly, covertly and deceptively. On the other hand the liberators have their limitations and if we collectively prefer to ally ourselves with the colonizers then we will be left to our fate and a very uncertain future.

Now we can begin to answer the question as to what do ET’s want from us? On the one hand we have one network of less ethical more predatory ETs using secrecy, fear, stealth, deception attempting to infiltrate and colonize earth so as to bring earth society into their secret, black, fear based networks. These less ethical ETs are opposed by other truth-love networks that use ethical means of openness, exposure, truth, and love toward their goal of bringing earth’s humanity into their networks.

Because the universal law the means dictates the end result, both networks are limited to the means that they use to achieve their very different goals. So both groups can be defined and discriminated by their actions not just their words. Earth humanity is being offered a choice by universal society as to the direction it wishes to take and ultimately it will be our choice by the actions that we take wither we join secret, fear based, competitive autocratic networks or a love based, cooperative democratic networks. It will be our inner nature that will decide our fate.

So the question evolves from what do the ETs want, to what do we want? What kind of society do we want to have? How do we want to organize ourselves? Will we exercise our free will and civil liberties or will we give these up to become a sophisticated Orwellian society of a few masters and many slaves? Will we take full responsibility for our thoughts and actions or will we blame others for our loss of freedom and liberty? Regardless of who might say what, we do have free will to choose our destiny providing we take it.