Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Follow the Jets

Want To See UFOs, Just Follow the Jets!
By Ed Komarek
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I think the UFO/ET activity going on in my local area is not unrelated to recent national and international politics involving extraterrestrial reality. I am learning from my local contactee network information that can be useful to the rest of the public who may want to involve themselves with citizen diplomatic initiatives involving extraterrestrial reality.

I now believe that the U.S. Air Force is dog fighting with ETs in several areas of the U.S. and the same seems to be going on with other Air Forces around the globe. I am beginning to think that what is happening in the east Moultrie Georgia area where I and my friends have a front row seat is not a isolated situation. I believe that these dogfights are ET initiated and are designed to put exopolitical pressure on national and world leaders through their respective militaries to openly disclose UFO/ET reality.

I have just been told that Air Force jets don’t want to shoot down ET craft in populated areas because of the risk of public exposure to a crash site and that makes sense to me. A crashing saucer falling into a city would be a public relations nightmare and could force immediate and catastrophic disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.

The ETs know that they are reasonably protected over highly populated areas and so they can act boldly in these areas. On the other hand the Air Force does its best to lure the ETs out to more isolated areas or around military bases where they can be shot down without much public scrutiny. The public can watch these cat and mouse games and verify for themselves what I am saying if they will take the trouble and patience to go outside and pay attention to what is going on right above their heads.

If this kind of activity is not happening in your local area then a trip for several hundred miles stopping frequently to look for military jets overhead at night could find other areas like we have here in South Georgia and Stephenville Texas. Once these areas are located and mapped the public could go out in mass to these sites to participate through citizen action.

I have been wondering for awhile just what is going on with these deadly serious cat and mouse games and I think I may have the answer. The friendly ETs involved in this dangerous game are showing remarkable restraint in provoking the military. They are obviously take risks of shoot down and capture. I have to ask myself why they are going to all this trouble. Here is what I think.

I believe they are teaching us by exhibiting their peaceful nature even while under attack. By their actions they hold a mirror to our own violent reactions and nature. The tactic I believe is to force debate within the military and affect the conscience of the more enlightened military leadership. They also seem to be relaying a message through the military to push the civilian leadership to fully disclose their existence. As I have been reporting in other articles this may now be happening not just in the U.S. but around the world as generals and admirals around the globe speak out for full open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.

I think what we have now that has not been evident in the past is that disclosure is out of the hands of world leaders and totally in the hands of the ETs themselves. The ETs have given world leaders 60 years to do the job themselves but now are tired of the foot dragging spurred on by global elite entrenched interests. I am beginning to see that these dogfights have got to be very controversial within the military from the rank and file right on up the chain of command to the highest levels.

I think that the more enlightened military leaders are now resisting being pushed to attack ETs in these dogfights seeing that this is not only morally repugnant but counterproductive to the development of future diplomatic relations. This ties in nicely with one source to the secret UN UFO meetings being a liaison between the Pentagon and the State Department as reported by Robert Morningstar and others.

For the public interested in participating in the diplomatic initiatives underway on a civilian level maybe a good place to start is the sky over you head. Passenger airliners and regular aircraft are easy to spot and they generally keep flying in one direction until they disappear but military fighters act much differently when they are dog fighting ETs.

Where the ETs and the fighters are having it out you can watch the fighters’ sort of milling around over certain areas where there is ET activity. Fighters loop back and forth at slow speed over an area conserving fuel and just waiting for a ET craft to come into a area and then when ETs enter the area the games begin. J When you find such an area you have to be patient and might have to spend several night’s sky watching jets before ET shows up.

A friend recently watched a fighter from Moody Air Force base take after a ET craft and the ET craft did a loop back behind the fighter. That’s one little game, another is for the craft to come along and turn on its lights a couple of times to just let you and the fighter know its there. Then poof before the pilot of the jet hardly even knows what is happening the ET craft disappears. J

So folks just get out from behind the TVs and computers and stop arguing about wither extraterrestrials exist or not and go outside and can see for yourself that they do. If nothing is going on up above your house and in your area just go to where there is a major military base at night and follow the jets out to where the action is. J

This is the reverse of how I used to do to find bee trees. As a young man I used to bait up bees with sugar and then follow them back to the honey tree. In this case just follow the jets and they will lead you to the extraterrestrial activity. The ETs are really beginning to up the pressure on the military and civilian leadership and are now putting on quite a show in some areas.

For those wanting to get in on the action get a video camera that is good for night shooting with a good telephoto lens. Get a tripod because without one your craft will appear to loop all over the place for lack of steadiness. Learn to keep the camera on manual and on infinity until a UFO gets close then switch to automatic focus. This way the automatic focus does not mess up the more distant shots by zooming in and out constantly. When the craft get in close enough then the automatic focus will lock on and you can get good video of craft if the ETs allow you to photograph their craft at close range. They might do this because their main interest might be to not to get shot down and so hang close to people and buildings giving you a change of getting some really good video.

Am I trying to cause trouble for the Air Force, yes I am? Our contactee network and the Air Force have been developing this little dialogue in the open internet media and in the battle zone under the stars at night. J The Air Force insists on interfering with our local citizen diplomatic initiatives by harassing our friendly ET friends. They have been asked to stop and they responded by dramatically defiantly bombing my contacts homes with flares to intimidate us as I have reported in a previous article. They are still continuing to do this to a lesser extent. I am sure they see things just the opposite and that it we that are the ones interfering. J

We here in South Georgia have taken some good video of craft and hope to get this up on Utube soon to add credence to our activities. My friend and colleague Steve Moreno is now doing some preliminary analysis of the better segments of the raw footage. Hopefully in about three weeks I can have a report on our activities and the video up on the Internet.

We citizens don’t have the hard power that the military has but we do have soft power. You can make a stand for UFO/ET disclosure by just watching and photographing the sky around where you live and driving around to where you see fighter jets circling and doing loops at night over populated areas. The military will tell you its just training activity and not to believe your lying eyes. Sometimes they might just be telling the truth but not all of the time. So folks if you want to see extraterrestrials in action just follow the jets and have patience.