Friday, March 21, 2008

ETs and Non-violence

Are ETs Applying Tactics of Non-violence?
By Ed Komarek
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I have given some thought as to the tactics being used by ethical extraterrestrial races in their interactions with world governments. It may come as a surprise and a revelation to some that extraterrestrials are employing tactics of non-violence comparable to those used on this planet by leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. This is powerful evidence of peaceful intent.

The civil rights movements of India, America and South Africa effectively used techniques of non-violence to effect justice and social transformation in the violent autocratic regimes of all three countries. These civil rights movements were met with violence from the prevailing authorities in all three countries but tactics of non-violence, social disobedience, prevailed.

I submit that peaceful extraterrestrial races are employing exactly the same tactics of non-violence and social disobedience as were employed in the civil rights movements of India, America and South Africa. Of course I am only talking about our interactions with peaceful non-hostile races and not militaristic, hostile ET races. Lucky for us it seems that peaceful non-hostile races are in the majority in our earth environs.

The more I study these clashes between ETs and world military forces, these dogfights in the sky about America and the rest of the world, the better I understand what they are about. It’s obvious that in most of these clashes between military jets and extraterrestrial craft that the ETs are showing remarkable restraint in the face of very violent responses by world militaries. This leads me to believe that the ETs are using non-violent approaches to effect open public recognition of their existence.

I believe the ET tactics are working. Military leaders around the world seem to be increasingly resisting the use the military as a violent and repressive instrument to support non-disclosure of extraterrestrial reality. Autocrats world wide seem to now to be feeling the pressure not only from the public to openly disclose extraterrestrial reality but from the military as well.

The ET non-violent approach and motives to world autocratic governments does not seem to be all that different than that used by the United States against Japan in the 1800s. The United States broke Japan out of its self imposed isolation by steaming into a Japanese harbor. The American military force was so obviously far superior to anything the Japanese had at the time that Japan no choice but to end its self imposed isolation with the rest of the world.

I think if we were to study the reasons for Japan’s self imposed isolation it would not be much different from the extraterrestrial isolation imposed by world autocratic regimes on their respective publics. I think the reasons for isolation in both instances involved a desire to protect the culture but more essentially the entrenched special interests that ruled these cultures.

Japan was not destroyed by this forced non-violent interaction with American culture. The Japanese culture rallied and became a powerful militaristic power. The society was crushed by World War 2, but quickly rebuilt and finally became a powerful peaceful people from the hard lessons learned. This should give us all hope for our future in the difficult times ahead.