Monday, March 31, 2008

Enlightened ET Policy

Exopolitics: Build It and They Will Come
By Ed Komarek
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The future of our civilization rests on our developing an enlightened extraterrestrial policy along the lines of the Hawaii Declaration. The Hawaii Declaration was the work of a group of concerned citizens that met for a conference in Hawaii in 2006. I believe this declaration should serve as a model for enlightened national and international extraterrestrial policy.

The present unenlightened extraterrestrial policy is a policy created by elite autocrats to further their own special interests all the while causing great harm to society as a whole. The present unenlightened policy favors dangerous autocratic alliances with less ethical ET races and disfavors constructive and beneficial alliances with more ethical ET races.

The only way we can get an enlightened policy is to have a policy devised by the people for the people. This will only be possible if there is full and open disclosure of what is known about extraterrestrial reality. As long as policy is driven by elite autocrats operating in extreme secrecy and under the harshest of security procedures, policy will remain unenlightened, fragmented and destructive to society as a whole.

When we have entrenched special interests looking out for their own interests making decisions for the rest of us we all loose. Over the past 60 years elite autocrats have justified and rationalized their control over societal extraterrestrial policy as exemplified in the Brookings Institution document. This document is nothing more than one of many deceptions perpetrated upon the unsuspecting public in regards to extraterrestrial reality by elite autocrats protecting their special interests.

The truth is that people are generally selfish by nature and when a few create policy they cannot help but look out for their own interests first and society second. Critical to the shaping of policy by the few is control of information to the many. The founding fathers of America knew that the few could not be trusted to use power or information in the interest of the public. This is why Thomas Jefferson said, “I know of no better repository of the truth than with the people.” Jefferson and the other founding father knew that democracy could not function if information and truth were withheld from the public no matter what the rationale.

Our civilization is obviously no longer in extraterrestrial quarantine as evidenced by the huge upsurge in extraterrestrial activity on and about our planet since the late 1940s. Our civilization has been put into play and now is being fundamentally impacted by a great diversity of advanced extraterrestrial races. The only way we as a people can make the right decisions to correctly shape our future is if we have all the information possible to make those decisions.

Because things are really coming to a head and because of unenlightened extraterrestrial policy we are all in great danger of exploitation and colonization by unethical ET races. The way things now stand is that this unenlightened autocratic ET policy had created the conditions best suited for exploitation and colonization of our civilization. This is why I advocate immediate release of all extraterrestrial related information. There are those autocrats that would argue that this would be catastrophic to society and they are both right and wrong.

What the autocrats say is only a partial truth, a lie. The whole truth is that things can get far worse than catastrophic if the information is not immediately released. Under a continued unenlightened ET policy we face he immediate danger of colonization. I would argue that it is much better for our society to have catastrophic renewal and remain an independent civilization than proceed down the road to colonization any further.

Should disclosure rapidly occur even if catastrophic, we as a society have the option at least to create an enlightened ET policy. A policy that will disfavor less ethical ET interactions and colonization in favor of more ethical ET interactions that will allow for continued independence.

There are those who ask where are the ethical extraterrestrials, why won’t they openly interact with us? My answer to that question is that under present conditions circumstances do not favor open interactions with ethical extraterrestrial races. The ethical races are being excluded from open formal negotiations and interactions because of the current unethical super-secret, hostile, deceptive climate that prevails in regards to extraterrestrial reality.

I believe that if we collectively create an enlightened ET policy the ethical races will openly and formally appear in great numbers forcing an end to the creeping covert infiltration and colonization of our society by less ethical races. If we collectively fashion an enlightened policy they will come.