Monday, March 31, 2008

Commanders and Diplomats

Military Flight Commanders and Citizen Diplomats
By Ed Komarek
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I just ran across an article written by Ronald Erdrich about Ricky Sorrell’s UFO/ETV encounter near Stephenville Texas in January. Ricky has been out hunting when a huge UFO blocked out the sky. When he looked at the bottom of the craft through his rifle scope what he saw were cone like protrusions on the bottom and a slight atmospheric distortion. The object was completely silent.

But what interested me the most was what happened afterward. People have reported jets chasing UFOs in the area. The sightings around Stephenville became mainstream news and the Air Force that first denied that it had planes in the area on that day later had to recant. Since then there has been major ongoing Air Force and UFO activity around the Stephenville area.

According to the Ronald Erdrich interview with Mr. Sorrells there were a huge number or requests by journalists for interviews and Ricky had become overwhelmed by phone calls and eventually stopped answering the phone. But before this he got a call from a man describing him as a military officer, a lieutenant colonel who gave his name and wanted an interview. Ricky thought he claimed to be with the Air Force. When Ricky said he was tired of giving interviews the man got angry and demanding.

A battle of wills ensued and each threatened each other. Then Ricky said, “I wish you would quit flying those helicopters over my airspace.” That apparently hit a nerve with the caller and the caller shouted back that it was not Ricky’s airspace but his!

I quote from the Erdrich article the following; “Since the incident, Sorrells said aircraft began making regular appearances over his property, searching for something. One morning, he said, three small helicopters, accompanied by a larger one, roused him out of bed. He got up, put on his boots, went outside to his pickup and let his displeasure be known by shining his spotlight on one of the aircraft. The pilot shielded his eyes, the helicopters then slowed down, turned and surrounded him, hovering. “So I’m here in my underwear and my boots, with a spotlight at two o’clock in the morning, and I’m thinking, “This isn’t smart.” I turn off my spotlight, I wave at them, and I get in my house.”

The reason I found this report so interesting is that I see a pattern developing between the Air Force chasing ETs being watched by civilians on the ground, most who are just witnesses, but in my case a couple claim to be contactees having friendly relations with the ETs. When I went public with our case and the UFO/ET activity east of Moultrie Georgia about 8 hours after I went public my contactee friend’s house was bombed with flares so close and so numerous that they stunk up the area. This was an obvious attempt at intimidation.

Such a coordinated action would have to have been authorized by the flight commander of Moody Air Force base that was about 30 miles away. So not only do we here in South Georgia have a interaction with ETs in the local area we find ourselves in interaction with the local Air Force and apparently the flight commander responsible for what I assume are classified missions involving ETVs (extraterrestrial vehicles). In the case of Ricky Sorrels not only was their a confrontation as we have had, but also a phone call by a person who may have been the flight commander out of Dyess Air Force Base near Abilene Texas which is about 75 miles away.

Obviously the ETVs seem to have the Air Force in these areas in a near panic trying to defend U.S. airspace. I think it is about time that we civilians meet with the flight commanders of these bases to discuss issues of importance to both military and civilians. We don’t have to be adversaries and I think we can work together on this. I don’t think the military commanders at these bases are getting the whole story and neither do we, so we can both gain from information sharing.

Now that we have established our credentials so to speak I hope to get in touch with the flight commander of Moody Air Force Base and see if we can sit down for a chat. J
As soon as we have our ETV videos up on the net I think I will send the report to the flight commander and base commander at Moody and see what kind of response I receive.

UFO/ET investigator Steve Moreno says that the flight commander of Travis Air Force base in California invited him to lecture on UFOs there in 1999 to the pilots and officers. At the time there were very significant sightings of ETVs in the area of Steve’s home which is close to the Base. I think the actions of Steve and the Flight Commander could be a mutually beneficial model of cooperation between civilians and the military in other ETV hotspots. I think we can learn from each other and work together through the grass roots to pressure national and international leaders into a more enlightened policy toward non-hostile extraterrestrial races than is presently the case.