Monday, March 31, 2008

Air Force Personnel

Address To Air Force Flight Personnel
By Ed Komarek
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I would like to address those in the military particularly those ordered to engage extraterrestrial forces from military bases around the country and around the world. I realize that the base commander right down through the flight commander to the pilots themselves have little influence on what I believe is an unenlightened extraterrestrial policy and are just following orders from higher up the chain of command.

I have made it clear in other articles that I believe policy makers at the top of the chain of command at the highest levels, both military and civilian, are responsible for an unenlightened extraterrestrial policy not in the interest of America or the world. I feel that we all are being powerfully and destructively influenced by secret, deceptive, powerful global entrenched special interests. These interests in protecting their own interest rather than the public interest are pushing us all toward global destruction, enslavement and possible colonization.

I believe that the elite autocrats and the established special interests they control as well as their unethical extraterrestrial allies are the global national security threat that supersedes all other threats and are the mortal enemies of democracy and representative republics all around the globe. A very dark future awaits mankind if we allow this threat to persist.

Civilians and military are finally beginning to realize that this enemy within and without must be confronted and stopped and that this can only be done if all of society becomes informed and takes collective action on all issues affecting them from the grass roots to the highest levels. I believe that full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality is one of those issues of the greatest importance for the following reasons.

It is my opinion the unethical extraterrestrial races allied with elite autocrats are covertly methodically destroying democratic institutions worldwide while at the same time they openly appear to support democracy. The goal seems to be colonization of earth and the creation of a sophisticated Orwellian version of a slave or feudal society that will serve elite interests both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

This action is being opposed by an alliance of global democratic interests and their ethical extraterrestrial allies who desire earth to become part of an enlightened ethical network of independent civilizations. The desire of the democratic terrestrial interests and their ethical extraterrestrial allies is to support a free and open society that shares in mutually constructive societal exchanges involving politics, economics, science, religion, health and collective security.

In a way each of us in on the front lines of this struggle involving extraterrestrial realties and that collectively by our thought and our actions are determining the direction our global civilization will take. Many of you in the armed forces have found yourself on the front lines participating in this terrestrial and non-terrestrial struggle cold turkey. You have become involved in extraterrestrial reality not from your own choosing as have we in the civilian sector.

Your experiences must surely be very traumatic and stressful having not been adequately briefed by your superiors. Every member of the military should consider the possibility that you are unknowingly being directed and manipulated to attack ethical extraterrestrial races while at the same time you are being directed to cooperate with unethical races through the chain of command.

It should be understood that ethical extraterrestrial races have to use ethical means to achieve their goals that involves openness, truthfulness and love and are limited to the degree they can pressure individuals and society. They can not and will not participate in the present Orwellian elitist system of clearance, secrecy, lies, special access and need to know that uses national security as a cover, a disguise to control the military. We should judge an extraterrestrial society by individual and collective action not what is said or claimed.

The collective strategy of the ethical extraterrestrials seems to be to deliberately provoke the military and the civilian leadership through airspace intrusions and infiltration into sensitive installations as a form of non-violence and social disobedience. This is exactly the strategy that Gandhi used against the British Colonizers forcing them to confront their unethical nature freeing India from British autocratic control.

Since an Air Force military base is on the front lines of the engagement with ETVs (extraterrestrial vehicles) the pilots up the ranks through the flight commander and base commander have a right and a need to know the whole truth. Policy makers and their unethical extraterrestrial allies should be pressured to present the whole truth and not just partial disclosure or partial truth designed to manipulate attacks on friendly ET groups here to help us create a bright future for ourselves. Of course when an ETV takes a truly hostile action like firing first that is another matter altogether and a hostile response is warranted.

For those in the military desiring a second opinion I hope this helps. I see it as part of my job to help others work through these complex issues involving extraterrestrial reality. I might not be always right but I hope that my perspective gained over all these years can be useful to others as we together navigate these treacherous extraterrestrial seas.