Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who Lands First?

Exopolitics: Who Lands First?
By Ed Komarek
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There seems to be some debate within exopolitics as to which ET groups contacted earth officials first, those that were more enlightened, or those that were more control orientated. I think an even more interesting discussion and debate in the future might revolve around which groups, the controllers or the liberators, may first openly disclose themselves to the global public.

Of course the exopolitical situation may be much more complex than such a black and white perspective. Still for arguments sake we could break down some of the extraterrestrials critical to our future into two such groupings. There do seem to be some ET races than have an interest in controlling and colonising us who appear to be in conflict with other ETs that would allow us independence to think and act for ourselves.

If we are to believe biblical scripture it will be the controllers who will openly contact mankind first so as to finally establish a global elitist Orwellian world government. Things seem to be moving in that direction rather quickly. I found it interesting that high level contacts of Dr. Michael Salla recently stated that a high level UN meeting was recently held involving extraterrestrial reality. It was stated at this meeting that the controllers would make open contact in 2017. I found it interesting that the word controllers were used in reference to ETs in these high level discussions between the representatives of many nations.

I have been aware for a long time that ET races are a mixed bag with some much more enlightened than others and that the more enlightened ones don’t have much interest in involving themselves in earth human internal conflicts. Neither do they approve of the manipulation, secrecy and deception being used by the entrenched interests that control world governments and the mass media in an attempt to create an Orwellian global order.

People with religious background should not have much trouble with such scenarios involving constructive and destructive ETs because the religious texts from around the world describe extraterrestrial interactions both destructive and helpful in ancient times. It does not take much of a leap for religious people to understand that the end times of the Bible might be playing out now in this modern time. Much of what was foretold did not make much sense until this modern day.

Miracles like the virgin birth can now be explained by modern technology and people are being raised from the dead on a regular basis in these modern times. The fiery chariots that transported Ezekiel and Mohammad now can be understood as extraterrestrial spaceships. Many of the gods and angels of the bible both good and evil were of human form and some could even interbreed with mankind.

The bible tells of a battle in heaven or outer space where the victors defeated Lucifer and relates that this battle continues to play out between these two opposing forces over the fate of mankind. The evidence accumulating within the UFO/ET community seems to indicate that this biblical account is a simplified version of a very complex exopolitical reality not much different to that being played out international politics.

I think it’s going to be anybody guess as to which extraterrestrial groups make open overt contact first as it might be that the groups themselves are unsure of what the chain of events might be. I believe that the secret deceptive UFO/ET cover up plays mostly into the hands of predatory extraterrestrial races. Still if the predatory races believe that the more enlightened races are going to disclose first then it might be in the predatory races best interest to move first and solidify there grip on humanity in preparation for the enlightened groups arrival.