Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mass Media Lapdogs and UFO/ET Reality

Mass Media Lapdogs and UFO/ET Reality
By Ed Komarek
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At the height of widespread UFO activity in the early 1950s an interesting film emerged out of the entertainment industry called The Day The Earth Stood Still. It is widely recognized that the mainstream media and the entertainment industry collaborate with the American government in areas considered important to National Security. The collaboration has been well documented in time of war but is much less understood and documented in peacetime.

Even though the United States government officially denies that UFOs are a threat to National Security its own declassified documents have proved otherwise. (Read UFOs and the National Security State by Richard Dolan.) There has been a longstanding and prolonged collaboration between government, the media and the entertainment industry just as in a time of war so as to maintain the 60 year old UFO/ET cover up. Today the UFO/ET cover up is not really about issues of national security even though in the early years of the cover up a case could be argued for that. (See the The 1958 Fontes Saucer Briefing )

Today what the UFO/ET cover up is really about is protecting national and global entrenched interest control over world populations under the cover of National Security. If Klaatu the lead character in the Day the Earth Stood Still were to land today on the White House lawn his reception would still be the same as it would have been in the 1950s. Only today he would be surrounded by tanks placarded with the names Exxon, Halliburton, Blackwater, Merck, Citibank and the planes and predators flying overhead would seen to belong to Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

The sixty year suppression of extraterrestrial realities in the public domain has proceeded while at the same time entrenched special interests have feverishly worked under the highest levels of secrecy and need to know to use extraterrestrial knowledge to strengthen their control over world populations. The entrenched interests know from crashes, shoot downs and interrogations that the extraterrestrial intent is to one day openly contact humanity and they want to be prepared to protect their interests regardless of the interest of the public as a whole. I believe they intend to do this even if martial law has to be declared and any remaining liberties and freedoms destroyed.

On the other hand I believe the extraterrestrials are well aware of the intentions of the entrenched interests and covertly work to slowly acclimate the public to their presence. If my hunch is correct the ETs are letting the entrenched interests play out their Orwellian hand until it begins to collapse under its own corrupt weight. Today the global elite’s nefarious activities are becoming exposed and their plans for world dominion are being undermined by a growing awareness by the public as to their true intentions. My best guess is that the ETs have had a 60 year old plan of their own in place, to deal with the entrenched interests and are only now making a accelerated move toward disclosure as the Global elites best laid plans for the human race begin to fall apart.

As the elite’s plans are exposed in the international arena they are even now being forced to accelerate the playing out of their nefarious hand in the exopolitical arena. This before the public and the media have been properly brainwashed into believing that the extraterrestrials presence is a threat and so should look to world governments for protection and accept their dark Orwellian vision for humanity. Contrast the evolution of movies from the Day the Earth Stood Still though Close Encounters and ET, to the rabid demonizing of extraterrestrial reality in modern movies, Alien and Independence Day. Is this really just harmless entertainment or is the entertainment medium being used to convey a message?

I believe that the final straw that will break the back of the global entrenched interest’s plans will be when the mainstream media finally begins to extricate its collective head from the sand where it has been solidly embedded for sixty years. I hazard a prediction that if the national and global mainstream media finally awaken and begin to occupy their proper role as public watchdog rather than special interest lapdog things could be very interesting indeed. I would not be surprised that extraterrestrial over flights by mile long and larger spaceships now occurring over less populated areas worldwide such as in Stephenville Texas, will become more frequent and over more populated areas.

Mainstream media interest will end the cover up of the existence of extraterrestrial life and will usher in a new more overt period of conflict between the entrenched interests and world populations. While I do not think the elitist’s nefarious plans will work it is possible that at the very least the American government will attempt a false flag operation of a ET invasion in order to totally clamp down on the American people with martial law before the more friendly ETs force final disclosure.

If most ETs really are friendly and in overall control with only a few ETs in collaboration with the entrenched interests, then perhaps the situation as portrayed by the movie the Day the Earth Stood will not happen. If we are lucky the vision of a new heaven and a new earth as foretold in scripture could indeed take place.

We could have a planet fuelled by abundant cheap non polluting energy the same kind of energy that fuels ET spaceships. We could have a planet without cars, power lines, highways and bridges brought about by the introduction of anti-gravity devices. We could have a planet at peace without wars and an arms industry exhausting and wasting precious resources. We could have a humanity where our life span is greatly expanded resulting in little illness and the damaging effects of old age thus eliminating much of the medical and drug monopoly. We could have an enlightened humanity ready to reach out to the stars not to invade and conquer, but to seek knowledge and understanding as envisioned in the Star Trek Series.

In the 1950s if those that supported disclosure had won our world could have been a much better place. But rather than look back crying over spilt milk we must now attempt once again to get it right this time and not take the path as was predicted by the Day the Earth Stood Still nor be brainwashed by modern day demonizing of extraterrestrial reality as presented in the movie Independence Day.

The reader should seriously consider if the presentation of extraterrestrial realities in mainstream news and entertainment really is just harmless fun, or has there been a 60 year covert hidden agenda in play. Today as in the 1950s the mainstream media plays an important complicit role in maintaining the UFO/ET cover up. We can always hope that now and in the future the mainstream media will finally stand its ground at this late date and refuse to fold under the false banner of National Security and government inspired denial and ridicule of the subject.

We can only hope and pray that the mainstream media will finally extricate its collective head from the sand to finally rid us all of this insidious government cover up of extraterrestrial reality once and for all. Until such a time writers, myself included, will continue to inspire open public debate on extraterrestrial realities throughout the internet.

Currently I write for the OpEd News, The American Chronicle and The Canadian National Newspaper among others. This will serve to further erode and undermine the credibility and reader base of establishment media that refuse to investigate and report on extraterrestrial realities and other taboo subjects of grave importance to the citizenry. By such measures we believe that the mainstream media will one day out of self interest be forced to act in the public interest and finally help us end the UFO/ET cover up.