Friday, February 01, 2008

From Patriotism To High Treason (Part 1)

From Patriotism To High Treason (Part 1)
By Ed Komarek
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In a previous article, Exopolitics: Do We Collaborate? , I came down very hard on those entrenched special interests that I believe secretly have taken control of extraterrestrial affairs and have made treasonous treaties with various predatory ET races. None other than Ben Rich past head of the Lockheed Skunk Works said that the situation had been privatized and that it would now take an act of God to end the cover-up. The uninformed can be expected to throw up their hands and say, how can you even make such a silly statement, its not even proven that aliens exist, let alone that they have secret treaties with various global governments and the special interests that control those governments.

All I can say is, do your homework, because I write for those that already know extraterrestrials exist or at least want to know what that means if aliens are really real but only are later to be publicly proven to exist. Only the foolish disbelieve in the intelligence of the battlefield and walk right into a gun emplacement not believing until the evidence hits them in the chest. This is exactly the position many of the propagandised public are in. Are we to wait for the predator's jaws to snap shut before trying to act?

Col. Philip J. Corso’s book The Day After Roswell clearly describes the detailed history of American and Russian involvement in extraterrestrial affairs. From his own personal experience and now declassified and leaked documents we can see how the cold war and a extremely limited situational awareness by the military and government planners of exopolitics, set the stage for a Orwellian future and occupation by predatory alien races.

These military men like Philip Corso uniformly feared the extraterrestrials, considering them all hostile, and through low situational awareness set the stage for what they most feared, an alien invasion and occupation of the earth by certain of the predatory races. Corso and his fellow military men were very smart and clever strategic planners but they were no match for the predatory alien races that knew them better than they knew themselves and so have turned the earth human mind against itself and against free society. Corso and his fellow military men thought that they could and did fight the predatory ETs to a standstill in the 1980’s using the predatory aliens own technology against them.

Corso said on page 4 of his book, “So we used the extraterrestrials’ own technology against them, feeding it to our defence contractors and then adapting it for use in space-related defence systems. It took into the 1980s, but in the end we were able to deploy enough of the Strategic Defence Initiative …. And in the end, we not only outlasted the Soviets and ended the Cold War, but we forced a stalemate with the extraterrestrials, who were not so invulnerable after all.” I have not found anywhere in Corso’s book where the military or Corso even considered the possibility that their minds and actions were an open book to the predatory aliens and the aliens themselves orchestrated the stalemate in the 1980’s of their own design.

I think that the alien mind had created an appearance of a stalemate, hoodwinking the military. For those that prided themselves in strategic and deceptive thinking it’s a mystery to me that such an obvious scenario did not enter their minds. To the predatory aliens, technological power was inferior to mental power and they used our military’s belief in technological power as a mechanism, a means of control to feint a stalemate. It seems to me that the predatory aliens got what they wanted all along, secret Faustian agreements and alliances with global autocratic entrenched interests that further allowed them to infiltrate and subvert our society through these entrenched interests.

To make matters worse this predatory alien scheme also put those extraterrestrial races that are benevolent, our potential allies at a disadvantage. On top of everything else the benevolent races had to contend with a well armed America's Secret Space Fleet? subtly directed against them. It’s obvious to me that the predatory ETs were not only more technologically advanced that us but their mental powers and strategies of deception, infiltration and occupation are also more advanced. Military leaders and planners have seriously and I hope not fatally underestimated through poor situational awareness, predatory alien power and influence over earth human society.

It should be obvious that a UFO/ET cover-up and suppression of public knowledge of extraterrestrial affair is part of the creating of an environment of fear, deception and control that was planned from the beginning by predatory alien races. Predators need secrecy, stealth and deception to capture prey and it is exposure that they abhor and avoid until the final fatal pounce.

Corso’s book provides an excellent historical narrative as to how our global culture was being subverted and occupied in an Orwellian fashion prior to the secret alliances and treaties of the 1980’s. Still even Col. Philip Corso alludes to secret alliances and treaties that world militaries and governments were trying to establish with the predatory aliens. On page 157 Corso says, “I knew, even though I was no longer in the army in 1969, that our success at lunar exploration had demonstrated that we were exercising control and that the EBEs would not have free rein over our skies. It also demonstrated that if there were any deals to be made, any proxy relationships to establish, the Soviets were not the ones to deal with.”

It’s a very simple and efficient process to grow a powerful mechanism of social control within a society one wishes to control. The first step is to create a climate of fear and secrecy subverting, openness, freedom and liberty, the very qualities needed to fend off such a predatory attack. With little effort the military, government and corporate media become mechanisms for the installation of an Orwellian world order with the aliens at the top of the control pyramid. It is the aliens themselves that ultimately will determine the need to know, the flow of information, and control the resources to the rest of the world population through control of financial networks. The slave master controls the slaves by limiting education and the supplying or denying of resources to the overall population.

In my opinion the predatory ETs wanted global militaries to circle the wagons and build up a secret space fleet by creating a fake war with them. There was no stalemate as Corso believed; it was a contrived stalemate so as to use us against the more benevolent ETs who would not make secret alliances and agreements. The upshot is that we are in fact protecting the predatory ETs who have alliances with us against the cooperative ETs who will not compromise their values and methods by making deals in secret. Now that global powers have the secret space fleet the predatory ETs are free to concentrate on creating alliances with global elitists so as to use the global predatory entrenched interests as the alien’s planetary global plantation managers.

As I said before it’s a mystery to me that this simple scenario has been neither seen nor understood by world governments, military and mass media and perhaps even the global special interests themselves. Maybe it is because all the hubris, greed and fear obscure the truth to the elitists or maybe entrenched special interests worldwide are committing high treason by knowingly collaborating and facilitating a predatory alien Orwellian creeping occupation of global society. In the 1940s the subversion of society started off with fervent patriotism from people like Col. Philip Corso and now has possibly progressed to high treason as elitists knowingly cooperate with the predatory extraterrestrials to create an Orwellian feudal control over world populations.