Friday, January 25, 2008

Where Are The Virtuous Simulations?

Where Are The Virtuous Simulations?
By Ed Komarek
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It would seem that the youth of both yesterday and today begin learning on their own by trial and error, first using their creative abilities in destructive ways that makes a mess out of their lives. It is only with time and painful experience that young people may begin to turn away from using their creative abilities for destructive pursuits and apply themselves constructively. Of course many will fall by the wayside or else become entangled in the prevailing autocratic dog eat dog culture as they mature and have families to support.

I wish to address those youth of today who are experimenting and playing for hours daily with virtual reality simulations. It seems to me that young people are preparing themselves for a world where simulations will be perceived to be just as real as the reality in which we live. Somehow which I do not yet understand, artificial simulations will be integrated into reality in the future in a way that will create a new or many multiple realities that are a composite of both reality as we know it and artificial reality.

This emerging human evolutionary trend is pointing in the direction of what I call a super-civilization or others call a hyper-civilization. Many of us are already speculating that we are a primitive proto-civilization embedded in a vast complex of super-civilizations. These allow us to exist at their discretion and only allow limited and gradual contact so as to not destabilize and destroy our emerging primitive society. Obviously we seem to have the protection so far of a least one benevolent super-civilization or else we would be gobbled up and enslaved by a malevolent one if what we see in nature around us is any guide.

It may well be that our kids creating and living in virtual reality are on the verge of breakthroughs that make them co-creators of reality itself. At this point we consider ourselves living in a real world that somehow nature or God created and we just play the game as it has been set out for us, not thinking that we have the ability to change the reality game in any drastic way. Humanity seems to be on the verge of something very big and it already is creating a huge generation gap between the young and the old.

From what little I have observed of today’s youth and their obsession with Internet virtual reality games is that most of these games seem to be oriented around destruction and violence and seem to bring out the worst in people. I think this is pretty much an outgrowth of their involvement in societal decline and the lack of understanding as to how to channel creative abilities in more beneficial and positive directions. Some of these virtual reality programs represent or simulate very violent and denigrating events and present a very dark and dangerous vision of future society.

So I have to ask. Where are the simulations that promote virtues rather than vices and that work to simulate and create a bright future? My guess is that they are coming as more of our youth realize the harm they are doing to themselves and others by indulging themselves in programs that strengthen vices and weaken virtues. It’s a dark Orwellian future the kids are creating and it is following along destructive guidelines presented by their parents in real life. It’s a dark sophisticated future extension of a dark present and past.

So you young people this is my challenge. Is this going to be good enough for you? You are peering into the abyss through your simulations. Is this the future you want to create for you and your family after you grow up? If this is not what you want then you need to make a major course correction soon. Do you really think that this is all harmless entertainment, the lies, the deception, the selfishness, the violence or are you falling into a dark future that your parents and you have created for yourself?

If you have looked into the abyss and don’t like what you see then start building simulations to live and play in that promote virtues like love, compassion, peace, trust, truthfulness, integrity, care, clear thinking, mental and emotional discipline etc. Because wither you realize it or not you are building your future right now and you will have to live in it when it arrives. You have the creativity and the power and I suggest you use it constructively. It’s time to wake up from your simulated dark dreams to create a bright new world for yourself and the rest of humanity don’t you think?