Monday, January 07, 2008

The Real Threat To National Security

The Real Threat To National Security
By Ed Komarek
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I would suggest that the real threat to national and global security is not terrorism but global entrenched special interest control over populations worldwide. In fact the terrorism threat appears to be managed by the global elite through government and media as just one more sophisticated means to control and subjugate civil populations. The rise of global civilizations in the western world in the past 200 years has given rise to entrenched special interests and global elite that are intent on turning the planet into a global plantation with them the elite, as masters, and everybody else including the Asian societies as servants and slaves. This elite vision of a new world order is just the old feudal autocratic order repackaged for modern times. Let there be no doubt about it, the so called New World Order is a dark vision for all of humanity and if fully implemented could lead to a dark age for global society.

This dark regressive vision of a global feudal order was conceived by western wealthy autocrats in the 19th century and has been propagated through the corporate owned and controlled mainstream propaganda press globally. There is a huge amount of resources being mobilized to force this dark vision upon global society. I have previously discussed in other articles how vibrant civilizations emerge and rise on innovation, creativity and civil liberty, but decline and fall when innovation, creativity and liberty is suppressed by elite entrenched special interests. I have suggested that the very qualities that give rise to a society or civilization contribute to an eventual decline and fall because these qualities not only build a civilization but also build entrenched special interests. It is these entrenched special elite interests that are the main real threat to a society with all other threats both inside and outside society as secondary.

It is clear that entrenched elite special interests have learned to manage both real and imagined threats to national and global security so as to enhance their power and control over civil populations. The net result is the destruction of individual and collective civil liberties and the suppression of individual and collective creativity and innovation so necessary for a vibrant civilization. In the 1830s President Andrew Jackson recognized that concentrated wealth in the hands of the few was a threat to the republic. The newly emerging robber barons of the age of industrialization had formed what was becoming a central bank that was privately owned, but deceptively called the United States Bank.

President Andrew Jackson recognized this bank for what it was, a powerful instrument of special interest social control not accountable to the citizenry. Andrew Jackson set out to destroy this bank even when the robber barons contrived a panic that led to a depression to stop him. The contrived panic and depression backfired and the bank was closed. It was not until the early part of the 20 century that these same robber baron families became strong enough to once again institute a central bank now deceptively called the Federal Reserve Bank.

The so called “independent” Federal Reserve Bank, other “independent” central banks around the globe, all now work together with the newer “independent” World Bank and so have become a powerful, unaccountable to the citizenry, mechanism of global social control. These powerful private banks support the dark “new world order” vision of their fore fathers from the time of Andrew Jackson. Are these banks capable of triggering a depression or even instigate a Third World War to further their interests? You bet they are.

What seems to have been overlooked today but surely was not missed by the people of the 1830s was that the economic elite and their entrenched interests had no respect for individual life and liberty except for themselves when their interests were threatened. The elite of the 1830s had no compunction against triggering a depression to further their interests after all. There is a long history of massive destruction of life and property by elite entrenched interests.

The Roman emperor tyrant Nero was suspected of ordering the burning of Rome so as to expand his palaces which he was quick to do after the fire. Hitler ordered the burning of the Reichstag so as to foment hatred against the Jews. Tyrants can’t rise to power and do horrible things without the support of entrenched interests. After all wealthy Americans played a large part in rearming Germany after the First World War. Today it is alleged that not only do special interest profit from wars by funding both sides of the conflict but set about to contrive wars and other forms of conflict like terrorism so as to further their entrenched interests.

In these more sophisticated times entrenched interests push for excessive government regulation and laws that intrude into the lives of citizens, suppressing creativity, innovation and liberty. At the same time they propagandize the pubic through their corporate controlled mainstream media to give up their civil rights so as to become obedient servants. The use of the mainstream news media and the entertainment media to incur mindless consumption and obedience to authority is extremely distressing to those who value freedom of thought and individual liberty.

It is also distressing to see how the mainstream media propagandizes and demeans those people who seriously try to unravel and expose fraud, corruption and special interest control over populations by labeling them conspiracy theorists. Of course there are excessive imaginary conspiracy speculations rampant, but what does one expect of a population that has become extremely distrustful of all authority because of very real secrecy, conspiracies and cover-ups by governments and media controlled by entrenched interests. One might even suspect that entrenched interests would not be beyond covertly supporting outlandish conspiracy speculations so as to then rile against them.

While the public does not quite understand the process of their enslavement through government regulation and mainstream media propaganda, they nevertheless feel a great unease and foreboding. They know deep down in themselves that their society is on the decline and that their individual situation is becoming ever more precarious. The public realizes that government no longer works for their individual interest as it should but for wealthy individual and corporation interest. Widespread apathy and fear for the future abound on an everyday basis. Life for the average person becomes more and more of a struggle as populations at the grass roots increasing feel the burdens increasing being shifted onto their shoulders from those higher up the social ladder. Corporate leaders gain ever increasing salaries and tax benefits at the expense of the rank and file who find their wages falling, and taxes rising behind the ever rising cost of living.

The sense of societal collapse in evident not only with peoples worldwide but is ever evident in the increasing rate of environmental destruction. Historians have cited environmental destruction as a main factor in societal collapse but to me this is only a symptom of the broader trends in humanity including that of increasing special interest control over governments and populations. Global warming can be directly related to the global fossil fuels monopoly that suppresses innovation and creativity in the energy industry that could lead to alternate clean cheap energies.

Those with an interest in national and global security should look very closely at the real threats to national security exercised by the global elite special interests and keep their eyes on the ball regardless of the antics and manipulations to distract them. The global elite have their people and their loyal servants throughout all governments, intelligence agencies, media both public and private, looking after their special interests undermining the public interest and national security. The global elite are creating a wide swath of destruction across society that is the most massive and all encompassing national security threat every faced by humanity.

If the citizenry of the United States and the rest of the world do not wake up to the real threats to global security then society will continue to erode from within and without. Human global civilization and the global environment are both in severe decline and directly linked to entrenched special global interests. We like Andrew Jackson should again recognize the threat and make war against those who are bringing about worldwide societal collapse. It’s very difficult to create and implement a bright vision for our future until we expose the obstacles to that bright vision and redirect global resources away from the elite’s dark, regressive, repressive, feudal vision for global humanities future.