Friday, January 25, 2008

Lifeline To A Youth In Distress

Lifeline To A Youth In Distress
By Ed Komarek
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Many young people as they are growing up begin to feel the suffocating effects of our modern autocratic materialistic culture in their early teens. In a few years some find themselves falling into a painful and horrible existential crisis, where life as they know it is just not worth living and they begin to contemplate suicide. In my early years I was no exception.

There came a time, a cross roads, when unless I could envision a brighter more expansive future I was ready to die. It was at this very critical juncture a door opened and the vast awesome nature of the universe began to pour into my mental and emotional conceptual and perceptual prison. It was very confusing at first as I worked to sort out the real from the imagined. I realized right away I needed some kind of roadmap to carry me through to eventual stability, happiness and peace of mind.

I latched on to some very fundamental equations as to the nature of life and living. Some I discovered from investigation and research and some came to me out of the blue. I realized that anomalies were windows into a more expansive reality and by pursuing them I could know that reality.

I understood that to know this more expansive reality I would have to stop all lying, even cumulative little white lies, because one cannot know truth without being truthful both to others and to oneself. Lies no matter if they are just for entertainment purposes, fracture the personality, and destroy integrity. Lies are poison to the truth seeker.

I realized that the means dictates the end result and that a destructive means could not in the long run give a constructive end because the means and end were in reality one. A destructive means creates an eventual destructive end even if in the short run it may appear otherwise.

I realized that I most likely was an eternal being inhabiting a body to gather knowledge and experience in a very advanced virtual reality setting. Today with modern virtual reality games it is easy to see that it won’t be long before our civilization we will have the capability to create and live in simulations that will be indistinguishable from reality as we know it. I also realized that if this was so, it would be pretty stupid to commit suicide because then I would have to come back again and again to deal with this destructive habit and that it might take very painful experiences to break his habit.

I realized that emotional states both constructive and destructive were like places and that by pursuing certain disciplines like meditation I could alter or move from a destructive depressive state to a constructive mental and emotional state of great beauty, happiness and peace of mind. Meditation is difficult to begin with because the restless mind out of control does not want to be disciplined, but over time one can get control over ones mind and emotions just as one learns to control the body as a little child.

I found out that I had to pace myself and put my live on an even keel, a gradual psychological incline. I realized that the body was a machine and that if I used up a lot of energy then later I would have a collapse until my body built up its power once again. The way to go was to level off the manic – depressive cycle and work for a gradual progressive beneficial psychological state else I would be trapped in this cycle.

I realized that while some psycho-active drugs could open windows into higher states of consciousness they could never be used to access those states of existence permanently and continued use would destroy both body and mind. I had to find a natural way through meditation, love and other disciplines to establish myself in higher states of consciousness. After a few years work on myself I was able to do this and have never looked back.

Once I dropped out of society to live a simple frugal self sufficient life, I had the time to do all this inner work and so cleaned up my act mentally emotionally and physically. It was at this point that I was fully prepared to search out the unknown, create a positive vision and then live out that vision.

In my later years in old age I am trying to get down into print something of what I have learned so that future generations can benefit from my life’s experiences and have hope that they too can have a bright future if they are willing to build it. I built my thinking and my life on the shoulders of those that came before and it behoves me in my own small way to do what I can for others yet to come.

Yes our civilization is in decline and many are being crushed, but what does not kill us can make us stronger. We can collectively change the dark Orwellian future created by past generations before us to a future that is bright, happy and bountiful. It will be the new generation that will have to turn things around one individual at a time.

(Note: This article is in response to a young man who contacted via the Internet who is going through very difficult times. I hope this article will be useful to him and others of his generation who read it. I have been diverging of late from strictly exopolitical writing but its all connected. This young man is having anomalous experiences and is trying to make sense of it all. I think we, in the exopolitical field, need to address ourselves more to the youth of today who will inherit the mess we are now in. This article is to help if possible.)