Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Into The Abyss

Into The Abyss
By Ed Komarek
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In previous articles I have speculated that what really gives rise to civilizations is a burst of creativity, innovation and individual liberty. In turn these three things lead to a concentration of power in the hands of established entrenched interests during the rise and the maturity of a civilization. Finally the entrenched special interests suppress new innovation, creativity and liberty resulting in societal decline and collapse. I think people in general are beginning to realize that American and global civilization as a whole is already well into decline and unless we can reverse this natural cyclical process our civilization will collapse into an Orwellian dark age.

A free, open, and truthful society is a civilization on the incline that produces abundance and sharing but when entrenched interests become predominant they foster a culture of secrecy, lies, information control and excessive regulation that creates scarcity, favours selfishness, and sets the civilization on the path to collapse. To make things even worse the decline accelerates because mutual competition and predation increase because of the rapidly dwindling resources. This makes it very difficult to turn things around.

A society, a civilization is composed of individuals so it is really the individuals that are responsible for the direction a civilization takes. If the citizenry value truth and love of others then these interests move the civilization forward but if the citizenry come to value comfort, entertainment, propaganda more highly, then this leads to decline and collapse. The direction a civilization takes is dependent on what kind of system the citizens collectively buy into and maintain.

People that believe they are better off or have no choice but to participate and perpetuate the furtherance of entrenched special interest control, secrecy and propaganda are building the chains and shackles that bind them in autocratic servitude. The entrenched interests that are the strongest and most predatory are going to pay the best wages and hire the most creative and innovative people. In a sense the most successful predatory established interests hijack the best and brightest to use them to subjugate other populations and interests within society.

Entrenched interests use two primary means to ensnare individuals and deprive them of their liberty so as to use them for their own ends. The first is to gain and maintain control over governments from the local level to the global level. The governments then become the instruments of social control through law and regulation. This is a pretty much straightforward and obvious process. The second means of control is much more devious and subtle and that involves the use of propaganda and other mind control techniques to gain control over individual minds. Often a person victimised by mind control can not even fight back because they don’t realize that that their mind has been hijacked.

Most of us are aware that democratic control over government laws, regulation and taxes has fallen into the hands of entrenched special interests that have little interest in the needs of the people. We think that at least we still have control over our own minds but do we? Trillions of dollars are spent by governments and private interests so as to better propagandise the public. Governments and their entrenched special interests masters have a lockdown on the mainstream media and use it as a powerful tool to propagandise the public through news and entertainment channels.

The Orwellian future that we have so feared has arrived and we stare into the abyss. We are ensnared in a sophisticated predatory net cast by entrenched special interests that use the iron hammer of government control and finance and velvet hammer, propaganda, to subjugate and mould world populations into a old world feudal order repackaged and sold to world populations as the new world order. The only thing new about this new world order is that it is an incredibly sophisticated Orwellian feudal order or global plantation the likes of which have never before been seen.

We are really in big trouble and we all need to be thinking about how we are going to extricate and free ourselves from this. On a personal level and perhaps the most effective level we have to cut our over consumption and be less materialistic. By doing this we don’t have to work so hard and have to settle for a job supporting one of these entrenched interests that is enslaving us all. In cutting consumption and having less children then we have more time to think things through, involve ourselves in politics, and find media that will provide us with the truth not propaganda. When we get our personal lifestyle sorted out then we can start taking action to dismantle established interest control over society. In fact just living a simpler lifestyle with undermine entrenched industries by taking back financial power to oneself.

One thing that I have learned from involving myself in local politics is that we can’t battle special interests over specific problems as we will eventually loose. The only way is to war against and break up the special entrenched monopolies just as our trust busting forefathers have done in the past. We have to identify special interest vulnerabilities then focus our attention and power to those specific areas.

The main instrument of special interest control is finance and the first order of business is to eliminate the private central bank of the United States the so called Federal Reserve. President Andrew Jackson destroyed the emerging central bank the United States Bank back in the 1830’s because he rightly saw a central bank as an instrument of elite entrenched interest control. Then the banking monopolies have to be broken up. A second order of business should be to expose and break up the mainstream media monopolies that serve as instruments for private and government propaganda used to control the unsuspecting minds of billions of people worldwide. We need to shift our attention away from the mainstream media and to the more at present free emerging media of the Internet.

A third order of business must be to dismantle and eliminate the unconstitutional illegal secret government that has hijacked the constitutional legal government of America. If we are to revitalize American and global society we have to break up and destroy all unaccountable to the people entrenched interests that secretly control government and media nationally and globally.

If we can begin to do these things then we have a chance to reverse societal decline by freeing up the individual to use creative, innovative talent not to destroy society but to build society to ever greater heights. We can build a truly new world order based on a bright future vision not the dark Orwellian vision the entrenched interests have in store for us.