Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Exopolitics Book

Thanks to Manuel Lamiroy the reader can now print out a draft copy of my Exopolitics book off the Internet at the site below.

As of 5/12/08 I am waiting for a edited copy of my book soon from Jim Magee. Hopefully we will also have published copies available at some point in the not to distant future for those who want this. Hopefully the published copy will be cheaper than the expense of printing it out.

I am hoping to have the book translated and published in many different languages. I am not interested in making money but in having the widest possible distribution of the book around the world. I am trying to effect a postive change in mass consciousness in regards to extraterrestrial reality and to do that I need to reach large numbers of people.

This does not mean that folks in other countries that are willing to help out in translating and distribution are so restricted. All I ask is that the translated version be reasonably edited and accurate and also be available on the Internet for free reading and printing along with the English version. For anybody that can help please email me. edkomarek@yahoo.com

For those who want to help out, here is a article explaining my ideas for the article and e-book distribution in different languages around the planet. Exopolitics Safety Net

The free e-book is here: