Monday, January 07, 2008

Creating A Bright Future (Part 2)

Creating a Bright Future (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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In the article, Creating a Bright Future (Part 1) I proposed that a model for a more advanced societal organization structure could be found in how our bodies operate. Single cells in a body cooperate together for competitive advantage over single cell organisms and other multi celled organisms in the environment. All the cells in a body are well taken care of in a remarkably equalitarian manner with resources allocated according to he needs of both cells and the body as a whole. Cells that don’t cooperate go it alone, or in general become predatory are destroyed by the immune system, neutralized or excreted from the body. Such an advanced equalitarian system as in our bodies provides a higher standard of living, greater individual security and much higher efficiencies that an autocratic system of mutual predatory social control provides.

The body is really a very advanced complex networking organizational system composed of myriads of smaller networking subsystems all integrated and functioning together as one conscious being. I have proposed that this is exactly the type of social organization structure that humanity is evolving into. The Internet is the overall technological network matrix through which individual humans are networked together in real time creating myriads of virtual networks or societies. I believe what is happening to human society follows the same organizational natural process that gives rise to more complex substances, life itself, and finally multicelled organisms with one mind and body.

I have proposed in other articles that what humans collectively are up to consciously and unconsciously is that we are creating a super-organism or super-civilization composed of billions of individual humans. Right now this is mostly an unconscious process with nature or God if you like being the primary driver of human evolution to this super-civilization organizational state of complex unity. We can however move things along more rapidly once we become conscious of the process. When we do this we take the responsibility of our future from nature or God and place it upon ourselves.

I think it’s about time that the computer technocrats start thinking about all this and start consciously developing a societal super-civilization networking operating system that fosters cooperation, love, respect and other virtues amongst the civil population. This operating system must at the same time discourage predatory practices and other vices by individuals and groups within the civil population that try to regress back to the more primitive system of autocratic feudal organization. In other words the regressive, repressive feudal old world order repackaged as the new world order must be stopped in its tracks. In its place must be substituted the more advanced system of social organization that I am talking about here. I hope what we are seeing today is the last gasp of the old feudal order rather than a global fall into another dark age.

Just as individual droplets determine the type of cloud so to we individuals collectively form our society. We clearly have a clear choice ahead of us. We together have a choice to move to a truly higher economic, political, social order or to regress back through societal collapse to a degenerate form of the old organization autocratic order. The way this degenerate autocratic order is shaping up today is to become a sophisticated version of the old plantation system of a few wealthy elite global masters and many servants and slaves. It will like the old plantation system use fear as the prime motivator of social control except that mass media propaganda replaces denial of education, and money replaces bread for those who cooperative and the whip for the uncooperative.

We can, using partly the power of the newly emerging Internet, stop this new old world order dark vision from becoming a reality and start substituting a brighter vision. It would seem that the hardware is rapidly falling into place that can support this brighter vision of the future. What we now need to do is start building the super-civilization operating system needed for our advancing civilization. I suspect the people that will start building this super-civilization operating system will fall out of the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics. It’s up to people like me in my own small way to point out the direction to a bright future for global society.

It’s a David and Goliath struggle but like little David I believe we do have natural evolutionary process on our side, or God for those that think in religious terms. The huge accumulated entrenched interest resources of the old world order seem insurmountable like Beast of the Apocalypse, but what seems like a invincible monolith power is really very severely strained by internal conflicts and extensive corruption. It’s an organizational structure in severe collapse with a very dark vision for mankind’s future, a future full of sophisticated forms of fear, suppression, violence, enslavement, propaganda and war.

In the past those who supported liberty, innovation, and general creativity were able to defeat entrenched special interests by embracing advanced technological innovations of the time. The steam powered printing press allowed the abolitionists to flood the south with anti-slavery printed material. Andrew Jackson for all his faults pushed back for a time the plans of the wealthy elite to create a central bank that was undermining the very foundation of the Republic. He lead the creation of the Democratic Party and appealed directly to independent farms and business people across the republic using advanced media and systems of communication. When the wealthy elite ridiculed and labelled the Democratic Party the Jack Ass party he turned the tables on the propaganda press and their ridicule and adopted the Donkey as the symbol of the Party.

Creativity and innovation can counterbalance the raw financial power of elite entrenched interests and monopolies. History has shown that when the internal corruption brought about by entrenched interests sets society on the road to collapse the populations can rally and with the assistance of new innovations and creativity stop the slide and reverse course. It’s been done many times before and we can do it again. Once people look down into the abyss and see the horrible future presented, they can and do turn things around just in time.