Friday, January 25, 2008

Communication or Just Creative Writing

Communication or Just Creative Writing?
By Ed Komarek
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Everything has its season and the day will come when the righteous shall inherit the earth. What has been foretold will one day be. The destroyers of the earth secretly, craftily and methodically build illusionary power, dark castles in the sand. All will one day come to naught. The tide will rise, the sea will come rushing in, and all will be washed away. A new day dawns on earth and in space from a night that many thought would never end. The light of a rising sun shines upon both heaven and earth exposing the machinations of the destroyers and the righteousness of the creators. The streams of love and compassion will flow once again on earth.

True power resides in the hands of the righteous, the truthful, the honest, these qualities endure. Secrecy, stealth, deception are the tools of the predator and only build cyclical illusionary wealth and power, always subject to periodic collapse and renewal. True power abides it’s time and chooses the time and place to act, to shine, to illuminate, to expose. The righteous quietly observe and prepare for the time when the predator moves and is fully exposed.

The earth and its mankind are imbedded in universe of higher and lesser intelligences all with different motives and agendas, different strategies for the satisfying of need and desire. The situation on earth is complicated by the fact that earth’s mankind is not evolving on its own but is being influenced by other cosmic intelligences for different ends.

A battle, a cosmic struggle has been going on for a long time in both heaven and on earth as described in religions of both the east and the west. The struggle is an enduring struggle between two competing universal strategies one of competition and predation and the other cooperation and mutual benefit. This struggle is at its most intense on emerging worlds and civilizations, these are the front lines of the struggle and this is the position of earth and its mankind.

These are the reasons why mankind has had to suffer alone for so long. Responsibility for the current situation is only partly in the hands of mankind because other more advanced races are involved. There are those predatory extraterrestrial races that have secretly made contact with entrenched planetary special interests and have created unholy secret alliances that are not in the interest of all of mankind.

These secret alliances are also not in the interests of those extraterrestrial races that choose cooperation over competition. It is not the way of the righteous to make such secret alliances and so the benevolent extraterrestrial races must act in ways that are compatible with righteous action. The most powerful weapons of the righteous are exposure and revelation but these must be used in a precise and timely manner.

These are the reasons humanity continues to suffer greatly because the benevolent races must wait for the right time to act. It has not been easy to patiently wait. The ethical races also suffer for this. All will be made clear in time as the time for waiting has ended.

(Note: I wrote this after a Internet contact called me that has been following up on much of my material for months to verify it for himself. He as some experence in politics and the media and was involving himself with the Texas sighting case. He tells me human ETs that look just like us visited him and told him that he was a good student but he needed to back off and chill out for awhile. He says he was not supposed to contact anybody about this but just had to tell me.

I have talked to this person several times over the past months by phone as he got up to speed on things. I find this is a interesting verification of my material. When I write something like this it does not seem to be coming totally just from me but I remain somewhat skeptical and am not holding my breath that the ETs are about to break the coverup as they seem to be indicating.)