Monday, January 07, 2008

Advanced OS For A Super-civilization

Advanced OS For A Super-civilization
By Ed Komarek
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In prior essays I have speculated that a model for a more advanced organizational system for human society might be found in the way our bodies are organized and maintained. I also speculated that nature is evolving our society into a super-civilization with our developing technology being the infrastructure that will organize and sustain people the same way cells are organized in a body. In order for such a very advanced society to develop and function there must not only be the technological hardware but also the software as well. There must be a standard operating system that will organize and coordinate people throughout the societal network just as is now the case in computer networks and the Internet.

I have speculated that the Internet is a rudimentary nervous system in an early stage of development that is already organizing individuals into specialized groups and integrating them together. I have predicted that these loosely forming Internet groups are coalescing in much the same way that cells clump together in early embryonic formation. I believe this kind of individual human differentiation is the same evolutionary process as that of cell differentiation and will lead the creation and maintenance of what could be called a super-civilization or stellar civilization. Such an advanced organizational structure will be far superior to our present primitive autocratic organizational structure that mimics the pyramid food chain of nature where individuals exist in a state of competition and mutual predation. In order for our civilization to evolve further there must be more cooperation and less competition or we simply can’t get much further without collapsing because of internal conflicts.

What I would like to see is a group of people come together from different disciplines to explore and elaborate on this idea for a standard operating system for a super-civilization. I can see that the fleshing out of this rudimentary concept and its possible implementation will require coordination between computer programmers, computer scientists and social scientists. Such a group could explore ways to create not only the software and the hardware but also how to restructure society through the implementation of such an advanced system.

It’s clear to me that the operating system must be individually orientated so as to enhance individual virtues and discourage vices while at the same time maximizing individual innovation, creativity and liberty. There must be a creative real time dynamic between the individual and society that will allow for individual liberty and freedom on a continuous moment to moment basis while at the same time continuously supporting society as a whole. Certain rules of individual and group conduct must be permanent and inviolate as those protecting individual human rights and liberties, while others must be flexible and dynamic to accommodate the rapidly changing dynamics between individual and society.

Once the concept gets fleshed out by the group then experiments could proceed on the Internet with individual volunteers participating in small scale social experiments. This would serve to further refine the concept and implementation of the operating system software being developed. At this point perhaps a super-civilization game could be constructed in which individuals across the globe could participate and provide input into the process. At some point this game could then become integrated into real life.