Thursday, December 27, 2007

Creating A Bright Future

Creating A Bright Future (Part 1)
By Ed Komarek
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It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that in order to create a bright future for earth humanity we must engage not only the grass roots of society but the elite as well. We can see that human society today follows natural evolutionary processes of competition and cooperation because humanity is part of nature. We live roles as both predator and prey that are interchangeable at any particular moment. In our autocratic organizational structure nobody is secure for very long as insecurity reigns. Even the top dogs can abruptly fall down through organizational levels right to the bottom when they are old, arrogant or careless. The top dog can even die by attack from another top dog or just as easily become the prey of a street predator that scales the castle wall.

When we have situational awareness and control we are the predator and when we lose situational awareness and control we are become the prey. All of us interacting together create a pyramid shaped food chain within human society. This autocratic organizational structure involves a dynamic process whereby individuals and groups are continuously rising and falling from top to bottom. At any particular time the toughest, smartest and most efficient predators occupy the eye of the pyramid while the less efficient predators at any particular time find themselves at the bottom of the pyramidal food chain feeding everybody above them.

Both master and slave should ask themselves is there a better way to run a planet? This simple question then begins the process toward a better future for everybody. We can’t find answers if we don’t first ask the question. The question begins the search for answers which then become apparent and can be acted upon. I have been asking his question a lot lately and I have been discovering answers.

The answer to a better future for everybody is that we all need a societal organizational structure that is much more advanced than the present regressive autocratic idea of a global plantation made up of a few masters and a whole lot of wage slaves. This elite idea of a new world order is not new world order thinking at all, but just the usual old world order thinking repackaged in a more illusionary and sophisticated wrapper. It’s not going to get us out of the collective insecurity and misery we are creating for ourselves no matter what our societal status. Slaves will always be rebelling so as to escape the master and the master will always be afraid of attack by the slaves. Autocracy is a recipe for long term individual and collective insecurity and unhappiness.

Because I have an ecologist background I tend to look to nature for answers to some of my questions about life and living. I live in natural surroundings and I see everyday all around me the ever-changing dynamics of the competition between predator and prey as they strive to survive and find happiness in a very insecure natural environment. On the other hand what I also see is cooperation between members of the same species and even between species for survival advantages. Most important when we observe these competitive and cooperative processes on a cellular level we can find answers to our questions about the best way to organize our society.

Since the beginnings cellular life on earth single cells, and viruses have been in dynamic competition with each other and one of the strategies for cellular survival has been to clump and organize together to create what we call bodies. The cells in the body sacrifice a considerable amount of individual freedom, independence and happiness so as to share in the much more sophisticated collective freedom and independence and happiness that a body of cells provide.
While a cell in a body may still be vulnerable to an attack by a bacterium or virus or even physical injury it still has more general security, comfort, resources and well being than a single celled organism out on its own in the very competitive outside environment. In return for this added security, comfort, stable resources and well being the cell provides a special service to the rest of the cells of the body. The cell in the body has living home for protection and nourishment while the cell out on its own has no collective protection or home.

In previous articles I have discussed how nature builds a bit then makes a bunch of these bits to form a larger bit and so on. I have discussed how an individual person is one bit in a civilization and that individual people properly organized can create super-civilizations that are analogous to our bodies. In a super-civilization there is more individual security, nourishment, and happiness because the citizens of that society are all amply supplied with protection, resources and recreation. As in a body only during times of extreme danger and stress are resources autocratically rerouted to ensure the collective survival of the organism.

This seems to me to be a much better way to run a planet where the leaders ensure equitable distribution of resources and justice rather than what we have today where the leaders grow fat and wasteful of resources while the masses go hungry. In an autocratic society there is always going to be unrest and rebellion as the society fights against itself. Its obvious that such a autocratic society will only be able to advance so far without collapsing or imploding, then to once again as the phoenix rise again from the ashes of its own funeral pyre.

Our collective funeral pyre is composed of the accumulation of lies, deception, fear and greed accumulated over the past centuries. Even the top predators within society should be able to see this and that unless the situation is quickly rectified we will all go down together just as in the death of a body from cancer. The elite may even be aware of the situation also but are immobilized and unable to take action lest it only accelerate the lighting of the pyre. I have likened this to the catastrophic burning of Yellowstone National Park created by unnatural fire suppression by the caretakers of the park. When the caretakers themselves became aware of the danger they in their arrogance tried to control burn the park themselves resulting in a fire that got away and burned up the park in a catastrophic fire. In a sense their own worst fear were realized and it was too late before they realized they were the problem not the solution.

I would suggest that the Elite of his planet get off their high horses and cede the planet over to true leaders who can cut through bodyguard of lies and deceit and can implement a more advanced organizational structure for the well being of all of humanity. Right now these new leaders exist but they are marginalized and otherwise suppressed by the autocratic leadership of today.

There are advanced leaders on this planet that know who can turn things around and are waiting and hoping that the current autocratic leaders will realize that their dark vision of a global plantation is regressive and destructive to both humanity and the environment. The advanced leadership hopes and struggles under the suppression of the old to bring about a true new world order that will serve everybody not just a select few. Only such an order will last and stand the test of time not trapped in cycles of creation and destruction. Is anybody listening?